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  1. Sorry, it wasn't meant as a pop at Trinity. I'm sure with £2M a season from central funding, Batley could field an U19s academy.
  2. Batley, the same season as Keighley that Harry points out above.
  3. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/batley-bulldogs-daring-dream-after-20581449.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  4. And yet Bradford, York and Newcastle would be welcomed in? How many of the U19's at Salford, Wakefield, Catalans made it into the first team as regular starters over the last 5 years? As for being soundly beaten in most games, is that not true about most of the current incumbents and the teams likely to be promoted?
  5. I am more than a little biased on this subject, but why exactly would it be "mildly embarrassing on and off the pitch"? If Batley completed the impossible and earned the right to promotion... again! Are the Premiership embarrassed by the likes of Huddersfield Town, Bournemouth and Wigan's of the game getting in to the top division? Were they faced with the same small minded parochial thinking by football fans when they earned the right to get to the top. Most people in the country love an underdog story. Although our bubble is likely to burst, possibly as early as Saturday, our cl
  6. Storming performance tonight. Well done lads, not just for the outstanding win, but for keeping your discipline following some very bizarre decision making by the ref. I'm usually quite a fan of Hewer, but I thought he had an absolute shocker tonight. Everything he had to interpret seemed to miraculously go against us. I wondered if he'd had a directive from the RFL part way through that, maybe as a result of Linners criticism of them failing to delay the Newcastle kick off? Even the commentators mentioned a few of the strange calls.
  7. You could well be correct, but I'm not sure how much was us not being as sharp as previous weeks, or Newcastle's defensive organisation being much better than our 2 previous opponents. Buchanan missed a sitter, but out jumped them to create the final try, Logan's flick back was very marginal as was Hall's at the corner. On another day we could have had 3 more tries, it just goes to show, even the very best sides blow the odd chances.
  8. They looked a very good side imo. A good solid pack with a few big ex SL players in it, defensively well organised, 2 very good halfbacks and they had a fair amount of strike out wide in Brown and Gill. I reckon they wont be far off the playoffs come the end of season, if they play like that. In a lot of ways that was a better win than either of the first 2 imo. We were really tested for the full 80 minutes today. It would be hard to argue that we were in the previous 2 games.
  9. Sorry to disagree, but I thought the ref was excellent today. He missed some things, but not much at all! He gave what he saw, and was very even handed. If the refs are to his standard every week, there will be no complaints from me.
  10. If, as many suspect the money stops. It will be interesting to see:- 1. Will continue to play semi-pro for much less money. 2. Will revert to playing amateur. 3. Will just decide to call it a day and retire. 4. Will go to RU. Will it really be the disaster some forecast for well run clubs that budget properly? It might even be a positive for clubs that own there own grounds and are well run. The players that want to play RL at the best level they can, will continue to play regardless of the money on offer. Those that are in it for the money might go to RU, b
  11. Sadly, the likes of the Keyworth's, Vasey's and Carl Gibson's would not be signing for the likes of Batley or Dewsbury second teams, even if we had them. They would be snapped up by Leeds on FT contracts, earning more than our proven championship quality players in the first team. See Jack Broadbent as an example. Even if they turned the money down and they signed for a Batley or Dewsbury. As soon as they showed any signs of promise, they would be snapped up under the Bosman ruling as soon as their contract expired and of no benefit to the club.
  12. I hope this becomes reality, and they show a couple of games a week. It will be see you later Sky sports and welcome back Premier Sports from me.
  13. Teams are still coming together after such a long lay off and a short and disrupted pre-season. I don't think we'll really have a true picture of how good teams are for a few weeks yet. The only predictable thing so far, is just how unpredictable the results are.
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