Watson content after Salford’s big Wigan win

Ian Watson believes Salford’s win over Wigan is proof that the Red Devils are as talented as he believes them to be.

The Red Devils ended a frustrating run of games in style as they defeated league leaders Warriors.

It was a morale-boosting victory for the Reds, and one that justified Watson’s belief in his side.

“I said to the players before today that I’d seen enough to know we’re going to be a good team,” he said.

“It’s just about how quickly we can get where we want to be. We’ve still got a lot of building to do but hopefully that gives us the confidence to nail it going forward.”

Watson admitted that the coronavirus crisis was likely to stop them from playing next week.

“We’d love to play again next week but there’s a real seriousness about the virus at the moment and making sure everybody’s safe. If we can’t play we can’t play – everyone’s health is more important than rugby.”