Wigan step up halfback search

Wigan Warriors will kick-start their search for a halfback this week, after Kris Radlinski admitted they did make a move for Jackson Hastings.

The Super League champions were strongly linked with a move for the Salford halfback, but were ultimately unsuccessful in their pursuit of the Australian star.

But Radlinski said they are now working on new targets to bolster their squad ahead of new coach Adrian Lam’s arrival.

“We’ve said that we are on the lookout for a new halfback,” he said.

“We did have a look at Jackson Hastings and he made a choice, which we respect, but we’ll see what happens. I get sent the names of players every day .

“I’ve got huge hopes for Joe Bullock coming in to replace Ryan Sutton.

“And I’m in regular contact with Adrian about the squad. The coaching staff had a big coaching session looking at the squad the other day and he’ll be over here pretty soon.

“Since he’s been given the job he’s been contacted by a lot of players keen to come. What he needs to do is get over here and see what he can spend and what we need. Ian (Lenagan), Adrian and I will sit down and see where we go from there.”

Lam is due to arrive at the club in the coming weeks, with the size of the task in front of him inevitably greater after the Warriors tasted Grand Final glory on Saturday.

Shaun Wane’s departure leaves an inevitable void for Wigan to fill, but Radlinski said: “I don’t think it’s a case of replacing him.

“The thing with a professional sports club is that it’s revolving at all times. We’ve over 100 years of history and people move on and leave. I remember when it was announced Ellery (Hanley) was leaving and you thought your world was ending. But you have to re-invent yourself to find ways to get better. We’ve had a successful decade, we’ve won a lot of trophies and produced a lot of kids.

“Adrian would be foolish to change much, he can put his own spin on it and create his own identity as a team. But realistically he should be coming in saying we do a lot of things well but how can I add to this, that’s the advice and approach I’ll be suggesting to him.”