Warrington Wolves boss Sam Burgess compared to former Prime Minister Winston Churchill

WARRINGTON WOLVES head coach Sam Burgess has been compared to former Prime Minister Winston Churchill by forward Joe Philbin.

Churchill, the British war hero that helped engineer victory against the Axis powers during World War Two, has often been hailed as one of the most influential and inspiring figures in history.

Meanwhile, the Wolves have enjoyed a resurgence in form following the appointment of Burgess ahead of the 2024 Super League season.

Warrington currently sit inside the top four and made the Challenge Cup Final earlier in the year and Philbin believes that Burgess has instilled a winning belief in the squad.

“He’s such a winner. Everything that he does, the way that he speaks, his team talks, everything, are so good,” Philbin said on Sky Sports’ The Bench podcast.

“Honestly, he’s like Churchill, he is so good and just gets you ready to go, he’s the best I’ve ever had.

“He’s got such strong belief, or makes you feel like he’s got such strong belief in the team and when he delivers like his talk, you’re like ‘yeah, we can do anything’.

“I feel like if you get a group of players, a group of people all believing in the same thing, then you’re halfway there.

“The mind’s very strong. That’s the biggest battle actually in sport, is belief.”

The Wolves go up against Leeds Rhinos tomorrow night at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, whilst the club has confirmed their Las Vegas Super League clash against Wigan Warriors next March.

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