The State of Rugby League: Readers’ poll results

What our readers told us in the League Express Readers’ Poll

Are you more or less confident in the future of Rugby League than you were at the start of 2013?
More confident: 50.59%
Less confident: 17.72%
The same: 31.67%

How would you judge the performance of the RFL in running Rugby League?
Excellent: 7.29%
Good: 24.65%
Satisfactory: 31.36%
Unsatisfactory: 26.82%
Inadequate: 9.86%

Do you support the licensing system for Super League?
Yes: 51.61%
No: 48.39%

Do you support a play-off system to determine the Champions?
Yes: 72.67%
No: 27.33%

Do you support the ‘Club Call’?
Yes: 29.75%
No: 70.25%

Do you support bringing back promotion/relegation between the Championship and Super League?
Yes: 84.16%
No: 15.83%

Do you support the two 12s/three 8s league structure being proposed by the RFL?
Yes: 34.08%
No: 65.92%

When do you prefer attending live Rugby League matches?
Friday evenings: 25.35%
Saturday afternoons 16.29%
Saturday evenings: 9.65%
Sunday afternoons: 46.07%
Monday evenings: 1.1%
Thursday evenings: 1.6%

Did you buy a season ticket for 2013?
Yes: 42.36%
No: 57.63%

Will you buy a season ticket for your club in 2014?
Yes: 50.2%
No: 49.8%

Does the RFL do enough to make you aware of the game’s biggest events?
Yes: 56.44%
No: 41.20%

Should a Super League Nines tournament replace the current format at the Magic Weekend?
Yes: 30.69%
No: 66.95%

Do clubs do enough to promote their matches – locally?
Yes: 46.14%
No: 50.86%

Do clubs do enough to promote matches beyond their own town?
Yes: 16.52%
No: 80.47%

How many matches did you attend last season?
None: 10.09%
Less than five: 18.24%
Between 5 and 15: 26.82%
More than 15: 42.06%

Will you attend more or fewer games in 2014 than you did in 2013?
More: 39.27%
Same: 52.36%
Fewer: 5.79%

Which big games will you attend in 2014?
World Club Challenge: 9.01%
Magic Weekend in Manchester: 44.64%
Challenge Cup Final: 42.06%
Super League Grand Final: 45.28%
Championship Grand Finals day: 28.33%

Which, if any, of these subscription sports TV channels do you watch on a regular basis?
Sky Sports: 64.59%
Premier Sports: 40.13%
BT Sports: 16.74%
None: 19.53%

At what time of the year do you prefer to watch live matches?
Spring: 15.02%
Summer: 67.60%
Autumn: 9.23%
Winter: 5.58%

Do you or have you ever played Rugby League?
Yes: 49.36%
No: 48.07%

Have you ever travelled abroad to watch your team play?
Yes: 27.68%
No: 69.74%

Readers Poll draw winner

Andrew England of Huddersfield is the winner of a pair of Super League Grand Final tickets for this October, following a random draw from all those readers who completed the Readers’ Poll.

Congratulations to Andrew, who will receive his tickets later in the year when they become available.

Our thanks for Super League for donating the prize of two tickets.