Sonny Bill Williams will not wear Betfred’s logo

Sonny Bill Williams will not wear the Betfred logo this season.

Super League chief executive Robert Elstone confirmed the news after it emerged Williams had told Toronto officials he would not sport the company’s logo due to his religious beliefs.

“I think the matter has been resolved in satisfactory fashion,” Elstone said.

“I have to say a big thank-you to Betfred for the way they’ve managed this.

“We suspected it might be an issue but it only really surfaced five or six days ago and Betfred have taken it on, considered it and come up with the right answer and one that works for all parties.

“I’m really pleased, they showed a progressive, pragmatic approach to this.

“Clearly I’m protecting Super League’s profit and loss and we have a huge line in there for a record-breaking deal with Betfred.

“My first instinct and duty was to protect that and I’m pleased that Betfred came with us on that.”