Warrington Wolves chief executive Karl Fitzpatrick gives immediate thoughts on IMG proposals

IMG today presented the 36 professional clubs with a recipe for dramatic change in terms of the proposals for the future of rugby league.

Grade A, B and C licenses will be handed out amongst all the clubs with a view to eventually making all 12 Super League clubs Grade A ones.

For Warrington Wolves, they are one of few Super League clubs that will be aiming for a Grade A license immediately, and, chief executive Karl Fitzpatrick has given his immediate thoughts.

“We’re letting it digest at the moment, but I think it’s very positive for the future of the game,” Fitzpatrick told League Express.

“The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

“I’ve been really buoyed with what we’ve been presented with but we will need to go and have a read and a chat with the board but I’m really excited about what the future holds.”

Fitzpatrick is hopeful that Super League will get to a point in time where there will be 12 grade A clubs.

“We will need to go through in detail, we want Grade A.

“There will be number of other clubs also striving for a Grade A. Hopefully we will get to stage where all clubs will have a Grade A license and the sport will be a lot healthier when that occurs.

“It’s only just been delivered, but there is a lot of optimism around that table, it’s time for change and what’s been represented is the right direction of travel. Obviously the devil is in the detail so we need to go through it a little closer.”

Fitzpatrick was also asked about potential changes to the criteria laid out by IMG today.

“There may be possible tinkering but this is part of the consultation. Things will be getting fed back but the direction of travel is the right one.”