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  1. He is making his way back from a dead leg apparently. Bottom of the article.
  2. When DR first came to fruition, I thought it was a really good system. A maximum of 2 DR and 1 loan player in a starting 17, and the upper age limit was 23 years old for DR. It gave young players that were not at 1st team SL standard, the chance to play at a higher standard of rugby than either academy or reserves level. I'm sure it aided the development of players like Josh Griffin and Jermaine McGillvary for instance. It could be argued, would they have had the careers they have had, without DR? For the CH and L1 teams, you might get a player that was much better than what you had or could attract. However, it was a gamble, as young lads tend to make more errors and are less consistent than experienced pro's (although this is a generalisation). It became a farce when the number was increased to 4 DR and a loan player and the age limit was removed. 5 out of 17 is too many and changed ordinary sides, in to good sides. In terms of player development, I'm not sure what the likes of Dwyer, Singleton, Ablett or Adam Swift gained from their DR games. Although only tenuously linked to DR, It didn't help that the RFL ratified signings from one club to another, and then back again when it suited, to circumvent the rules regarding the number of outsiders allowed in starting 17.
  3. I was wondering if we could scrape £17k together to entice Ryan Brierley with a 20% pay rise on what he is on at HKR.
  4. I suggest you look up the terms of the Sky contract regarding rugby league in the UK. Then you might be able to understand why the RFL do what they do.
  5. I was happy to take part until I read the questions referring to the 2019/2020 season. Just what research has been done, if she thinks a league season still bridges 2 calender years?
  6. Sadly at most championship games there is little need to reduce the capacity. Just carry on as normal, enforce the use of face masks and maybe dedicate one seated stand to the vulnerable, older members of society and call it a support(ers) bubble and Robert's your mother's brother. It will be safer than going to the supermarket, pub or cinema...
  7. Aye, I'd forgotten that, he did play a bit at hb in the friendlies.
  8. I wonder if this spells the end for Hooley? Both Hall and Campbell are well versed at fb, I believe Morton has also played there a bit too. Which seems to leave Hooley surplus to requirements.
  9. Why do you say that Rog? He was at Workington last year. http://www.itsrugby.co.uk/players/elliot-hall-42590.html His try scoring rate is phenomenal, 25 tries in 34 appearances. He could just be the tackle buster we needed. He comes across as a decent lad too, and certainly no mug. The Town fans certainly seem upset he has left.
  10. I think Hirst is a good signing, he could even prove to be one of the most astute signings of the season, depending on how the 6 again rules are interpreted in our division. If it implemented as it is in SL, we could find ourselves forcing teams to do nothing but defend, due to his quick play the balls. He is also an excellent pack leader. I'm chuffed to bits with Buchanan and Broughton, with no disrespect to last seasons squad, they are a cataclysmic improvement over what we had in those positions, and will make a huge difference to the team. We finally have some pace in the squad, for a start. I do agree we need a quality halfback, as I stated above. I was quite impressed by White, he isn't the fastest, but he is inventive, he can time a pass and has a decent field kicking game, I'm sure if he is partnered with somebody of Samutt's ilk for example, we will have a very strong HB partnership. It is a very big "If" though. 9'oller mentioned we need 4 players to make us in to a good side, but even 2 would do me, a quality SH and an Ulugia type of strike centre and I'd be backing us against most of the part time sides, and we might even trouble a couple of the full timers.
  11. Surely you could make the exact same argument about most professional clubs? Personally, I think that SL's grip on how funding is distributed within the game, with such a high percentage of the money in the game going to the top tier, with very little left over that can be spent on developing the grass roots, and increasing participation, is making it impossible to expand the game in to new areas. Wrexham being a case in point, how do you think NWC should market a club to an audience that is new to the game, whilst also putting a semi professional, competitive side on the field for £75k a season? Especially, when the established clubs within the division, have the same funding, do not have to spend anything like the same amount on marketing to build a fan base, have anything like the travelling expenses incurred to attract players or has amateur clubs on its doorstep to recruit from.
  12. I think you're right. So far I am very pleased with the squad we have assembled. I would be happy enough if we confirmed Hooley at fb and White at standoff, but we need an Ulugia type of hard hitting tackle buster in the centre, and a quality scrum half with pace that would take us to the next level. Somebody like Samutt or the hb Whitehaven have just signed, sounds very exciting and would have been ideal. Assuming Dec Patton is completely out of the ball park. I certainly think the squad is much better than last season. However, York and one or too other clubs look to have improved significantly too, so it will be interesting to see who else we bring in, and then how we go if the season goes ahead.
  13. I'm not so sure. It is only just over 12 months ago since he ran the length of the field against Toronto. Reittie has always been reasonably quick, but it's like he doesn't back himself to beat anyone using his pace, instead, he goes out of his way to run at somebody. He is also invariably the first to the ball from kicks through, but he will certainly not be getting any faster at his age. It's nice to think we have a bit of cover on the wing for a change, and we won't be relying on him and Campbell playing every week regardless of form because we have no other option, except playing a second rower/man without a position there if one of them is unavailable. I would have loved to have had Niall Walker without his consistent injuries on the wing or us to take a punt on a pacey SL academy product. But, cest la vie.
  14. I am a little bemused by this sudden thought process that somehow Reittie is now a centre. Has he ever played at centre? Heck, has he ever passed a ball? Playing on the wing is very different to playing at centre. I hope playing Reittie at centre is not figuring in to Linners thinking, barring a major injury crisis.
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