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In Topic: Ainscough

Yesterday, 09:45 AM

No matter how big a gaffe Ainscough made, im sure hes well aware of it and slating him isnt going to do his confidenve any good, its not like we are blessed with backs right now so he'll be in the side next week and overall hes been one of our better performers this year.

I am fearing the worst but we just have to get behind the team and hope somehow we can get out of the mire AGAIN.

Then when the season is done, a full frank post mortem MUST be done, as we cant have a third successive season of dross or we'll have no fans left.

Well said Buford . We have three games now to rescue a depressing season that has to be the focus. What has happened in the past means nothing it cannot be changed . Facts are we beat Hunslet and Whitehaven we stay up, both at home  ,both games are winnable as is London away. They are in difficulties number wise with a few injuries. I feel for Ainscough he had what could be termed a brain fart in the heat of the moment but now is the time to move on get the points we need and for heavens sake do not make the same mistakes three seasons running.  Time for the fans to come back and get behind the team. Remember Doncaster last year I am certain the support that day had a bearing on the win that kept us up. Come on the BULLDOGS lets show we still have what it takes. 

In Topic: featherstone away

31 August 2015 - 10:08 PM

I took Batley +18 and been paid so they arent having it back!!

Me too

In Topic: Bolu Fagborin

31 August 2015 - 07:02 PM

Bolu sends his regards to sean as now he will not be remembered for making the worst blunder of any player wearing a Batley shirt, Lets now get behind the team to make sure our championship status is retained.

We can get behind them Ernie but the players have to do their bit if this season is not to end in a total disaster. In defence of Ainscough there is a saying that we win as team and lose as one.

In Topic: Ainscough

31 August 2015 - 06:04 PM

I have been one of John Kears critics but cannot blame him for what happened in the final ten minutes of todays game. You could not make it up. 3 games to save the season . The word believe springs to mind and the players have to redeem themselves and FIGHT.

In Topic: featherstone away

31 August 2015 - 04:32 PM

Another game thrown away. we just do not know how to win the tight matches. I really do fear for our chances of avoiding the drop now. What a terrible season will it ever end?. Three games left for us and we have to win two of those. It is  time for the players to deliver forget what has happened today, get out there and do the job for the club.