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    It would have been great to be a fly on the wall in the proposals meeting, to get a true feeling for the mood of clubs in Cat C and the lower Cat B echelons. There seems to be a lot of disparity in the media regarding it, spanning from almost the second coming kind of euphoria, to the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse riding in to view, kind of doom. I still firmly believe most the issues in the game could be resolved by simply closing the gap in funding between the divisions and transparency within the game. If we get that, the structure becomes almost irrelevant, because every club would truly have a fair opportunity to progress. Whether we will ever get that, has yet to be touched upon.


    Here is another take on it. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-11264191/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Getting-rid-relegation-slices-heart-soul-sport.html It will be interesting to see what KN and Mark Sawyer made of the proposals. I have greater respect for those two, than any other chairmen.
  3. Licensing and P&R failed IMO because of the huge gap in funding between the divisions. If that is sorted out, both systems would work. If that is sorted out, and unlike last time, the licensing process is completely fair and transparent, then I'm quite positive about the proposals. However, I'm not convinced that either of these things will ever be allowed to happen whilst certain clubs chairman have a say on them.
  4. I can't wait for Sunday, I'm just so chuffed for everyone involved at the club. Hope the lads can enjoy the occasion. Over 6000 tickets sold and it promises to be a great end of season party. Give 'em hell boys!
  5. Do you reckon he might have been chosen for that very reason? To ensure it is a pedantic, stop start affair, so that the score might be kept down and not a blow out for the cameras?
  6. I hope you are right. I think the major concern for clubs and fans outside of SL, is down to how many of these proposed changes have been previously tried, and due to a historic lack of transparency, rightly or wrongly, there has been a feeling of bias and corruption in the decision making process which has led to a certain level of skepticism. Personally, I do not think clubs should be involved at all in the process, or allowed a vote on such matters. I realise of course, not everyone shares my point of view. To me, giving clubs a vote on such matters, is only inviting self interest in to procedings. The game has employed a firm of experts to do a job, so trust them and let them do what they think is right for the game as a whole, without influence. It is a bit like going to the hospital when you're seriously unwell and telling the surgeon how to operate and what to do to fix your symptoms. At the end of the day, it is pretty foolish to think you know better than an experienced and highly trained specialist. If you cannot trust them to know more than you, find someone else that you can. The clubs have had there chance to fix the problems, and that is why the game in hanging by a thread.


    Please can you point me to where the proposals state Category A clubs will be reviewed annually? The proposals state Category B clubs will be reviewed annually, but don't reference the frequency in which Cat A will be reviewed. I could have missed it however.


    https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/preserving-glamour-clubs-for-vanity-is-not-the-answer/ Also quite an interesting read
  9. I completely understand that concrete figures cannot be published until a deal has been formalised in the future. But, I would have expected a mention of whether the funding gap between the tiers was likely to stay the same, or a move towards a more balanced approach was the aim, to ensure certain clubs are not disadvantaged. We do not know what constitutes an A or B grading. However, I think it would be safe to say, it will be much easier to make improvements to things likely to be under the spotlight such as marketing, ground, training facilities, youth development, or anything else for that matter, with £1.6M a season available to throw at the problem, rather than £108k.
  10. There are a couple of very large elephants in the room for me. There is no mention of any central funding distribution, or the percentages there of, for each division or category. How would a Cat B in the Championship have any chance of competing with a Cat B in SL? The Cat B in SL is handed £1.6M a season as things stand. The Cat B in the lower division gets £108k. Without attracting a Sugar Daddy, somehow they have to overcome a £1.5M funding deficit to get to the same level, without the benefit of playing in the Elite league that is more appealing to better players, more attractive to new spectators and to sponsors. The other, (unless somebody could point to the paragraph, I have missed) Cat B clubs will be re-evaluated annually, but no mention of how frequently Cat A clubs will be re-evaluated from what I have seen. Therefore, can I assume that once Cat A has been achieved, clubs are safe forever? Apologies, if I have missed it.


    A re-positioned calendar which optimises flow, narrative and engagement, incorporating regular ‘peaks’ of interest and a compelling season climax. They are going to continue to have at least 1 televised game each week featuring a well supported team to ensure decent weekly viewing figures, and they're carrying on with the end of season playoff's. A calendar aligned with the global game to facilitate an international window in October and incorporate a mid-season international. They will follow the NRL's fixture calendar to the letter and pray they can convince the Aussies or Kiwis will play them now and again. Participation in the top tier to be based on a range of on and off field measures, delivered through a club grading system with the aim of supporting financial sustainability and encouraging investment into clubs. ‘Category A’ clubs will be guaranteed participation in the top tier whilst ‘Category B’ clubs will be re-assessed annually with the highest-ranking clubs occupying the remaining slots in the top tier. Promotion and relegation will continue on the field of play between the second and third tiers with tier two increasingly filled with strong Category B Clubs. They are going to ensure none of the big clubs end up outside of the top division, because it was touch and go for Warrington this year, and they don't want that to happen to any of the favoured few again. Moran had two sleepless nights on the back of it, poor lad. Look what has happened at the Bull's, they can't have that happen to anyone else with a big away following, regardless of how badly run they are. They will only relegate a team if it suits that year's whim, and the SL chairmen think they can earn £5 more if someone else can replace one of the incumbent clubs, or one of the small incumbent clubs chairman, has a fall out with a big club chairman by proposing something that could be construed as sport. They can send him to the plebs to ensure everyone votes the correct way. An expansion strategy to be developed that targets and supports the growth of the Women’s and Girls’ game, and also growth in new markets. They will throw a few extra quid to get more females playing. Participation of clubs outside of the UK to be capped and with additional standards to support domestic growth. They will not allow any more Johnny foreigners in to SL, unless it really suits them and they can make few quid out of them. They are going to cap the number but do not state what the cap is. Are they setting the cap at 20 clubs? Operations to be centralised where this can maximise efficiencies and drive incremental revenue (e.g. ticketing and digital infrastructure). If you ring the RFL for a ticket to a match, Karen at the RFL office, on reception, has had a bit of training and will now be able to send you an email containing your ticket rather than telling you to go online to buy one. A new brand strategy to be introduced and aligned with the above commercial strategy. There is a lad coming in on a 2 week work experience next month, from Salford college, he got a GCSE grade B in Art last year, so he should be able to knock out a new logo before he goes back to College to continue his R.E. A Level. What an absolute crock that is!
  12. But how many of those 2500 are paying spectators? Apparently, Barrow have said they gave 1500 tickets away for the playoff game with us. I've no problem with that, but they should have disclosed it to the club prior to the game, sadly they didn't though. It will be interesting to see how the RFL deal with that, and whose share of the shared gate that loss in revenue is taken from.
  13. I couldn't understand why he signed for Fev, and was not in the NRL or SL, now it all becomes clear!
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