Wakefield Trinity forward suffers gruesome injury

WAKEFIELD TRINITY forward Jay Pitts has suffered a gruesome injury whilst training at the West Yorkshire club.

It’s all change for Trinity in the 2023/2024 off-season with new head coach Daryl Powell coming in and a whole new coaching staff.

But, one player is still staunchly in the Wakefield outfit and that is Pitts, who has been with Trinity since 2020.

However, the 34-year-old has told Wakefield’s social media that he will be out until after Christmas.

“It was an unfortunate one. I was training in the wrestle room on Monday and I’ve made a tackle and I’ve collided with one of the lads and unfortunately I got a compound dislocation in my index finger,” Pitts said.

“So, the bone came out and I ended up having to go and get it all stitched up and all that. I am really fortunate that I have had no ligament damage or any fractures so it could be worse.

“I think if I had ligament damage or tendon damage, I would be out for a lot longer so the good news is everything is stable and everything is okay so hopefully I will only be a couple of weeks out.

“It looks very over the top because it is a massive pot for a finger. But I have been lucky, really lucky. I will probably be back after Christmas and ready for the rest of the pre-season friendlies after Christmas.”

The 34-year-old is expected to play a key role for Wakefield in their first season in the Championship since 1998.

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