Wigan will deal with the Hardaker drunk-driving outcome after the Grand Final

Kris Radlinski refused to be drawn into the Zak Hardaker saga as the fullback heads to court today to face a drink-driving charge.

The controversial fullback was arrested last month, which came just a weeks after he started training with Wigan after serving a drugs ban.

It’s understood that Hardaker has not been in training recently, with Wigan claiming at the time of the incident they would wait for the outcome of the trial before making a decision on his future.

He will also face charges for driving while uninsured and driving without a valid MOT.

With the 26-year-old’s future at Wigan in doubt before even representing the club, Radlinski, Wigan’s Rugby Director, confirmed the club would assess the issue next week, but insisted the focus should be kept on Saturday’s Grand Final.

“We’ve not even discussed it because it happened a week before a semi-final and I’m not going to even let it get involved in this week,” he said.

“It’s not fair on the players or a player who doesn’t even play for us to be brutally honest. This week should be all about the players who have slogged to get to this level and I’m not going to talk about it until early next week.

“We know we’re going to have some questions to face and we’ll have see where we go with that.”