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  1. We must have started about the same time.circa very early 60s
  2. Did'nt have to wait long did I. So come on,what's your suggestion.
  3. The point I was trying to make was that Elstone wants the situation sorted before the final. So if Toronto are refused entry why would they want to play in a pretty meaningless GF. How could the game even have a possibility of this situation happening. The mind boggles.
  4. As I understand it,Mr Elstone wants the Toronto situation resolved before the Champ GF.If they are refused entry and they play Fev in the final does that mean that Fev promoted win or lose This question may have been answered previously,if so I apologise.
  5. I would happily pay extra for the town badge on it.
  6. I know I am old and boring, but I would definitely buy the old style cherry and white hoop shirt. I await the not very nice replies.
  7. Thing is,if you do get promoted(and I hope you do)how many SL quality players will be available for you to sign. Also could we have Day and Harrison back.Or would you class them as SL quality.
  8. I fell out with the game for a while,so don't remember that.
  9. And will Elstone give a $$$$. I would love to read his job description.Even more so his annual appraisal. I wonder who writes that and how they justify his salary?
  10. We always hoped the family connection might persuade him to sign for Batley but no such luck.
  11. In i999 former Batley player and groundsman Brian Cartwright published a book about his experiences.In it is a Batley team photo from1977/1978. The caption says"spot the international". Obviously it's not any of the players. The team mascot was Deryck Fox. Bet you didn't know he signed for Batley before Fev.lol
  12. I hope he doesn't lose his first game or some people will be calling for his head lol.
  13. Serious question. Would Fev registered players be allowed to turn out for a Leeds reserve team? Or am I missing something here?
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