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  1. Yes please.And I agree with Mr Silverback.
  2. If it was'nt for the virus the CC would have been competed for as it always has,involving numerous clubs outside of SL. I was annoyed that someone can just arbitrarily exclude all but 20 SL clubs.
  3. What has that got to do with the fact that he wants to make the Challenge Cup a SL only competition only.
  4. Why not leave the Rugby League Challenge Cup to the Rugby League clubs and invent a new league based competition for the SL clubs.
  5. Maybe not as we know them now,but they should still have access to the Challenge Cup.You are suggesting that it becomes a SL only comp.
  6. So the other Champ and Lge1 clubs can't play in the Challenge cup now.
  7. With no central funding for Champ and Lge1,it's possible we could have clubs going to the wall.Maybe it's not the time to be talking about the RFL funding expansion in whatever form. I agree it is a depressing prospect,but not an impossible one.
  8. All the very best wishes for 2021 to everyone on here.Let's hope the vaccines prove to be as successful as the experts keep telling us.
  9. You keep on saying that the Championship have no value to Sky. If SL. had kept all Sky money for the last 5 years, could you honestly hand on heart,say that SL. would be in a better place.There would have been no P&R (PROBABLY) and Cas and Wakefield would still have the same grounds.In a few years time if Champ and L1 clubs have fallen by the wayside,you may realise what value these clubs were to the game of Rugby League.
  10. I thought you were intelligent,but if you don't know why it would have been impossible for the championship to play,then iI am badly mistaken.
  11. So when you've dumped those two,you dump two more the next year,you'll end up with a very elite league of 6.I'm sure Sky will love that.
  12. But you are not offering a 50% cut on current funding,you are offering zero funding so where does that leave your proposal.
  13. After this reduction,Sky obviously are'nt very happy with the product.Maybe it's SL who should up their game.
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