Wolfpack owner to face interrogation

Super League owners will get the chance to question Toronto’s prospective new owner Carlo LiVolsi on the club’s revised submission for Super League reapplication.

LiVolsi is set to take questions from the Super League board on his plans for the Wolfpack and Super League itself.

The questions he is expected to field will include paying players and staff unpaid wages, which now stands at five months, as well as how he plans to ensure Super League will benefit from association with his Wolf Grooming brand.

In their revised report, Wolfpack Chairman Bob Hunter outlined the benefits of the Wolfpack’s involvement in Super League, which contrast with many of the criticisms aimed at the club in a paper produced by a four-person executive that comes out strongly against Toronto’s return.

In response to Super League’s request for further information, Hunter outlined a number of points, including:

1 Attendances of over 100,000 fans at 14 games in 2018, and over 90,000 fans at 12 games in 2019

2 The Air Transat contract, one of the biggest single sponsorship deals in UK Rugby League history.

3 Visiting team sponsors’ exposure to the North American markets.

4 Carlo LiVolsi’s connection to large potential UK sponsors, which would be beneficial to the league and club.

5 LiVolsi’s offering of shared profits in Wolf Grooming sales, with a proposed UK profit share of up to 20% of all net profits.

The Wolf Grooming element of the bid is likely to generate particular scrutiny in the meeting, with clubs keen to have a better understanding of the business and the potential benefits.

As part of the submission, LiVolsi pleaded his cases in an introductory letter addressed to Ralph Rimmer and Robert Elstone.

Within it he confirmed their Covid contingencies would including playing in the UK throughout 2021 and accepting a two-point penalty for the start of the 2021 season.

LiVolsi also confirmed he would provide proof of funds as the final component of the club’s reinstatement, should they be voted in.

He said: “I will instruct my lawyer to provide the necessary NDA to one representative from RFL and SL for each of the Executive teams to confirm that we are solvent and capable to own the team.”

He continued: I still feel the opportunity for expansion into the east coast cities of the
United States is a natural progression, and that the Pack and other North America teams enhance the value of every club in Super League.”

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