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  1. I think it is fair to say that this is Batley's biggest game in my lifetime.And I'm 70.Since the Barrow and Fev wins I have seen so many threads from other club's fans.It has been a pleasure to read all the praise and congratulations and the obvious respect that other fans have for Batley as a club. The one moan is a complaint about the referee. The difference in class and ability of the two teams means that Batley would'nt win if I reffed the game. All I ask is that the team go out ,enjoy the day and do the club and themselves proud. And I'm sure they will.
  2. Have I understood this correctly? A team being in SL at the end of 2024 is not guaranteed to be in the top flight in 2025.It will all depend on the grading allocated.
  3. Would you give it a chance if Fev were given a low B rank. In other words do you really give a sh£t about the lower clubs?
  4. Whatever his reasons, his commitment to Batley over the last couple of years has been immense. All the very best wishes for your future.
  5. Actually Batley will achieve something.They will have a share of a decent gate at Barrow. They will have a share of a better gate (probably ) at Fev. They will have a share of a better gate (probably ) at Leigh. Allowing for a decent bonus to the players that is still going to be a decent boost to the clubs finances. That is without any help from SL or RFL. It will be interesting to see where they will be classed.
  6. I have read up to page 17 and will read the full thread.A lot of people seem happy with the A clubs and the upper class B clubs.No body seems to give a thought to the lower clubs. But that's SL fans down to a tee.
  7. They want us to level the pitch.LOL
  8. There could be a big difference in attitude between a meaningless league game and a championship final. That said I don't think we'd beat you,just make a better game of it.
  9. Describing someone who is lucky. " If he fell off the co-op roof,he'd fall in't divvy"
  10. Are you sure you can't spare 2 or 3 of those.Seriously,if you have a squad like that at this stage,that's pretty impressive
  11. I think it is safe to say there is a lot of mutual respect between the two sets of fans.Whatever the result I sincerely hope that a good day is enjoyed by all.
  12. As far as funding for next year,are Batley classed as 3rd or 5th.(Or 2nd if we beat Fev)?
  13. Surely that can't be right.Is'nt he a super league player loaned out to a Championship club?
  14. Does'nt read like a moan to me.Just a factual report of the situation.
  15. I managed to get a copy from Amazon books(only £4.50) .A very enjoyable read.Thanks again for the info.
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