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  1. I think the number quoted may have some other significance.
  2. We should run a vote on here to find out who we should sign.Give the results to Kevin and tell him to sign them.Even then some on here would still moan. I could be wrong but I don't remember any of the "experts " on here screaming for us to sign Gilmore.That did'nt work out too badly did it? Why don't we just leave it to the people who know what they are talking about.
  3. A bigger bonus if you win. If you lose some PT players because of going full time,we might pick some of them up. LOL
  4. I don't agree with some of the conspiracy theories on here. I certainly don't like the way some on the main forum run down Fev as "a village team/no value to SL." ETC.ETC.. If you win on Sunday,and I hope you do,you will fully deserve your chance in SL. Best of luck for Sunday
  5. Genuine question. Are there going to be any problems for a possibly unjabbed part time team playing in France next week. I certainly hope not.
  6. That article was dated 12th August.That's pretty much confirmation for me.I can see where you are coming from though.
  7. Surely that answers the question posed in this thread.
  8. Like many I am scared of heights.Strange thing is the fear has increased s I have grown older.
  9. I remember a thread on here where it was stated that Hull FC pay £700,000 rent.That amount would more than fund L1. Yet some people on here would be happy to lose these clubs because they do not provide any value.
  10. Nothing like having a bit of respect for your older brethren LOL.
  11. Originally it looked a very interesting 3 way battle between Fev,Leigh and TO. Very unfairly Leigh were put into SL.At least Derek seemed to be happy. You want TO to be excluded. To me that gives Fev a pretty big advantage.But you seem to think that's fair. If that is your honest opinion then I am happy to leave it at that. Bye
  12. So you think it would have been right and fair to exclude Toulouse this season. Without Leigh and Toulouse Fev would have been given a free run to SL.Do you think that would have been right and fair.
  13. Do you think it would be right and fair to exclude Toulouse from the league this year.Is that plain enough for you? Can you please explain what my agenda is because I don't know.
  14. Are any of the current squad on 2 year contracts and therefore already signed for next season?
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