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In Topic: 2016 Recruitment

03 October 2015 - 05:03 PM

And we spent considerably less than Halifax and Sheffield. . .

Not asking for a team of stars. We already have a dozen quality players just the one player that will piece it all together like a Karl Pryce at Dewsbury.

Karl Price at Dewsbury surely that must be a joke. I would not want him if he came for free. I put more effort into a toilet visit.

In Topic: 2016 Recruitment

29 September 2015 - 09:22 PM

Fax are trying to negotiate a release of Brown with Batley.
Spencer is a solid all rounder and much better than Chandler and possibly Brown. Im sorry but he probably should do a bit better than Batley.

Good to see that after a couple of good performances the big club syndrome has resurfaced among the fax faithful.

In Topic: Kear confirmed

24 September 2015 - 03:55 PM

Just a couple of points, if I may, Greavsey.
Firstly, I doubt the coach forbade "the more attacking approach."
I think the close defeats are more to do with out playmakers not being good enough - enough of the time.
Injuries to 6,7,9 & 13 for extended periods didn't help, and we've seen on occasion that they can play expansive and entertaining rugby. As you imply, if rumours are to be believed, our fortunes should pick up next season.
Since the early '80s (and probably before I started watching Batley), I don't think it's a coincidence that our most successful periods have coincided with halfbacks willing and able to open up the opposition with apparent ease. Tommo, Moore, Handforth & Black could all do it.

Agreed SJS on the halves could not agree more and you would not get a argument from me on the injuries but that is what a squad is for. As for the coach I never said that he forbade attacking play but in the big games that mattered safety first was to the fore the same as last season. My point about J. Kear is that his teams often lack that incisiveness in the final Quarter, and play apart from our last two home games has often been dour and predictable with the head down approach being the norm.

In Topic: Kear confirmed

23 September 2015 - 07:10 PM

Glad he's staying. The players are obviously happy with him as most have chosen to stay. It sounds like he was happy with new signings too. My view is that we need to at least make the playoffs next season.

As I said before. This season was an improvement on last and we need the same again next.

Before the friendlies this season I said I would be happy if we avoided relegation (as did many others). We then absolutely took apart fev and had a good start to the season and everyone's expectations went up. We then had several injuries to key players and began our losing struggle. It was disappointing yes but ###### happens. We finished off the season showing what we are capable of. The last 2 home games we totally controlled the game.

Hopefully our new signings are as good as JK indicated. If it does turn out to be Brambani and Patch then I will be very happy and could be just what our squad needs to turn those 12 close defeats this season into wins.

Got really fed up of this forum this year with the sniping and finger pointing. Hopefully there will be less of that next season.

Have to disagree with you on a few of you points. This season was definitely not a improvement on the last. The view from the majority of people connected with the club was not to just survive, the play offs were a minimum and many were talking of a top six finish. We lost nearly every big game we were involved in i.e. Whitehaven home and away in regular season. Workington when it mattered in the 1st game of the eights. Dewsbury home and at the Blackpool bash.+ Halifax, London, Sheffield, Fev, Leigh, all at home and away in the league. As for the so called sniping and finger pointing I think what you mean is fans having and being allowed an opinion which is what a open forum is all about. In the last two home games I agree with you we played the fast and attacking rugby missing for most of the season. Maybe some of those close defeats would have earned points if the coach had allowed the more attacking approach. As for the injuries yes they were to key men especially in the halves. But the coach built the squad and it failed to provide the necessary cover. Also other team seemed to cope quite well when key men had to miss games
I hope you are correct about next season M. Hopkins and yes we have made some terrific signing if rumours are to be believed. maybe we can attract back the supporters driven away by the lack of open and entertaining rugby displayed most of the season.
On a lighter note I think you deserve a special award M. Hopkins as the king of the happy clappers LOL just kidding.
As usual we will all be back next season full of optimism and expectation. I hope Kear delivers next term after two abject seasons which have tested even the die hards among us.

In Topic: Kear confirmed

21 September 2015 - 05:48 PM

Buford will be pleased ;)

So this goes from the heart to his care assistant who will bring him his tea tonight
In arkham asylum ;)

No knifes or forks

Personally I'm glad john's got another year

Well your not gonna get someone much better for the brass ;)

Reminds me of when Dewsbury kept Warren Jowett on and we all know how good a move that was.