Two suggestions for the Rugby League Hall of Fame

The editor of League Express, MARTYN SADLER, puts forward the names of two players who he believes should be in the Rugby League Hall of Fame.


In the 30 March issue of League Express we ran an obituary of the great Frank Myler.

Frank was a wonderful player, but I would guess that his greatest claim to fame is that he was the last player to captain Great Britain to an Ashes victory, when he led the Lions almost exactly 50 years ago to win the series in Australia.

Frank also had played for Great Britain’s 1960 squad that won the World Cup.

That’s a tremendous double achievement and the thought struck me that the captain of the last Ashes winning side isn’t, for some reason, a member of the Rugby League Hall of Fame.

And of course the same can be said of the captain of the last British side to win the World Cup, which of course was Clive Sullivan in 1972.

For some reason Clive, who died incredibly early in 1985, has never been inducted into the Rugby League Hall of Fame.

I can’t for the life of me understand why.

In fact he was inducted into the Welsh Sports Hall of Fame in 2009, alongside all the other great Welsh sportsmen from a variety of sports.

It make it all the more mysterious that Frank and Clive haven’t been inducted into the RFL’s Hall of Fame.

Those are surely two wrongs that need to be put right as soon as possible.

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