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  1. Why did Fev get rid.I'm sure there are complications related to PNG players (visas etc ).Apparently he wasn't first choice at Donny
  2. gittinsfan


    Sorry PM but you've left yourself open to the grammar policeman again LOL.
  3. His motivation would be the same as any other professional sportsman.All this c%%p about moving for a new challenge doesn't wash with me.
  4. Very good post.A personal opinion would be forget the 1895 cup.You must be up there amongst the favourites for promotion this next season.
  5. gittinsfan


    Fev tried that and it didn't work out too well.
  6. I would only be interested in representing Yorkshire. Only if they provided the relevant mobility aids.
  7. All the very best wishes to the guy for his future health and his efforts to promote these isues in years to come.
  8. Don't be silly. You must know that everything BSJ says is the Gospel truth.
  9. I think the punishment is very lenient.Certainly not much of a deterrent.
  10. £7 per week as a trainee manager at a department store in Leeds.After 3 months I realised I hated working Saturdays (no Sunday rugby in those days). So moved to a local Building Society for 10shillings a week drop in pay.Stayed there for 16 years.
  11. Used to be more fun going over the Pennines to Lancashire before the M62 was built.
  12. You've told me that you have signed Ferres and now Ferguson. Why?
  13. I haven't seen any comments from Mr Elstone & Co. Have there been any?
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