St Helens boss Paul Wellens reveals harrowing details behind Matty Lees’ hospital trip

ST HELENS head coach Paul Wellens has revealed the harrowing details behind Matty Lees’ hospital trip during Saints’ 28-0 win over Huddersfield Giants on Saturday night.

Lees was taken off after coughing up blood and was subsequently sent to hospital but Wellens has explained that the Saints forward was struggling for oxygen.

“Matty is recovering well, to be fair you can’t underestimate his toughness. He took a whack in the game and had a bit of a bleed on the lung which meant he coughed up blood,” Wellens said.

“His oxygen percentage did really take a hit so the sensible decision was to remove him from the field which we did.

“We have a joke with him that when he gets something he doesn’t do it by half. He’s either fine or has to go to hospital.”

Though it was such a scare, Lees could be back in action as soon as next week.

“He is tough, but we certainly think this week will come too soon. We are hopeful for the week after but we will see how he progresses next week.”

Saints had been ravaged by illness in the week leading up to their demolition of Huddersfield Giants and Wellens has revealed that his squad has almost come through the other side.

“There are still a few effects from the illness with the back end of the sickness big. It seems to be doing the rounds generally.

“We have to keep on top of it as being in a training environment and being in close contact, things can spread.

“Konrad (Hurrell) has trained fully and seems to have come through the session fully. He comes back into contention.”

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