Warrington Wolves become first Rugby League club to launch non-fungible tokens

Warrington Wolves have become the first Rugby League club to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs are digital assets and collectibles secured on blockchain technology – essentially, they allow for digital content to be unique and have only one owner.

There has been a recent explosion in the use of the cryptocurrency, mostly for digital artwork, as it can be purchased to be uniquely held by the owner similar to real art, for example.

This is unlike most digital content, which can be shared and used by many people. Owners are free to showcase, sell or trade their NFTs.

Some clubs in other sports, such as Manchester City, have launched NFTs and now Warrington are the first to do so in Rugby League.

The Wolves say they will launch several collectible pieces of digital content on Thursday (11th November) including a square animated image of halfback George Williams alongside an animated signature.

Each asset will also have what is known as ‘Unlockable Content’ which is only available for the person who manages to purchase the NFT, as well as a personalised video message from Williams and a physical signed shirt.

“Being progressive and innovative are two of our core values,” said Warrington CEO Karl Fitzpatrick.

“Entering into this space allows us to not only engage further with our supporters but also presents opportunities to expose the Warrington Wolves brand to a new audience, the digital community.

“To be the sport’s first Club to release a set of NFTs demonstrates our ambition and willingness to embrace modern technology and be at the forefront of new media and digital platforms.”