Thorman commits to Town

Chris Thorman has rejected offers from elsewhere in the game to remain as head coach of Workington Town by signing a new three-year deal.

“There has been a lot of speculation and I’ve been linked with a number of jobs,” said Thorman.

“I haven’t hidden the fact that I’ve communicated with other people in Rugby League and there were some other opportunities but the appeal to me was being a head coach.

“I’ve been an assistant in Super League for a long time but as head coach you’re the one who is accountable and make the executive decisions. The appeal of being the head coach at this club going forward is something that I couldn’t refuse; if I left now it would have felt like unfinished business.”

Club chairman Les Smallwood added: “Chris has demonstrated very quickly why he is held in such high regard in Rugby League.

“He has shown over the last few months that his playing and coaching experience is extensive and he very quickly steadied the ship midway through the season. The players respect him and he respects the players.

“The board believes that Chris can take us to where we want to be which is in the Championship and want to give him the time to build a squad and ethos of his own. The three-year deal gives both of us stability and we’ll work as one to deliver our club goals.”