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  1. Do you need a long lost nephew.I promise I will wear a Fev shirt.LOL.
  2. gittinsfan


    Roger that is not in our interests.
  3. If you are right,how long before some are slagging the new man?
  4. I have asked this question before but never got an answer. Who pays the players wages? If a SL squad member plays for a champ club do they have to cover his contract payments.Or are the SL club happy to take the cost in order to keep their players match fit. If the latter is true and in 2021,without funding for for the lower league clubs,they are definitely going to become feeder clubs.I wonder how long before the maximum 5 DR/Loans rule is increased. Reading the Fev forum it seems that DR players could already be taking preference over squad members.
  5. My first car reg(an old banger)was KHD 4.It had no connection to me when I scrapped the car 40 odd years ago. I think it would be worth a fair bit now.
  6. Co-Codamol.I try to limit that as much as possible otherwise I have constipation problems. I will go back to my GP and try and get it sorted. The joys of getting old eh?
  7. My problems are insignificant compared to others on here ,and my very best wishes go out to everyone. 4 or 5 years ago I went to the docs with pain in both knees. X rays revealed arthritis in both Knees. The doc says lose weight and go the physio route. I had to ring for a phone call appointment with the physio which took about 3 months. I have done all the excercises the physio suggested over the phone. I have lost 2 and a half stone in weight since Xmas. I am now in agony and daren't go back to my GP .What's he going to suggest next.
  8. WOW apost that's not talking about Loans and DR that's not available. That makes a nice change.
  9. Similar sort of problems from me. 67 Year old keyboard warrior, I don' think so. I get frightened everytime I sing in to this thread. This post has taken me ten minutes.
  10. Who knows,it's only July.The rules have been known to change.
  11. I can see pros and cons in this arrangement.Fev should benefit from still closer partnerships with Leeds. However,I really can't see Agar being at Leeds next season so is this the start of Carr's permanent move. Surely Fev don't want to start another season with a new coach.
  12. Would'nt it be nice if they sold that many tickets.LOL.
  13. In other words we are all kept in the dark. Never mind,mushrooms and rhubarb seem to thrive.
  14. I totally agree with your comments. I was referring to some of your more demanding fans.
  15. I find it strange that nobody has complained that you didn't sign a decent half back on a permanent deal at the start of the season. DR/Loan rules O.K.
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