Supporters Trust make first investment in Robins

The Hull Kingston Rovers Supporters Trust have made their first investment in the Robins after purchasing 10,000 club shares.
Formed last April, the Trust have spent the past few months establishing themselves and now boast over 200 members. During that time, they’ve also undertaken a fair amount of fundraising and it’s from those monies that the shares have been purchased as Pete Walker, Chairman of the Trust, explains.
“During the off-season we totalled up our money raised through events and memberships and found that we had enough to make our first investment in the club of £5000 for 10,000 shares. This helps to give the Trust and its members not just a moral stakehold in the club, but a legal stakehold as well. It’s a huge step forward for everyone involved with the Trust and a major landmark in our brief history so far.”
Meanwhile, the Robins’ CEO, Mike Smith, also views the Trust’s investment in a very positive light and commented:
“We welcome this initial investment via the Supporters Trust. Since their formation, the Trust have gone from strength to strength and this investment is proof of how far they’ve come in a relatively short space of time. As a club we pride ourselves on being close to our supporters and working with them to continually take the great name of Hull Kingston Rovers forward. Therefore we look forward to continuing to work with the trust.”
An adult membership for the Trust costs just £5 and for more information you can email them on