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  1. If we could get Holmes, the 2 Seniors and Macintosh, I'd almost fancy us for a top 5 finish, sadly I can't see it happening though.
  2. Very true. Problem is, we have some pretty obvious weaknesses in the centre and at HB at the moment, and it is probably quite hard to pick anyone up of the calibre we require, given how close we are to the beginning of the season as well as the general shortage of players in those 2 positions. Although it is certainly far from ideal, it was an attempt to find a solution. From what I've seen so far, Morton, Bravo and Tomlinson haven't set the world on fire and haven't really looked good enough in either attack or defense. If speed is the main criteria for playing in the centre, I don't think there would be much between the 3 we have tried so far and Taira. He has proven during his time at prop he is capable of putting a decent pass out and has broken the odd tackle here and there. He is a better defender than any of the 3 we have tried so far and we have quite a few props in the squad plus the rumours of Gledhill and Lillicrop returning.
  3. He has very similar attributes to Walton but can time a pass better than he could imo, and Walton made it to SL. I didn't realise this until today, but it turns out Taira started as a centre in Fiji, albeit a long time ago, maybe not quite so crazy afterall? He's probably quicker than a few of our other options too.
  4. It is, but we aren't really blessed with any of those, with the possible exception of Walshaw. I've not been blown away by any of the centre options we have tried so far. Defensively all of them have looked weak. If Taira only managed to connect in 3 out of 5 attempts, it wouldn't be any worse than what I've seen so far and he can break a tackle, unlike the current crop.
  5. You may well be right, and positionally it could be a problem. It would be so nice to have a guy in the centre that could break a tackle though. and have someone that could rattle the opposition when he did connect in defence, that way the guy opposing him would be looking for him coming next time he took the ball.
  6. Wasn't Wardy a Winger when he started many moons ago at Oldham? I heard rumours a couple of years ago that Lillicrop was our fastest man, not that it really says much. I realise this is off the wall, but could we play Taira in the centre? He could certainly do a similar job to Walton, I reckon he has better hands than what Walton had when he was with us too.
  7. Totally agree. I really like Walker, it's such a pity he seems to be made out of glass and unable to stay fit for two weeks running. I wouldn't want to rely on him to play more than 8 games a season. Galbraith is decent too, if he could cut out the stupidity. He gives so many daft penalties away though, I don't think we can afford him in the side, if we are looking to progress. On his day he's as good as most in the division. He was awesome against Swinton at home last season for instance, but he never really managed to replicate that performance. It's only my opinion, but both would make great cover, rather than first choice players.
  8. Add 2 decent centres that could defend, a Winger with pace and we would be a very useful outfit.
  9. I bought one today with no issues
  10. In fairness, it isn't the forwards that particularly concerns me. I reckon the pack is capable of competing and holding its own with most teams in the division. The back line however, sadly look like they are mid to bottom of the table in league 1 standard. Even the ultra reliable Scott has started to look shaky under the high balls, it seemed to start at the back end of last season and has continued in to this, where he is dropping at least one per game. A couple of seasons ago, it was nearly worthy of a flag day if he dropped one in the season. Let's hope he can regain his confidence quickly. From what I've seen so far, Graham's post about needing 3 players looks a bit generous on what we have, we look to need at least 4 or 5 new players from what I've seen so far. On a brighter note, I thought Flynn went well.
  11. I take it you didn't go PD?
  12. I agree with you Tony, however it would appear we have been shafted by Hull. It is also worth noting that all that the SL clubs have done with the extra money from the TV deal is, to increase their squad sizes using players from the Championship. They don't seem to have any intention of playing them regularly themselves, they would rather loan/DR them back to the club they got them from, so they don't have to to pay the full wages for them and that way they can influence the game outside of the top tier and make it a farce, so we'll all just give up.
  13. We'll just have to wait for an injury crisis at Leeds to see if he is miraculously loaned back to them. Or if he re-signs for Leeds at the end of the season, as predicted earlier in the thread.
  14. I'd like to be able to say that I'm shocked that the RFL would ratify this. - which let's be honest, is just a loop hole they have created to flagrantly bypass the loan and DR rules. However, I'm not shocked, sadly, it is par for the course and not out of the ordinary for such a tin pot sport. Nor is it a surprise that many people see the game as the parochial laughing stock that it is! As each season passes I see my love for the game decreasing.
  15. On the flip side though, how many defeats or seasons of failing to compete with teams that use DR will it take, to end up with the same end result, with fans shrugging shoulders and walking away? In turn, leaving the club with less chance of being competitive as each season passes. The conclusion is just the same, only the way we get there changes. As much as I dislike DR, I didn't leave the games we had lost at at Featherstone or Swinton for example, feeling any less disappointed that we'd lost because the opposition had used DR to beat us.
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