What to expect on ‘D-Day’ for Toronto Wolfpack

On Friday morning a Super League board meeting will take place to discuss the future of Toronto Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack have applied for readmission to Super League, headed by prospective new owner Carlo LiVolsi.

September 25th has been billed as the biggest day in Toronto’s history, with a vote of sorts to be made on their future.

However, there’s a very real chance that we will not get an answer on their future this Friday.

There are three possible outcomes; one is a definite yes and another is a definite no.

However, there is a third outcome that would see the Super League board invite LiVolsi to present to them and outline his plans for the club.

In a list of dates published by League Express, it was noted that LiVolsi could be provided that opportunity week commencing September 28th.

The common consensus is that that will be the case, with Super League unlikely to either accept or reject the Wolfpack without giving him an opportunity to state his and the club’s case.

A definite yes on Friday appears to be an absolute non-starter. An instant rejection, though unlikely, is more plausible, with many clubs already of the opinion that Toronto shouldn’t be allowed back in.

However, the more realistic outcome appears to be that LiVolsi will be invited to speak to clubs next week.