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  1. Did you not read Kevin's post on the subject.I thought he explained the situation very well.
  2. I've probably missed something here,If so,apologies. Why is it better to name Minns and not play him,than name Harrison and not play him
  3. Why would you need to install cameras whe you already employ stewards?
  4. I'm away on hols at the moment Roger. I'll post you a cheque after the weekend.
  5. Well the Batley fans would get value for money.
  6. Someone resigned,apparently disgusted with the bar fiasco after the Batley game Wakefield council will possibly not renew their alcohol licence because of the above. A player got a hefty ban for stupid social media posts. An official left the club allegedly being owed money. It now appears your new General Manager has been convicted of fraud. I have'nt seen any comment from the club regarding the above ,although I may have missed it. Maybe if they explained their position it may prevent any "s44t stirring".
  7. I find your blind faith in the promises made by the RFL quite endearing. Although I do hope that Fev get their chance.
  8. Quite a few on the main forum seem to think P&R is scrapped for this year.
  9. I'll send you a cheque when I know how much.
  10. Thanks for the explanation.As unwelcome as it is,it also makes perfect sense.
  11. Funnily enough,I'm just re-reading "Underdogs" and got to the bit where Derek boasts about going unbeaten all season.Maybe he should sack Duffy and appoint John Kear.
  12. His selection of coaches
  13. So do you think he's learnt his lesson or not?
  14. I see you have no comment on Derek's (possibly )misguided determination to reach the 12th spot.Or is it easier and preferable to blame others.
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