Stevie Ward makes progress on concussion

Stevie Ward’s battle against concussion problems have received some encouraging news.

The Leeds Rhinos forward was ruled out of action indefinitely after he was affected by the symptoms of a delayed concussion, which remained for several weeks.

That prompted the Rhinos to seek specialist advice for the 26-year-old, with Ward going to see concussion experts in London, where they discovered more about his condition.

“The specialist uncovered some problems in his inner ear,” head coach Richard Agar revealed.

“That is what has been giving him dizziness and balance issues.

“Those symptoms came back at certain times in his exertion, and they believe it is from what they have found inside his ear.

“He has some strict protocols of what he can and can’t do, but he’s making progress and getting better. They gave him some medication and some advice around what he could and couldn’t do.

“It’s more the level of exertion. Being in a crowded nightclub wouldn’t do him any good, but he’s a sensible kid and will follow everything he’s been told to do.”

Despite that, the Rhinos’ medical team are still not predicting when Ward will return.

“It’s a difficult one to put a timescale on; we have to wait until he’s feeling better,” added Agar.

“But he’s making progress and that’s definitely a positive. He still can’t do some training, so there’s some way to go, but he’s on the right track.”