Thunder hoping Magic will continue in Newcastle in 2016

Newcastle Thunder managing director Keith Christie wants to see Magic Weekend continue at Newcastle in 2016 – and says that the city has the capabilities to be the perfect host for the event.

Talks are still ongoing about where the event will be based next year, but Christie – whose Newcastle team will play York on Friday to kick the weekend off – says having it in Newcastle again could be huge for the sport.

He said: “It’ll help solidify the good work they’ve (the RFL) done this year.

“We talk about legacies in sport and we need to continue the good work we’ve done this year. It has to come back to the north east; we can accommodate all over from the coast to the city.

“There’s a facility in the region which can make it work, and we need to ensure that festival of rugby league comes up next year. It’s key to us, and I’d be very disappointed if it didn’t come up because we want twice as many people here next year. It’s doable, but it has to continue up here.”