Three English venues to host Toronto ‘home’ games

Toronto Wolfpack’s on-the-road games in 2020 are all set to be staged in the UK.

Despite being inundated with interest from major European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam Valencia, Copenhagen and Rotterdam, League Express has learned that the Wolfpack’s three additional loop fixtures will all be played on British shores.

The Wolfpack will join forces with a major Super League club to stage a doubleheader at the other club’s home ground, while an agreement has been reached with a Championship club, thought to be York, for another doubleheader. The third game will be staged alongside a major rugby union club in the Premiership Rugby competition.

Toronto were keen to explore an overseas game in 2020, and while they haven’t entirely ruled out the prospect of playing elsewhere in Europe next year, logistics have proven difficult due to the short turnaround between earning promotion and the Super League fixture release date.

They officially secured promotion to Super League on October 5th, while the Super League fixtures are due to be released on November 5th.

It left the club with just a few weeks to try and arrange on-the-road games for early in the season.

The three teams the Wolfpack will play at ‘home’ in their UK games will be the sides they are due to host twice as a result of the loop fixtures.