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This discussion is going nowhere people will have their own opinions on the reasons for our struggle to increase the gates at Mount Pleasant. Lets all get up their tomorrow and hope that the clubs efforts with the marketing has been a success and we get a good gate of 1400+ . One thing we are agreed on is the club deserves better crowds lets hope it happens. 

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Yesterday, 08:44 AM

I agree with sweaty Craig, its solutions we need to find and quick.
Its easy to point the finger but futile.
Aside from that, we do have an Asian season ticket holder. Has any thought to ask him his opinions on why Asians are not interested, as he is probably more informed than the armchair culture experts on this forum.

Wow success 1 Asian fan out of thousands that will really swell the gate and I believe he is not even from the Town.

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Yesterday, 08:39 AM

Nothing to do with the 30'000 White British Batley people who have no interest in the club, then?? Or changing social trends? Batley Nash is normally heaving on a Sunday afternoon. None of those people have an active interest in their hometown club. Are they British Asians?

I am not saying there are enough of the white population of the town coming to the games but look around you the ground is surrounded by the Asian population which is growing at an alarming rate. Our crowds will continue to struggle and I predict that in about 30 years which is two generations Batley will not exist as we know it. And I worry about the future of our club and the Town.

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27 February 2015 - 07:29 PM

That'll teach him not to quote figures from the EDL website.

What a load of codswallop terminater are your eyes so pointed to the left you cannot see out of them. Your census is 4 years out of date take a look around, Mount pleasant is more like Bangladesh. Look at the make up of pupils in Batleys schools they are the next generation of Batleys population. Nothing to do with the EDL Batley is probably near 50% Asian and growing. They will never support Rugby league. I have said it before and I will say it again that is the main reason our crowds refuse to grow . It is not racist . It is fact

In batley's defence
The town might be similar to leigh


It's over 60% Asian...and there lays the problem of growing crowds for batley..

If 60% of the local population has no interest nor heritage of rugby league how can they possibly attract new fans..simple they can't without a miracle

Crowds at batley will continue to diminish over the coming years
Until it's not viable for a team to exist at Mount Pleasant

The land will be sold off
And that will be that..pure and simple

That's not a knock against Kevin or the people of bissa who work tirelessly promoting the club
And are a credit to rugby league

But unless they don't start making babies to be future bulldogs fans the scales will naturally tip as it will all around the west Yorkshire area..for all clubs
You can either close your eyes and say it won't happen
Or you can open them and try to embrace the problem and find a solution

Were gotta attract more super league fans to try increase attendances... Their already hooked on rugby league so start with them

Next it's imperative we get kids hooked on the game

Think both batley and dewsbury should be running junior teams
To get them involved and bringing them in at every turn to the grounds of both clubs
Make it a second home,a place where their all equal
And build a community spirit between the young,turning the player into role models

It's gotta be a better option than your kids growing up an their role models are a tart who gets her boobs out,or a spotty Herbert who try to be a bada-ss by swearing every other word.

Something has to be done soon
Sooner for batley

Much sooner