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  1. It will be interesting to see what the decision is on the 23rd July regarding CH and L1. Personally, at this late stage, I'd prefer to see some sort of Cup being played out, rather than the league being condensed and wedged in, some half baked way before preparations start for next season. Maybe something like the how the Northern Rail was organised with localised pools feeding in to a playoff system for the final? That at least would ensure some fixtures and bring some much needed money in to the clubs and allow for some meaningful rugby to be played before the season ends, without the need for PT players turning out multiple times a week to fit the required number of games in. From Fev's point of view, I'm not really sure why they are bursting at the seems to get the season restarted. It is surely unlikely any of the DR/Loan players they have heavily relied on in previous seasons will be made available to them, with SL jamming so many games in prior to the end of the season, they will be much more reliant on squad rotation to keep everyone fit. Without that influx of quality, Fev are a mid-table side IMO, akin to Halifax and maybe Sheffield, certainly nowhere near the standard of Leigh, Toulouse or London for instance, who will also be gunning for a place in the top tier, in the unlikihood SL agree to P and R. I would love to know the real reason they are so gung ho to get the season restarted, has anyone heard if financial troubles are on the horizon again for them?
  2. Sums if up perfectly. What the Leigh fans in particular seem to want, is for every team to play the same "all or nothing game" as they do. They are fortunate enough to have had Beaumont come in and save them from being another Blackpool. A club that were reliant on one guy to bankroll them, which was fine until that revenue stream was no longer available, then what? They either become just another team that they are currently looking down on, languishing around the bottom of the championship with no ambition, or out of business altogether. They seem unable to see this though. It isn't that long since Oldham were a similar size to Leigh, look at them now. Yes, I know the Leigh fans will be quick to tell me they have got a consortium of businessmen throwing money in now, it's not just Beaumont any more. I hope I'm wrong but I guess we'll only know for sure when we see how quickly they jump ship once Beaumont finally spits his dummy out for the final time, when the penny finally drops and he realises the SL clubs don't really want them or him in the top flight. They already have 3 big clubs in the vicinity. They want teams with the potential to pull in big 5 figure crowds every week, something Bradford have done in the recent past and possibly could do again, but teams like Leigh and Featherstone are very unlikely to ever do.
  3. Excuse my ignorance, I don't understand what you mean.
  4. Even using your fag packet figures, it doesn't add up. Some clubs take almost as much from the bars, boxes and food outlets as they do through the turnstiles on match days. If the clubs that are trying to avoid relegation could afford to simply write off circa £50k inclusive of the other revenue streams you failed to include, surely they would have signed one, or a couple of better players with it, to give them a better chance of achieving their goal and maybe challenge for a playoff place? That is also before you factor in the other £50k required for testing players twice a week for 10 weeks. Suddenly you are looking at simply writing off income that equates to a significant proportion of the entire annual playing budgets for the bottom half of the table. Widnes were recently bailed out financially, Bradford are likely to see a reduction in attendances due to the move to Dewsbury, could these clubs or Featherstone afford to write off £100k just like that? If they had that sort of cash to simply forget about, surely they would have spent it on the current squad too, to aid their push for promotion and guaranteed funding after the next tv deal is announced?
  5. It's almost like Sheffield have the same writers as Wakefield and Castleford.
  6. Is this post ironic or do you truly believe this? The first three clubs mentioned have also been on the brink of, or have gone bust over the last few years, hardly a shining example of how to run a business, is it?
  7. Reading Campbell's statement, it seems that Fev are likely to lose lots of money if the season is written off, far more than if it resumed at a later date. Maybe his statement has been written to suit his own agenda, perhaps? It is funny that the two clubs that have a tendency to overspend, are the ones that are most desperate and vociferous to get the season started again. In contrast, I haven't heard much from the more well run clubs regarding any such urgency to start playing again. Surely, if the rest of clubs were looking down the barrel of losing "significantly more money" by writing the season off, as Campbell states, the other clubs would be just as desperate to get going again, yet they all seem pretty quiet, and the bits that have been published seem to indicate that they are resigned to the fact the season will not resume, so are now planning for a fresh start in 2021. I also read Michael Carter's insight Here which paints a pretty bleak picture. I was fairly certain the lower divisions would not see anything from the new TV deal in terms of funding. After reading that, it makes you wonder how anyone in the lower divisions will survive the next couple of seasons, especially once funding is cut.
  8. Losing the revenue from playing behind closed doors is bad enough, but adding approx. £5000 cost required to test the players before every game, and I honestly cannot see how teams could afford to play again this season.
  9. Liners Paul Gledhill Roger Simpson Danny Maun Leon Williamson Ryan Horsley Tommo Joe Naidole Lythes Andy Spink Rourke Will Cartlidge Aidy Leek Cass Iro ? ?
  10. No Pd, that game was Sheffield at the dog track, Ben Heaton played and scored in that game too. I think this one was Ben Black's last game, and he played on one leg. I really admired him for that, risking a more serious injury by playing injured in his last game to help the club. A true professional on the field and a gent off it.
  11. I tend to agree with your thoughts and analogy of the firework too. I always drew a comparison to Doncaster who just beat us to it, and followed the same pattern as those clubs you mention. However, I have never been able to shake that niggling feeling, that given the same breaks as Huddersfield and a few other clubs, maybe we could have made it work in the top division, just as they have. Exemption from relegation for a few seasons to get established, a salary cap to level the playing field, ensuring we could compete and maybe, just maybe we could have done it. Just as Wakefield, Salford or Huddersfield have. None of those clubs are particularly well supported, yet they have cobbled together some quite creditable seasons over the years.
  12. What are your thoughts BSJ? Do you think it was the right call at the time?
  13. I guess we will never know for sure. I would always side with Ball on the issue though, it is easy to say that my feelings have nothing to do with Batley or Keighley, nor sentimentality. However, had the same thing happened to Dewsbury and Hunslet or any other club for that matter, my feelings would not alter. Promotion is the very essence of sport, it shouldn't matter how much money you have, or how big your supporter base, but what results you produce on the field that decides the level you play at, not a committee meeting. It would be like saying if we had a foot race, and you beat me fair and square, we will have a vote to decide who has actually won it. Why bother with the race, in the first place? Why not just have vote to decide who is fastest. The sides that earn the right to go up, should be allowed to do so, as Ball said at the time, it was about right, wrong and more importantly - integrity. Especially as the decision to refuse promotion was made after the season had ended. I'd argue the game has never regained the integrity it lost back then, which has not helped to expand the game, or bring in the vital outside sponsorship money to help to continually grow the game. I believe that many ardent supporters of the game were lost, on the back of that decision alone, and will never return. It highlighted just how parochial the game was, and still is. I think it is also quite telling that so many of the chosen few, that were selected by the "visionaries" of the time to play in the highest division, didn't make it work either. Lindsay was full of it, pointing the finger at clubs like Featherstone, Batley and Keighley saying they wouldn't make it in the top flight. Yet 25 years on, out of the original 12 teams, only 5 are still in the top division. Oldham, Workington, Bradford, Halifax, London, Paris and Sheffield are now in the championship, league1, or out of business altogether, most have been for some time with no hope of ever returning to the top. I would have loved to hear Lindsay's repost to the question posed at the very end of the programme about Wigan also being skint and financially mismanaged, just like he had gleefully reported about Featherstone in the Mark Aston cheque bouncing incident. Alas, the presenter closed the show prior to his answer. The fact was, most clubs were mismanaged financially, very few were self sustainable back then. It would appear nothing has really changed in the last 25 years in that regard. The lessons that should have been learned from those mistakes, were ignored.
  14. You could very well be correct KTF, but as the stats above show, York put together a statistically better team than Dewsbury, as they won the league and automatic promotion and we finished 3rd from bottom in our division, suggesting there were 7 better teams than us that year. All of this surely suggests that the standard was better then, than it is now?
  15. Personally, I think there are a few reasons for it. The interpretation around the wrestling in the ruck that has crept in, has turned the game in to more of an arm wrestle than a game of guile and skill. The PTB was much quicker than now, therefore the game was much more open, due to the defenses being unable to get set after every tackle. The halfbacks were then able to play with much more freedom and space to try things off the cuff. I think it also helped that the financial gap between the top and bottom clubs was not as wide as it is now. It was possible for clubs like Batley and Dewsbury to sign players of the quality on display in that game, I'm not sure whether we can currently. No disrespect to the current squad, but looking at our 1 - 7 in that game, I'd swap those players over the ones we currently have in those positions, in a heartbeat. We had genuine pace throughout the three quarters, and no shortage of skill, pace or defensive ability at halfback. As you rightly point out, we had quite a disappointing season, certainly statistically. Therefore, if we had a better back line then than we have now, it would be safe to assume the other clubs in the division had even better players in their squads than we had. Maybe it is also due to the player pool diminishing too? Perhaps, having more players available to choose from back then, meant that the standard we could attract was also better?
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