What is Total Rugby League Premium?

By now, there’s a good chance that you will have heard of, or come across our new service, Total Rugby League Premium.

If you didn’t see the initial announcement about our new service, then the likelihood is that you’ve discovered it because you’ve been unable to read all of our content!

We’ve set up the system for two main reasons. Firstly, to make our content more accessible for those who prefer to consume news in digital form. Secondly, to ensure we can evolve our coverage into untapped, unrivalled areas.

What will I get for my subscription?

For £5 a month, or £1.50 a week, you will get a subscription that provides four different benefits. They are:

  • A guarantee of one feature article, exclusive to the Premium service, every day.
  • Access to the best news and interviews from League Express every Sunday night.
  • The best features from Rugby League World every month.
  • Exclusive breaking news as we get it throughout the week.

What will your feature articles consist of?

Our features will be wide and varied, but our ultimate objective is to provide you with access and insight into clubs as you’ve never seen before.

We don’t want to give too much away, but we currently have articles lined up that will provide incredible insight into the game and how it works, both on and off the pitch.

It won’t all be in written form, either. We have plans to engage with our subscribers in other ways, such as private Q&As with our writers and much more.

What will we get from League Express?

We believe that League Express provides unrivalled coverage of the game from Super League down to grassroots.

However, we appreciate that some people would rather read it in digital form, and also are purely interested in what happens in the professional ranks.

So, every Sunday night, before the paper is in stores, we will put our biggest news and best interviews online, giving people what they want and when they want it – now.

The same applies to Rugby League World. We believe some of our best content is in the magazine, and we want to make sure more people see it.

Will you be breaking news too?

Yes. This platform provides us with an opportunity to bring breaking news quicker than ever before, and we plan on doing just that.

Who will be providing the content?

We are currently finalising our initial team, but we plan on bringing you the best team of journalists the sport has to offer.

Among those writing for the site will be Aaron Bower and Matthew Shaw, while we hope to announce more names shortly.

Will your entire website be subscription only?

No. Our normal news service will still be free while our popular forum will be accessible for all too, meaning you can keep up-to-date with the sport right here. You will also get to access two free premium articles a week

OK, how do I subscribe?

That’s easy! Head to https://www.totalrl.com/premium-subscription/

Great, I’ve subscribed, now what?

You’ll want to go to https://www.totalrl.com/category/premium/ and read all the content you want, when you want. We’re currently working on a notification service that will allow you to turn on alerts as soon as post content, meaning you get the breaking news quicker than ever before.