Wigan will change how they play in 2015, says Wane

Wigan Warriors head coach Shaun Wane has revealed that his team will be setting up slightly differently next year, and the Warriors will changing the way they play in the forthcoming 2015 season.

Although Wane admitted there will not be wholesale changes to the Warriors’ style, he did reveal that there will be a couple things that will be tinkered to ensure the team can step up their game, after a 2014 season which saw Wigan relinquish both the Super League and Challenge Cup trophies won in 2013.

“We’re making a couple of changes to how we play,” Wane told the Wigan Today website.

“There are things we’ll do differently, varying the way we play – I feel as a team we’re ready for it.”

“The changes we make may not be too noticeable but they are intricate parts which need working on, and so we need to get value out of every thing we do in training.”