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  1. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/batley-snap-up-hull-fc-youngster-jack-downs/ I must admit I'm a bit confused too. I thought he was our player.
  2. http://www.hullfc.com/news/2019-08-22-ride-to-wembley-jack-downs-interview
  3. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/archie-bruces-first-autopsy-results-18969259
  4. It is getting difficult to believe a lot of what is reported in the rugby press lately. A week or so ago, there were reports of a meeting between several chairmen at clubs like Fev, York, Bradford, Halifax about a break away from the RFL. When this was posed by fans at various clubs, no-one had any knowledge of such a meeting. I'm also not convinced the targets we were supposedly linked to last week, are anything other than wild journalistic speculation.
  5. Thinking about a possible new coach, I wonder if we could get Chris Thorman? I thought he always came across well when interviewed.
  6. RIP Archie, my condolences go out to your friends and family at this sad time.
  7. P&R would be fine if there wasn't such a gap in funding between the divisions. That way the promoted team would not have to add too many players to the squad to be competitive and the relegated side would not have to drastically cut costs.
  8. This is not just aimed at you Phil, but the sentences highlighted above are exactly the attitude I really find hard to understand from supporters who supposedly want the best for the club. In the absence of any facts, you immediately put 2+2 together, come up with 5 and immediately blame the coach, even though it has absolutely no basis in fact. It doesn't even seem to figure in your psyche, that there could be a perfectly logical explanation or reason for the decisions that have been made. No, it is far easier to jump to negative conclusions. You post these thoughts on the forum or spout them to whoever will listen, which is then taken at face value by some people reading, or hearing it and word spreads. Which leads to more and more discontentment and people having a downer on the whole club. Try to spin things in a more positive light, the world is not a bad place entirely.
  9. We have one FT person working at the club, who is probably very busy negotiating with players and has a huge amount of work on his plate throughout the season anyway. Maybe he doesn't have the time to post such trivial information? Maybe the club would rather this information is not common knowledge prior to a game, to ensure the opposition cannot use it to gain an advantage? Since the default setting of many forum users is to make things up if they do not know, to stir things up. Maybe the players, staff and coaches have a book running on how long it will take before somebody blames the coach for whatever they don't agree with? I heard a rumour from a bloke in the Nash that we are planning to sign a lad from SL with the proceeds of the said book for next season.
  10. I take your point on the defensive structures, but I don't mean just the ability to pass or kick etc. it more the reading of the game and the inventiveness that has disappeared. Maybe it is partly due to the defensive structures and the slower play the ball we have now, compared to games in the 90's that has meant that players do not necessarily have to read the game like they used to have to. Myler doesn't have the football brain that I'm talking about, he takes too many wrong options and lacks the inventiveness. That is what sets players like Hastings apart from him.
  11. I've heard Scott and Bretherton have partners who are expecting very soon, so didn't want to travel. Brown broke his hand in the Dewsbury match, so is out for the rest of the season. I also heard a couple of players couldn't get time off work. But it's a shame to spoil a good story...
  12. It isn't that the players have got worse. They are undoubtedly more athletic than they have ever been, but lots of the skills has gone from the game over the years, in favour of a more stereotyped game plan based around a brute force and pace approach. There are the odd players left in the game with genuine skill, Hastings and Austin are a couple that immediately spring to mind. But they are now the exception and really stand out. Whereas almost every team, even in the lower divisions had players capable of running a game and opening defences up. There was also a wealth of ball playing loose forwards in the game at one time too. They have all but disappeared too, in favour of playing another battering ram at loose forward, as the game has changed and evolved. It not to say the game is worse as such, just different. Richie Myler is an decent example that shows the game is struggling a bit in the skills department. When a team like Leeds, with all of their resources and money have had to settle for a guy at halfback that is only top half CH, lower SL quality at best.


    He has a bit of a disciplinary record to put it mildly and was sin-binned against Rochdale for the same thing. Which is foolish on his part, but I thought both offences were very harsh. Especially when a player like Acton finished Hemmingway's career with dreadful off the ball attack and only got 2 games more.
  14. Neither, I've never met him, nor even spoken to him. I'm just not wearing my anti-Diskin specs, which allows me to look at things with a tiny bit of objectivity, unlike some on this forum. Try to read my posts Toffee, where have I agreed with his decision to leave Scott out and move Jouffret to full back? I thought it was a bad decision to leave one of our best and most consistent players out. But I'm open minded enough to realise that it was a decision that paid off. Whether I, or anyone else thinks it was a bad decision is irrelevant, the fact that we won both games, the 50 points we scored at Rochdale and the 3 tries he set up against Dewsbury says it was a good decision. End of story! On one hand Diskin is criticised for doing the same thing every week, when he does make a change, like the one to replace Scott with Jouffret he is also wrong, even though, the facts show it was a good decision. Some have just had the knife in since day one, and it doesn't matter what he does, even if he dropped his pants and laid a golden egg on the halfway line at halftime, it still wouldn't be good enough for some of our fans. That is what I have an issue with. I've never stated he is the best coach, he isn't, but he is far from the worst too.
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