York hopeful new stadium could host big events – including Summer Bash

Ambitious League 1 side York City Knights are hopeful their new community stadium can play host to a number of big events in the coming years – including 2021 World Cup fixtures and even the Summer Bash.

The Knights will move into their new 8000-capacity stadium in Huntington midway through next year if all goes to plan – and York CEO Jon Flatman has told TotalRL how they are keen to aim big with the events they are aiming to bring to the city.

He said: “We’re looking at the stadium becoming a real centrepiece of what York has to offer as a city.

“It’s such a fantastic place, nestled nicely in between the heartlands and a beautiful part of the world in North Yorkshire.

“This stadium is going to blow peoples’ minds when they see it – and it’s another key milestone in the growth of the club. We want to bring big-time games and big events to York – like the Summer Bash, England Knights and the World Cup. We believe it is possible.”

Flatman also insisted that York will not wait until the end of the 2019 campaign before moving across the city from Bootham Crescent, saying: “As soon as the keys are in our hands, we’re moving in!”

The deadline for bids to become a host city for the 2021 World Cup next week – and Flatman is hopeful York’s bid will be strong enough to be accepted.

He said: “This stadium is for two sporting teams, but also for an entire city. The Council and the councillors and officers involved have been great throughout.”