“Unfashionable” Huddersfield can go to next level, says Anderson

Huddersfield Giants coach Paul Anderson admits it’s disrespectful his side aren’t mentioned amongst the big hitters of Super League – but says the climax to the 2015 season has the chance to take them to the next level.

The Giants are arguably the form side in the Super 8s, and know that a win against Leeds on Friday would guarantee them a home semi-final – with a loss for Wigan thrown into the mix handing them the League Leaders Shield.

And Anderson knows the size of the opportunity at stake for his side, and after describing his side as “unfashionable”, says it’s a chance for the Giants to show their worth.

“We’ve managed over the last three years to put ourselves consistently in the top three or four,”Anderson said. “Do we get talked about as a top-four team? Probably not because we’re unfashionable.

“When people talk about the big clubs out there, they don’t mention Huddersfield which I think is disrespectful to us.

“We’ve got an opportunity to go out there and show everybody what we’re about.

“If we win three games, it might be the stepping stone we need to push this club to the next level. We’ve got a good core of support but we need to double our numbers and then we can become self-sufficient and less reliant on our chairman.”