Upfront: Dear Robert, from Carlo

Upfront – The League Express Editorial – Monday 9th Nov 2020

After the Super League meeting that saw Toronto Wolfpack barred from returning to Super League in 2021, the club’s prospective owner wrote to Super League Executive Chairman Robert Elstone. We have obtained a copy of the letter and we print it here without any additional comments.


“While I respect the decision of the board to reject our bid for Super League 2021. I strongly disagree with the decision and believe it was short sighted by the clubs who voted against us.

“We provided a solid plan which included playing in the UK for the 2021 season eliminating any concerns for Covid. Martin (Vickers, Toronto UK general manager), did a great job finding that spectacular stadium in York.

“I also provided a great marketing proposition that would have made the league and teams a lot more money and created a new revenue stream for additional partnerships.

“Big mistake in my view and while the past sins of David Argyle were an embarrassment to the league, he was never given a fair chance by levying ridiculous costs and expectations onto the Toronto Wolfpack.

“Those same demands were expected of our bid and we made a very good second proposal which should have been accepted.

“The new standard is to fail the league and its clubs by playing it safe. I heard you were going to resign if we got the votes to rejoin the league.

“Perhaps you should resign as you clearly don’t see the vision for the future of the sport by stopping the pack from continuing its run into Super League.

“This was a colossal mistake and one made by fear and not logic. We eliminated the Covid concern with our revised bid.

“I also don’t appreciate the lies surfacing that our bid was rejected because ‘the ownership could not provide proof of funding’. What a complete lie and one I expect to be retracted by the league.

“Or I will contact every paper and spend the money to show everyone how we detailed financials would be provided upon confirmation of acceptance back into the league.

“It’s laughable that this lie would be put out there when financially we are very strong. For the record, I didn’t want to disclose my financials without approval for the reason I knew you didn’t want us to be approved.

“Furthermore, this wasn’t brought up on the call and if it was an issue then why didn’t someone say anything?

“To the owners that I have spoken to I appreciate all your efforts and time. Best of luck to you all and I truly hope that you achieve great success in the coming years.

“Ralph (Rimmer), I thank you for trying Sir and for putting your reputation on the line for us.

“Kindest Regards,

“Carlo LiVolsi”

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