No place for Flower’s actions, says Mike Rush

St Helens chief executive says that Ben Flower’s actions in the Super League Grand Final have no place in the sport, and it was sad to see Flower deliver a brutal punch to Lance Hohaia whilst he lay on the floor.

Flower became the first player to be dismissed in a Super League Grand Final after punching the Kiwi twice in the opening minutes of Wigan’s defeat to St Helens, and Rush says the club will now let the disciplinary process take place.

“It did look bad and there is no real place for that. We’ll let the Super League go through its due process,” Rush told Sky Sports.

“When Lance was knocked out on the floor, to get another punch to the head was probably what the fans and the public didn’t like seeing.

“Leading up to that, you know rugby is a combative sport and ferocious, but obviously once Lance has hit the deck, what went on afterwards was sad to see.”