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  1. The government say these measures will last for 6 months.Going on the last 6 months performance,these measures could change 5 0r 6 times in the next few months. The trouble is nobody can predict anything with any certainty.Unfortunately we are going to have to adapt to situations month by month,or even week by week.
  2. Try a strong cheese and sliced beetroot sandwich in crusty bread.You will be in heaven.
  3. I'm sure BSJ will be on here shortly to explain.
  4. According to the Leigh forum,he has'nt left them.
  5. Was it his choice or did Fev not offer a new contract?
  6. Yet Fev and Leigh would have been happy to go through all this if promotion was the prize.Some people on here (not you by the way)were calling other teams unambitious and "pub teams" for not re-starting the season when they would have had no chance of promotion.
  7. But Harry,the RFL have made a decision.There will be an October comp foe Champ and L1 clubs with NO promotion for the winners.They would look rather silly if they change their minds again.
  8. Born and bred pal.But please tell me what that has to do with anything.
  9. What,you mean a top ambitious club like Leigh had to sell their ground due to financial issues.Did they become a pub team?
  10. I find it strange that a pub team like Batley can manage to own their own ground,yet an elite club like Leigh have to rent theirs.
  11. SL are on a winner then.Keep all their own money but expect a share from a TWP deal.
  12. I must have missed it when she posted her gratitude towards TWP when they enabled her family to return from Australia.
  13. Let's talk hypothetical. If TW got their own TV deal worth (lets say) £5 M per year.Do you think SL would be happy for them to keep it all?
  14. I was at that game.I've also left the Variety Club,on many occasions,in a similar state to your goodself. As you say ,good old days.
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