Wane to Wigan: Create mayhem, be reckless

A video has emerged online depicting Wigan coach Shaun Wane winding up his players and encouraging them to “knock people out” in order to win a match.

In the aftermath of Ben Flower’s horrific sending off in the Grand Final, our Twitter feeds have been full of people directing us to the below clip, which, we must warn you, contains a lot of profanities.

In it, a visibly frustrated Wane urges his players to “knock out” their opposition. The video was taken from Wigan’s recent documentary about this February’s World Club Challenge and is a half-time team talk from the warm-up match against New Zealand Warriors, in which Wigan trailed at the interval before coming back to win.

“I can’t give you any more of a free rein than that,” he says.

“Create &^%$£*@ mayhem, be reckless, because that’s what’s going to get us a &^%$£*@ win.”

If, for any reason, this video will not display, click this link: //youtu.be/LB_3wCcDcC4

What do you think of Wane’s approach? Is it the wrong way to coach a team or the only way to win trophies? Did it have anything to do with Ben Flower’s decision to attack Lance Hohaia last week? Let us know by joining the debate on social media or through our free fans’ forum