A team full of..? XIII with the same name

On TotalRL.com, we’re nothing if not fun. And we love interacting with our readers, which is why every so often, we’ll throw a debate or a topic out into the open for you to sink your teeth into!

Last week, we tried to test your Rugby League knowledge to the max, by getting you to come up with a Rugby League XIII filled entirely with players who have the same first name. It sounds easy, but there were a fair few teams we received that we had to cross out due to some errors! However, those teams that did make the cut are right here, along with the readers who suggested them!

To get a taste of how it works, what about this for starters; a team full of James’: Craven, Clare, Duerden, Haley, Duckworth, Cunningham, Feather, Robinson, Newton, Howitt, Greenwood, Green, Donaldson.

@Aaron1Smith suggests a team full of Paul’s: Wellens, Atcheson, Newlove, Sykes, Johnson, Cooke, Aiton, Clough, Reilly, McShane, Wood, Gallen, Sculthorpe

@MishfromLeigh puts forward a team of Ryan’s: Brierley, Duffy, Atkins, Bailey, Hall, Shaw, Boyle, Tandy, Sheridan, Griffin, James, Hoffman, Simpkins.

@SAINTSGUS goes for Matty/Matthew for his XIII: Bowen, King, Gidley, Russell, Dawson, Johns, Smith, Scott, Diskin, Cook, Ryan, Blythe, Gillett.

@Dazzler2601 built a team of Sam’s: Tomkins, Perrett, Burgess, Rapira, Powell, Lloyd, Thiaday, Kassiano, Latus, Moa, Hopkins, Barlow, Obst.

..As did @warr10rz: Bowie, Latus, Wood, Rea, Perrett, Tomkins, Obst, Rapira, Powell, Moa, Thaiday, Hopkins, Burgess.

Think you can do any better? Tweet us @leagueexpress with your suggestions and we’ll add them to the article!

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