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  1. If Mr Beaumont and your club are so much better and more ambitious than the pub teams you keep slagging off,please explain why they are not in S.L. NOW.
  2. That's fair enough Harry,you did not mention it.You answered my post so I assumed you were in favour.Apologies for that. I sympathise with your frustration over this issue,but still think this is the best outcome taking everything into consideration.I would'nt be surprised if S.L. does'nt complete because of further outbreaks.
  3. How many clubs would you suggest would qualify for extra compensation?
  4. I don't see why Leigh and Fev etc should receive extra compensation because of no promotion.They gambled big on getting promoted and lost.None of them were guaranteed promotion.It was their choice to make that gamble.
  5. I don't know that's why I asked the question.I assumed Mr Beaumont would have made it clear,but had'nt seen any statement from him.
  6. But what would have happened if the the players had'nt agreed to terminate.The two who held out came in for a lot of criticism.
  7. I worked in Bradford city centre about 40 years ago.We used to go for a couple of pints at lunchtime and there were some cracking pubs.I was a bit surprised that a couple had strippers on mid week lunchtimes.Some were that bad that people preferred to watch the cricket on TV.
  8. Credit to him for climbing down to such an extent.Common sense coming to the fore perhaps.
  9. Could be interesting to know which clubs are in favour.Obviously Leigh and Fev,but who else.
  10. Suppose we will see what happens if a family member becomes infected.Hopefully this won't happen.
  11. Yes I thought myself regular testing may explain it.Then I thought that one player tests positive and the rest of the squad go home to their families.Could they have the virus but too soon to show in tests.As I say,I don't know and am just asking the question
  12. I think I must be missing something here, but I'm sure someone on here will put me right. Now football has started again,if a player tests positive he self isolates.Under test track and trace rules,why don't the whole squad have to self isolate?
  13. I notice you all got very excited in the best kit vote.Who actually won that one?
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