Haven Chairman appeals to Prime Minister

Whitehaven Chairman Tommy Todd has thrown down the gauntlet to the new Conservative Government by asking them to provide help to grass-root clubs in Rugby League and football, in particular by reviewing the way clubs are treated by the government’s tax regime.
“I would like the Government to look at the VAT regime for small clubs, as at the moment it is a heavy tax for them to pay,” said Todd.
“I’m asking the government to set up a fund to give grants to clubs for the upgrade of their stadia.
“Small clubs like ours give an awful lot back to the local community and with the required funds they could, and would do much more.”
Todd is hoping that, as the government has promised to try and redress the economic imbalance between the southeast and the north of England, that it will be sympathetic to his plea.
“There is little that personifies the north better than Rugby League. Indeed it was specifically applied to Workington Man at the General Election,” he said.
“If such grants were made available, and not grants whereby the club gets exhausted and exasperated in the process, there would be a boost to the construction industry; in permanent jobs at grounds and a great deal of sustainability; more community action and a whole raft of economic benefits.”
The Whitehaven Chairman intends to involve both the Copeland MP, Trudy Harrison and the new Workington MP Mark Jenkinson, both of whom are Conservatives, in his campaign.
“I will send them to the Carlisle and Barrow MP’s because they have ageing stadiums as well,” he added.
“I am sure they will be able to pass on my thoughts to the Prime Minister and hopefully we will get a positive reaction from Boris.”