Super League Executive hasn’t contacted Toronto’s redundant staff, claims Wolfpack official

Toronto Wolfpack’s UK General Manager, Martin Vickers has thanked clubs who have supported the club following their expulsion from Super League.

Seven clubs voted the Wolfpack out, a move that has effectively brought the club to the end of the road.

Players and staff are unpaid for six months and a GoFundMe page, aiming to raise £30,000, has been set up.

The likes of Leigh owner Derek Beaumont have shown support to the fund, though Vickers has criticised the lack of empathy from the Super League Executive.

Vickers, along with Jon Wilkin and Brian McDermott, held a press conference last week outlining the club’s perspective on recent events.

“I hope our actions last Monday sting the authorities into action to support the players and staff,” he said.

“Whilst it was claimed our ‘hand has been held throughout this process’, I still struggle with the fact that since the day of the meeting on November 2nd, we have not had one call from the Super League Executive, a day when 51 people were made redundant after a decision made by the Super League Board.

“I am just so grateful for the clubs who have reached out to support us they know who they are and for fantastic organisations such as RL Cares who are doing everything they can with limited resources. The fund will close on Tuesday so we would be extremely grateful for any support in these challenging times.”

The fundraising ends tonight, you can donate by clicking here.