Toronto told to recruit Canadian youngsters

Toronto Wolfpack have finally been given a salary cap dispensation – by being given permission to sign two Canadians under the age of 21.
The Wolfpack had initially hoped to receive a 5% allowance on their salary cap, which would equate to £105,000.
However, the proposal was rejected by clubs, who then rejected a secondary proposal that would have seen under-21s no longer count on the salary cap for any club in the competition.
The clubs’ decision to reject the second proposal came as a surprise to many, including officials in Super League, given that every club across the board would have benefited to the same extent.
However, the vote against is said to have been significant.
Now, Toronto have been given the opportunity to sign two youngsters from Canada to push their squad up to 25, though that dispensation is a far cry from what they had initially hoped to receive.
The new rule will pave the way for the Wolfpack to sign their former Canadian player Quinn Ngawati (pictured), with his return set to be announced imminently, while the club will now look for one further player to take up the other unallocated spot.