This squad will be best if we win treble, says Peacock

Leeds Rhinos prop Jamie Peacock has admitted that if they win the Grand Final and subsequently the treble tomorrow, it would have to rank as the best squad he’s played with.

Peacock won the treble previously in his career with Bradford in 2003, but he believes that due to more games and a different structure to the Challenge Cup calendar, it has become even tougher to do in the modern day.

The increased competition also means a fist treble in Leeds’ history would ensure this is Peacock’s greatest set of teammates.

“It’s up there with the best in my career; I’ve been really lucky to play in some great sides in all my career, but if we win the treble I think it’ll be the best,” he says. “It’s more difficult to do now than ever before because there’s more than one or two good sides in the league.

“When I won the treble in 2003 the structure wasn’t how it was now – the Challenge Cup finished in May for example – and it’s tougher to do now. It’s harder because emotionally Wembley takes a lot out of you later in the year. When you win you obviously celebrate then it’s difficult the week after, and the week after and so on. We’ve played a lot of games and are down on numbers but we’re confident.”