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In Topic: any news from the Mount?

Yesterday, 06:57 PM

all teams outside the top 4 receive a pittance compared to the top teams.........the gap will just get wider season on season......is there any point in staying up.......and if so how can you possibly challenge the top 4 when you receive over half a million pound less .

We do not need to challenge the top four and I do no expect to. But my own expectations, our supporters, and that of the club was to be in the top eight . 8th pos. was not unreasonable to finish in the bottom two and relegation will be abject failure both by the board and our present coaching staff. On remaining in the championship we can and should compete against the lower teams ie. the bottom 6. And pre season with the team assembled we should have done just that. injuries added to the failure to recruit and Kears dismal game plans have left those expectations in tatters.

In Topic: any news from the Mount?

Yesterday, 06:33 PM

It seems a long time since we have had any good news coming from the Mount. I was just reading the match reports on the Whitehaven result at  Doncaster and noticed how much impact their recruits have had on the Team. One a French half. He was also heavily involved in our recent debacle in the must win game at Whitehaven. Workington have strengthened so have Hunslet but what about us?. These are teams that will be fighting with us to remain in the championship.

      I fear we have reached the point where decent players either do not want to either come to Batley or play for John Kear. Or it could be the lack of winning pay on offer.  We need a bit of quality for the eights The trapdoor is easing evermore opened . Do we have the ambition to shut it ?.

   Do any other Batley supporters have thoughts on this. 

In Topic: What is the funding from the RFL next season?

29 June 2015 - 08:40 PM

And if we go down to championship one ?.

In Topic: Doncaster Home

29 June 2015 - 08:38 PM

The thing I will say is if we fail on Sunday the fat lady will be in full voice. Sir Garry will be ecstatic and Coventry will definitely be pencilled in on my travel plans. Kear will have to admit he can no longer coach and has failed to adapt to the modern game and will resign. But it wont come to any of these we will win comfortably. 48- 10 . We will move the ball and one of our backs will score a hat trick. The good news ends there I still see a titanic struggle under the Kearasourus to stay up.

In Topic: Bradford Away

28 June 2015 - 08:23 PM

Down to the usual suspects to give us go forward. But possesion in danger areas needs to give points.

Pressure thats gained through hard graft is simply turned over too softly.

40/20 made a pleasant suprise though

You are right about the usual suspects for the go forward 9'oiler. Brown and Rowe again excellent.