West Wales Raiders owners release heartfelt statement following withdrawal of club from League One

WEST WALES RAIDERS part club owners, Andrew Thorne and Peter Tiffin, have released a statement following the news that the Welsh side will not be a member of League One in the 2023 season.

Both men have also expressed their gratitude to all those involved with the club over the past seven years.

The club stated: “It’s with great sadness that we have to write this but the West Wales Raiders will not be competing within the RFL professional league in the 2023 season.

“The club informed the RFL on Wednesday that they will not be taking part in either competition this season.

“After five seasons within the professional ranks both Andrew (Thorne) and Peter (Tiffin) felt it was the right time to give someone else an opportunity to try and take the club on within the sport. Numerous parties have shown interest but most have fallen once they realised how much personal finances and time is needed to run a club within League One.”

“The Raiders began back in 2015 and had two seasons in the amateur leagues before entering League One in 2018, since then there has been a lot of ups and downs.

“The club has had great pleasure to have been involved with the professional ranks for the past 5 seasons and felt, regardless of results, that we kept up with many of the larger teams with our ‘off the pitch’ work.

“The owners will continue to support the RFL and WRL to try and find a new group to keep a professional club within Wales especially after all the great work being done within the community by WRL over the past 12 months.

Part owner Peter Tiffin added “It’s taken us both (Peter & Andrew) a long time to come to this decision, it’s been a difficult one to make as we have grown the club from an amateur club back in Mynydd y Garreg to playing against the likes of Bradford Bulls and Widnes at Stebonheath Park.

“Raiders was something that we both were proud to say we created from scratch, there has been so many highlights that it would be hard just to state a few.

“I want to thank every single person who has been involved with the club from day one to now as without you the club could have never been able to continue.

“The players, staff, sponsors, directors, supporters, volunteers and many others who have been involved, I want to thank you all for every single effort you have shown to the club and I hope you continue within the game and support WRL with their efforts on the future of the sport within Wales.

“Myself and Andrew will continue to support both RFL and WRL and endeavour to try and find a new group to keep a club within the professional ranks from Wales.”