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  1. Strange how different people work.I got the last one straight away and had to think about the other two.
  2. Touchdown Wrestling Athletics
  3. I find that statement absolutely incredible.I can't find the words to describe what I really feel. I wonder how many Leigh fans will back him and how many will go against.
  4. Your dog is obviously not as much of a greedy ###### as mine is.LOL
  5. I find breaking a bit off a cheese triangle easier.
  6. Re the mergers in the OP. The film doesn't mention where the new team would be based.Was that ever decided or did discussion not get that far. Thank god it never happened by the way.
  7. If you have symptoms you should self isolate and will not be tested unless you are admitted to hospital. This morning on teletext it was reported that one football club had tested ALL staff and players. One rule for one and one for others. Can someone justify this please.
  8. I was amazed to see how much Ferguson dug up the pitch to make his kicking tee.Nice to see the old toe-end kicking style. I'd forgotten how much head high tackling there was in those days.
  9. I think you may have your sums wrong too DF.However I totally agree with your sentiments
  10. I really can't believe some people are being so blasé about this.One guy on the Batley forum is blaming Rimmer for cancelling RL games.
  11. I don't know how old you are PD or if your parents are still alive.If you know many people over 70,please consult a doctor and ask how this virus will affect them.Please consider this very carefully.I am convinced my partner will die if she becomes infected.
  12. I am 67 and my partner is 74 with health problems.We are trying to self isolate as much as possible.I had intended to nip to Tescos about 1.00am when there would be few people about.Now they have said they will close at 10.00pm to re-stock.So now I will be there at 6.00am.I sincerely apologise to Phildog that attending a rugby match would not be high on my priorities
  13. Best show this side of the Pennines. Parky's on in 10 minutes.
  14. You still manage to get a few bites though.
  15. How do you know how many people became infected through attending these games .If it was only a few,how many did they go on to infect. I'm sorry but I think this is the most stupid and irresponsible post I have seen on these forums. If I have to accept consequences for thi comment then so be it. I wish I knew how to transfer this to the main forum.
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