Wigan Warriors release superb home kit for 2023 Super League season

WIGAN Warriors have released their home kit for 2023.

The shirt features Cherry and White hoops with additional flashes – originating from the first ever Wigan home shirt which consisted of cherry and white colours.

The logo of the Club’s Principal Partner, OpenExchange, is on the front of the replica shirt. It also carries the logos of Technical Partner, hummel, together with sponsors The Skinny Food Co, Davanti Tyres, Steve Woods Ltd, Node4 and Complete Roofing Systems.

The replica cherry red shorts feature Loch Lomond Whiskies whilst the socks carry the logo of Pall Mall Carpets.

Wigan Warriors Executive Director, Kris Radlinski, said: “Everybody remembers their first Wigan kit.

“Mine was an Umbro Cherry and White one with JJB on the front. I got it on Christmas Day from my mum and dad. I also received a Mitre Multiplex rugby ball. That Christmas, I spent hours on the field in Marus Bridge, covered in mud, in the jersey and catching the ball, I couldn’t have been happier.

“I hope that when people receive the 2023 Wigan jersey, it will ignite something in their hearts.

“For young boys and girls who want to play for Wigan when they are older, believe in that jersey, as anything is possible – I can vouch for that. For the older generation, I hope it evokes memories from their lifetime of supporting this wonderful sporting institution.”