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  1. Thanks to who ever organised showing the game, I really enjoyed it. It brought back so many great memories.
  2. Can anyone help me? Was Duffy our regular scrum half in 2006? My mind might be playing tricks on me, but I'd a feeling he was drafted in place of someone for that game, but for the life of me I can't remember another HB from that season other than Gallagher.
  3. Have you got any bread to wipe this egg off my face? Evidently maths isn't my strong point either. It should be 3.6%, I'd posted before I engaged my brain hehe. The only crumb of comfort is, between pds and my post we have found the top two most idiotic posts on the forum in one thread.
  4. I realise maths, may not be your strong point PD, but this has to be the most idiotic post I've ever read and there has been some strong contenders over the years. Just where do you get your figures from? As it stands, the latest figures show in the UK, there are 1950 confirmed cases, resulting in 71 deaths. Therefore, over a quarter (27%) of those confirmed as being infected have already died from it. This disease seems like Darwinism on an industrial scale and It is people like you, that bury their heads in sand, that make up a large proportion of the statistics.
  5. Thx for the info b17. I wasn't aware of that, maybe a swap with Yates could be worth a shot in that case and move White to scrum half? Although it doesn't solve the centre issue, it would at least help the guy at centre having to just cover his own man rather than 2.
  6. What evidence do you have that Linners is not being backed Tony? We have lost by 20 points, away from home against a ft team that has likely spent upwards of a £1million more on players than we have. Where should the club conjure up this money up from to make us competitive?
  7. I agree to an extent, but the balance of the pack this year is right which makes this one standout. Walshaw and Everett have been revelations imo and far better than I expected. I was critical of Leaks' distribution last season, but he looks to have worked on it and improved. As stated above, we have found an absolute gem in Bowman he is a genuine ball playing loose forward, the likes I thought had disappeared from the game. I thought Lunt might be taking on the leadership role, but he's not really doing the minutes to do that. I don’t really understand the agreement with Leeds, we have Dupree on loan, but the glaringly obvious weakness in the centre hasn't been resolved. I thought we would be pulling out all of the stops to get Broadbent back.
  8. I m not so sure about not strengthened ktf, I'd honestly back our pack against any team in the league, the pack has been awesome so far this season and probably the best I've seen as unit for us. I honestly thought we even held our own against a much lauded Hull pack. The problem, yet again, is defending down the centre channels. For the last couple of years we have had at least one halfback in the 17 that simply can/could not defend, they haven't been either big or strong enough to stop players one on one. Compounding the problem, we have had centres defending inside them who are defensively weak too. This has created a huge 2 man channel where teams have been able to simply walk through at will. Without looking at the stats, I'd wager 80%+ of the tries we have conceded over the last 2 seasons have come through those channels. I have always been a big fan of Tomlinson, but he looks to have gone, whether it be a crisis of confidence or something else I don't know, but his defence has been shocking and we need to try someone/anyone else. Whether Harrington proves to be good enough remains to be seen, but he must be worth a punt over what we have seen so far. Yates has proven that he cannot defend too, so we need to change his role in defence upfield, maybe playing as a sweeper/ short fullback, like Glen Tomlinson used to. Near the line I'd be telling him to shoot out of the line looking for the intercept or at least put the man catching the ball off, because when he trying to tackle near the line, he is just getting trampled over or pushed out of the way like a little kid.
  9. I happen to know Rob and Ben quite well. Ben, in his own words is not well liked by the powers that be, so he won't be selected fo many high profile games, because he speaks his mind. Child has no idea once a game gets nasty, and still has the Catalan match hanging over him, so won't be selected. Hicks was under a bit of a cloud since the Warrington incident last season. Who are the other 7 or 8 UK based full timers with a decent amount of experience? I can only think of Moore and Mikalauskas (sp?) and neither have much experience. Jack Smith was FT, but isn't any more.
  10. That is a bit of strange argument Costa. We have a drastic shortage of refs in the country, so is it any wonder he is selected for these high profile games, when the competition is so limited? I might be the best ski jumper in the south Bradford region. Just because there are no alternatives, doesn't necessarily make me any good.
  11. I completely agree with you regarding the highlighted sections. The top is where the problems stem from, strong leadership from Ganson is required, no turning back, that is the rule and we are sticking with it. But it is sadly lacking by the looks of things and the individual refs are left carrying the can for most of it, which is unfair on them. I watched the WCC match and don't agre with your view. Thought Kendall had a decent game, though overall I thought he allowed Roosters to lie on more than Saints and certainly allowed Friend too much backchat. It is things like the inconsistency around laying on at the PTB, (which you noticed as well), that tends to decide results though. That is my problem with many of the refs, they are directly, or indirectly deciding results. As a fan of the game, I just want the game to be decided by the players, is that too much to ask?
  12. I realise and partially agree with your point about communication, it is very obvious on the televised games, and at live games watching the team I support, what the refs are doing, you can here the ref most of the time at our games, (we are not very well supported ). Communicating correctly is very important, but again it needs to be consistent and it needs to be done correctly. However, in lots of cases I think communication has gone too far, there is too much of it, and it is very inconsistent. It is too pally pally, calling some players by name, it breeds familiarity, which can lead to a lack of respect and discipline. What was wrong with calling players over by their number, and using simple calls, for example "held" or just the tackle number? Defenders either got off or got penalised, simple, everyone knew where they stood, so why complicate it? The coaching refs are expected to do now, is giving them too much to think about, and do during the game, which does not help them to do their job, and ultimately allows for too much influence on the outcome of games. Let refs concentrate on what they are paid to do, they are not coaches, so why make them to do it? For example, we sometimes have calls of [tackle number], Held, Hold, Hold, Release, Get off him XXXXX but no penalty for some tackles, it can take an eternity for the ruck to be cleared and the defense is then set. In other tackles in the same game, with attacking players landing in the same position [ball carrying arm hits the deck], all you hear is a "release" call from the ref, nothing else, and a penalty given, if players are not off and away in a nano second, there was a few good examples in the Saints game, and I see it frequently in most games. I have also noticed a few refs lacking consistently with the defensive lines too, some regularly taking one team back 15 meters, but taking the other back 8-10 meters throughout the game. It's amazing how often the team being taken back 15 meters regularly loses the game... As I said above, all I ask for is consistency for 80 minutes. If they are playing a rule, play it all game, not just for a 5 minute burst at the beginning or part way through a game, then give up with it, which is quite obviously happening in most games now.
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