Süd win first ever German Rugby League Origin match

In a trial for their forthcoming Griffin Cup Test match with Netherlands in Dusseldorf on 2 October, the first GermanOrigin match saw Süd defeat Nord 36-16 at the BSC 1899 Club in Offenbach.

In a rare concept in the country, the selection demarcation was along the so-called Uerdinger Line, pitching the nine northernmost federal states against the seven southern ones, which also included two that lie in the south of the former East Germany.

“It was a great game, played in a very positive spirit and really well refereed,” commented new NRLD director of performance Andy Hay, who was also coach of the victorious ‘Golds.’ “Our power and experience proved too much for the much younger Reds team, who never gave up and started a comeback rally in the last 10 minutes of the match,” he added. “There were a lot of positives out there today.”

“The great thing is that you can only play for the state where you were born or where you first registered as a resident if you originate from outside of Germany. So we had lads playing against their club teammates for the first time, which gave it a new dimension.”

NRLD president Bob Doughton, coach of  the Nord team, was excited by the future prospects for this fixture. “It is fantastic to see how the lads have embraced the concept of a North v South challenge match – something which is new to the sporting scene in Germany – and I can see that we have established the roots of what is going to become a major tradition. Congratulations to everyone who took part in this momentous match – GermanOrigin 1!” he stated. “Andy and I now have the difficult task of selecting our squad for the upcoming Griffin Cup match against the Netherlands in two weeks’ time.”

“Following what I have seen here, I think that we can go into the Test with the confidence that we can bring the trophy back to Germany,” observed Hay. “I am really looking forward to working with the 30-man squad.”