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  1. This maybe an unpopular question,but why do you need a DR player for a pre season friendly?
  2. I think this is even more likely should the sky money dry up.
  3. I have had the toilet seat argument with my missus but never managed to win.As with most arguments,the yearning for a quiet life (on my part) usually gives her the upper hand.
  4. That's fair enough.I don't like it either..But let's not criticise a club for using it better than others,and also within the rules.
  5. You're brave coming on here saying that.A bit silly too.
  6. Just me and the missus this year.Such bliss. I do the cooking but she decides the menu.Joints of pork and gammon and a turkey crown.Looks like cold meat and bubble and squeak for acouple of days then various curries and pasta dishes.After that the dog will be very happy. All the very best wishes to you all.
  7. I would think it will be quite a big moment for him in his first game in charge.All the very best wishes to Craig and for his future successes at the mount
  8. That's far too much sophistication for me,but good luck in your endeavours.At my time of life it's ovaltine and an early night.LOL
  9. A very small victory from the depths of defeat.
  10. I can find a wall to bang your head against if you wish.
  11. I hope that is not the extent of your ambition.Otherwise it could be a short lived fantasy.You need to persevere.
  12. Massive congratulations and respect to everyone involved.Especially the players themselves.
  13. Wow I'd forgotten about that.When did that finish?
  14. Not long before my 65th,the law was changed to ban compulsory retirement at 65.At that time they would have made me go wether I wanted to or not.
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