Wolves experience still full of surprises for Gidley

You’d think Kurt Gidley would have done everything there was to do in his illustrious career.

However, Warrington’s star recruit is currently experiencing a first – a warm weather training camp abroad.

The Wolves are currently in Tenerife as they continue their pre-season preparations, and for Gidley, it’s a step into the unknown.

“It’s been a whole new experience for me, my first time to Tenerife, so it’s been a great change to my first five weeks in the UK at Warrington,” he told The Warrington Guardian.

“It’s a great training facility, T3, which is just up behind the hotel here. It’s fantastically set up and obviously great climate and some great conditions to train in.”

Having spent the entirety of his career at Newcastle before joining Warrington, finding warm climates wasn’t as challenging as it is for Super League sides.

“We trained through the summer anyway, so we’ve got the sunshine and the heat,” he added. “We probably even trained earlier in the day to get it done and out of the way back in Australia.

“So there was no need for the training camps. We probably did more of the army-style training camps over two or three days and that was more around the mental toughness side of things.”