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  1. You can't always tell much from Youtube videos, like you don't know the standard of the opposition and you only see the best bits. However, he looks useful, takes the line on and has a decent turn of pace and kicking game. He certainly looked faster than anything Leeds had playing for them in the first game. Welcome on board Reece, I look forward to seeing you for the dogs.
  2. It makes you wonder whether the likes of Hastings, Jones and Bibby would have chosen to leave, had they known when they were signing elsewhere, that they would finish the league in 3rd place and be in the GF with Salford? I'm not privy to the financial situation at Salford, but I would assume it isn't great, but surely with the prize money they will have amassed this year, given how they finished, they could have been close to matching the salaries of the 3 departing players? Assuming of course, that money was the reason they have departed. I know it likely that this has been discussed in the past, but surely there should be a rule to prevent any player movements until after the season has ended? I understand the need for players to secure their future etc., but it just doesn't really seem right that after the magnificent achievements, Salford do not have the option of keeping hold of their better players and build on it. It made me wonder what would have happened at Featherstone too. If they had they won the CH GF against Toronto, given that they had already signed the majority of the squad for next season, by the time the GF was being played. Would the contracts they had signed become null and void had they got promoted? With no disrespect for Fev or the players, but the current squad isn't good enough to stay up SL and would need significant improvement.
  3. Np, glad I could bring a bit of balance to all the negative reviews you may have read. Truth is, most of our forum's regular poster's wanted him out shortly after we had appointed him. But they only represent a small percentage of the support base of the club. I've no doubt, that there will be some of them expecting us to stump up the £50k+ to sign Sammut now he is available. They cannot seem to grasp that we are a L1 side in terms of funding and can't understand why we don't regularly compete with the ft teams for a playoff spot. Kear did it once, so we should have been able to do it every year after that, according to them. It was nice to see a different approach to our previous two coaches, who could also be compared to Tony Pulis at football, regarding their philosophy. He can certainly spot talent too, I don't think he signed a bad player for us in his 3 years. He just needs to learn that sometimes it is prudent to play with less of a Cavalier approach. I really hope he is successful for you, except obviously against us. I have an inkling both of us, along with Dewsbury and Swinton will be in a relegation battle next year, I hope I'm wrong though. Welcome back to the Championship.
  4. Don't believe all you read tandle. Lots of our fans had, and still have, very unrealistic expectations, and think we should be in the playoffs every year. Even though we do not have a money man throwing money in and average gates of around 1300. There will undoubtedly be calls for Lingard to be sacked if we are not in the top 5 come the end of the season. The season Diskin joined us, we'd just had a miracle season finishing 3rd, but because he couldn't replicate or better that miracle, many deemed him a failure. I think you will certainly see a much more attacking style of football under him. Naylor, from memory, tended to like teams to play a very low risk conservative 5 drives and a kick sort of game. Diskin believes in rugby being an entertainment business and likes to play attacking rugby, and when it comes off it is fantastic to watch and we scored some amazing tries. There have been others, but I think the Sheffield game at home in 2017 epitomises it best, we put 70 points past them that day. EDIT: Here is the link:- Problem is, we didn't have the players with enough skill to pull it off consistently. We tended to make lots of handling errors, but common sense tells you, the more you throw the ball around, the more likely you are to make mistakes.
  5. Sadly, it just the way most pro sports work in this country. Look at Salford, playing in the GF this weekend, most of the team playing for them, won't be next season.
  6. No problem, we just need to set the buffet up behind the posts we are attacking and not forget to switch at half time.
  7. I agree with you GOR. I think we will both be in the running for the drop next season, especially if Newcastle gain promotion. They will have a much bigger budget than either of us in HW and already have players we can't afford... I really hope I'm wrong, but Whitehaven look to be putting a good squad together and it's never easy to go up to Cumbria to get a result. There is a big question mark over Swinton currently, so they could be favourites, if nothing changes, but then I honestly can't see much beyond one of us joining them. I honestly thought Swinton would go down this year, but they were better than either of us, and so far, neither of us have really strengthened, so I fear the worst.
  8. Scotty would always be one of the first names on the team sheet for me too. His defensive capabilities, his character and attitude are both exactly what you need at a club like ours, certainly more than we need a superstar with a bad attitude upsetting the team spirit. Just like the rest of the squad though, we need to use him more for his strengths, rather than for his limitations, a bit like how we used Manning as a battering ram up the middle, didn't get the best out of him.
  9. Backing up isn't his issue, it is his inability to beat a man, pass or even time a pass that really hinders him PD. He was responsible for quite a few of last season's numerous interceptions. Passing is such an important part of being a good fullback these days, it is no surprise so many fullbacks either can, or have previously played as a halfback. As much as I really like Scotty defensively, his attack is nowhere near the same standard. Could you ever imagine Scotty filling in at half back?
  10. The YouTube videos of him are worth a watch (although quite old). He doesn't look to be the fastest HB in the world, but he takes the ball to the line, he looks like he can really time a pass and he looks a very good kicker of a ball, he makes kicking look effortless. The Barrow fans were quite hopeful they could keep hold of him, which is usually a good sign. Welcome on board Ben.
  11. Having just read this article, it gives an indication of the uphill struggle we have to recruit quality players on our budget. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/toronto-star-is-worlds-highest-paid-centre-22625/
  12. Ooh hark at you! In your opinion, it isn't farcical that a team that finishes 5th could be champions, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Australia has a play-off system due to not playing every team home and away. They play less games with generally much more strength in depth than we have here. Our playoffs have been invariably won by the team carrying less injuries than the rest, a war of attrition rather than the best side over the season. The old playoffs were a standalone knockout cup, not the same thing at all.
  13. Why not just do away with the playoff system altogether? Fans don't/won't pay to watch the playoff games other than the final, which is the biggest indicator that it isn't as popular as some seem to think it is. We already have 27 games in the regular season, too many in some people's eyes. If we must have an end of season showpiece to appease Sky, why not cut to the chase and just have a Final, the LLS Winners v the Challenge Cup Winners, a Champions Cup game instead? It might even bring a bit more interest to the flagging CC. At least that would get round the farcical issue of a team potentially finishing 5 and being crowned as Champions, invariably on the basis they have less battered bodies at the end of the season than their opponents.
  14. I'm not sure if we could afford him, but I notice Anthony England has been released by Wakefield.
  15. Really pleased he is back on board for next season. Good on ya Wardy Another due to be announced this evening.
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