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In Topic: Doncaster 14 Batley 16

Today, 07:14 PM

Definitely not pleasing on the eye today. A total lack of creativity once again in the attacking areas . How this team needs a good scrum half with the ability to put men into space. On the upside we took the points played poor which I would rather have than the Bradford game where we were superb but came away with nothing. We have team spirit and effort in abundance we just need a player( leader) to guide the team around the park. Oh for the old days when most sides had creativity at 6,7 and 13 the pivots.
Another injury in the three quarters leaves us with with a ton of problems over the rest of the season. Hope Johnny Campbell is not hurt too bad. Still happy without the obnoxious D/R but we are fast running out of options in the backs. Already we have two forwards in there. Dewsbury are on their way this week a vast improvement is needed if we are to take the spoils.

In Topic: Doncaster Away

Yesterday, 03:46 PM

Think it will be back to the future with Bretherton filling in at centre, Campbell at full back and Ainscough back on the wing where he made his name. Not a lot of choices for JK really with 4 out of the 9 available backs out injured. We need to beef up the backline or get our injured players back quickly if we are to make the required impact in this division. Good job we have what I consider the best pack of forwards in this Division.

In Topic: information required

26 March 2015 - 07:27 PM

Thanks rogert for realising this ain't having ago
Local rugby seems to be on the demise, batley boys DO without doubt a sterling job running all the age groups and hats of to the work of their supporters and helpers who work without any reward than.helping the next generation
But surely local clubs like the boys are having to cast their nets further to attract young lads and lasses to the game at grass roots level.
The stupid "no competition " mentality of schools regarding their attitudes to sport has done far more damage in the long run...than the damage of a few kids coming second or third

The competitive edge has to be reintroduced to schools

How are we expected to produce athletes if competition is deemed unproductive?

Blame the looney left they are the ones responsible for the no competition mentality with no winners and losers. In most peoples minds competition is Productive.

In Topic: Doncaster Away

26 March 2015 - 07:23 PM

They'll have 5 rested DR players in from last week I think. Could be tough but were more than capable of winning this game comfortably.

Would not bet on that one with the busy Easter fixtures. Also they are only allowed 4 . 1 must be a loan. All is fair in the D/R farce.

In Topic: Doncaster Away

24 March 2015 - 09:41 PM

I am confident We will win this game and I am hoping for a 10 to 15pts. spread. It will do our points difference good and boost the lads for the next two more difficult games home to Dewsbury and at London. After losing the last three league games all keenly fought but with no reward we need to post some points. Our forward pack is in great shape and to win the points in the closer encounters all we need is a bit more variety and mischief in the last third of the field the wins will come.