Wakefield to launch investigation into spectator behaviour

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats have said they are to launch an investigation into what they describe as ‘misconduct and unacceptable behaviour of spectators’ during Saturday’s game against Bradford.

The club are appealing for help from fans after the game at Belle Vue, with chairman Michael Carter insisting it is only a small majority who are ruining it for the rest. Supporters are requested to email the information to info@wakefieldwildcats.co.uk

Carter said: “We have received reports of alleged disorder during the game on Saturday.

“As a Club we will not tolerate such things and will cooperate fully with any investigation. I will not tolerate any form of abuse, and if there are culprits who are proven to be guilty of this, they will be banned from ever attending another game in which this Club plays.

“It is extremely sad in this day and age that a small minority can tarnish the event. The overwhelming majority of both sets of supporters mixed freely on the day and created an excellent atmosphere befitting this great sport. It is a great shame that there may be those that cannot conduct themselves in a manner befitting the 21st century and those people are not welcome in Rugby League, nor any society that I know.”