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#3269913 Man of the match.

Posted by greavesy on 08 February 2016 - 09:24 AM

Had to be Chris Ulugia closely followed by Brown . What a display by Ulugia and he proved that you have to have the finishers to win the big games. As for Brown what can you say. He did it all last season he is a game changer as he proved again yesterday when he entered the fray. Rowe is on my wish list for the game at fev as our forwards must feel the effects of the gruelling game yesterday. Well done to the team yesterday for an outstanding performance.

#3269906 Superb Batley stun “unbeatable” Centurions

Posted by greavesy on 08 February 2016 - 09:10 AM

Magnificent win for the Bulldogs Today. All credit to the team. Agree it was a bad descition to play Chase at full back by Leigh but that is what you get when you sign a half back you do not need and have to fit him in the team. 3 into 2 does not go!. Thought the game was gone midway through the half but the guys dug in and wow what a result. Big game now at Fev to follow. could turn into a memorable season. One last thought at last we have won one of the close games and boy  it feels great.

#3268099 Bulldogs on Sunday

Posted by greavesy on 05 February 2016 - 03:04 PM

we kicked 2 last week we'd of had more if he'd of stayed on last week

Yes Tom that's what I mean with Brambani and Walker They were two beauties last week. Am taking my £5 Warchest envelope just in case we pull of the shock of the season early doors !.

#3267835 Bulldogs on Sunday

Posted by greavesy on 04 February 2016 - 10:59 PM

Love the start with the bookies on Sunday Bulldogs with 20 it is a steal. Leigh have a new coach no McNally and a lot of new faces They will not bed in just like that. I go for a game we will probably lose but by no more than 10-12, and just maybe if we get the rub of the green a spectacular upset. I hear their chairman has already predicted a unbeaten season so who knows. Lets go for a fine day, a big crowd and ............. ???????

#3244836 First game of the season

Posted by greavesy on 09 December 2015 - 09:46 AM

Should be a very healthy gate for our opening fixture and I am sure Leigh will bring a large following as it is the first real fixture in which to view their star players. My thoughts on Leigh are they will definitely top the league. too much class not to. We will compete as we always do in this fixture but the difference in money spent on the squads will be evident.

#3241157 Sheffields new home

Posted by greavesy on 30 November 2015 - 12:13 PM

On a serious note
After sone of batley's crowds last season
How anybody can say they've more support is astounding home or away lol

Would be an interesting exercise to actually measure each teams support


We have more season ticket holders..

Sure master Thomas Coates could give us accurate figures..or even BSJ & crown flatter

And my dad is bigger than yours

#3224917 Jk and wales

Posted by greavesy on 01 November 2015 - 11:56 AM

A strong running centre with a decent defence and the ability to get the ball wide would make a massive difference to the squad, add a 10-12 tries a season winger and that's the cream on the cake. For this season we have what I call a decent scrum triangle to give us the creativity we sorely missed in the last two seasons. The matches we lost by the odd point or two could finish in our favour making a massive difference and no relegation worries this time around.

#3206551 2016 Recruitment

Posted by greavesy on 03 October 2015 - 05:03 PM

And we spent considerably less than Halifax and Sheffield. . .

Not asking for a team of stars. We already have a dozen quality players just the one player that will piece it all together like a Karl Pryce at Dewsbury.

Karl Price at Dewsbury surely that must be a joke. I would not want him if he came for free. I put more effort into a toilet visit.

#3203280 2016 Recruitment

Posted by greavesy on 29 September 2015 - 09:22 PM

Fax are trying to negotiate a release of Brown with Batley.
Spencer is a solid all rounder and much better than Chandler and possibly Brown. Im sorry but he probably should do a bit better than Batley.

Good to see that after a couple of good performances the big club syndrome has resurfaced among the fax faithful.

#3199057 Kear confirmed

Posted by greavesy on 23 September 2015 - 07:10 PM

Glad he's staying. The players are obviously happy with him as most have chosen to stay. It sounds like he was happy with new signings too. My view is that we need to at least make the playoffs next season.

As I said before. This season was an improvement on last and we need the same again next.

Before the friendlies this season I said I would be happy if we avoided relegation (as did many others). We then absolutely took apart fev and had a good start to the season and everyone's expectations went up. We then had several injuries to key players and began our losing struggle. It was disappointing yes but ###### happens. We finished off the season showing what we are capable of. The last 2 home games we totally controlled the game.

Hopefully our new signings are as good as JK indicated. If it does turn out to be Brambani and Patch then I will be very happy and could be just what our squad needs to turn those 12 close defeats this season into wins.

Got really fed up of this forum this year with the sniping and finger pointing. Hopefully there will be less of that next season.

Have to disagree with you on a few of you points. This season was definitely not a improvement on the last. The view from the majority of people connected with the club was not to just survive, the play offs were a minimum and many were talking of a top six finish. We lost nearly every big game we were involved in i.e. Whitehaven home and away in regular season. Workington when it mattered in the 1st game of the eights. Dewsbury home and at the Blackpool bash.+ Halifax, London, Sheffield, Fev, Leigh, all at home and away in the league. As for the so called sniping and finger pointing I think what you mean is fans having and being allowed an opinion which is what a open forum is all about. In the last two home games I agree with you we played the fast and attacking rugby missing for most of the season. Maybe some of those close defeats would have earned points if the coach had allowed the more attacking approach. As for the injuries yes they were to key men especially in the halves. But the coach built the squad and it failed to provide the necessary cover. Also other team seemed to cope quite well when key men had to miss games
I hope you are correct about next season M. Hopkins and yes we have made some terrific signing if rumours are to be believed. maybe we can attract back the supporters driven away by the lack of open and entertaining rugby displayed most of the season.
On a lighter note I think you deserve a special award M. Hopkins as the king of the happy clappers LOL just kidding.
As usual we will all be back next season full of optimism and expectation. I hope Kear delivers next term after two abject seasons which have tested even the die hards among us.

#3197756 Kear confirmed

Posted by greavesy on 21 September 2015 - 05:48 PM

Buford will be pleased ;)

So this goes from the heart to his care assistant who will bring him his tea tonight
In arkham asylum ;)

No knifes or forks

Personally I'm glad john's got another year

Well your not gonna get someone much better for the brass ;)

Reminds me of when Dewsbury kept Warren Jowett on and we all know how good a move that was.

#3189079 Today's performance

Posted by greavesy on 07 September 2015 - 12:49 PM

Very good performance yesterday from the team well done to them and the coaching staff. They looked in a very determined mood from the off. Some really good individual performances but I give a special mention to Leatherbarrow who put out some terrific passes and controlled the game. Brown finished really well and the forwards bossed the Whitehaven 6. I see no reason why we cannot win next week in London and secure safety before the final game against Hunslet. If only we had played some of the open rugby we played yesterday earlier in the season we would be contesting silverware rather than avoiding relegation.
We are a better team than our league position indicates of that I have no doubts so lets end on a high with two more victories and we can all relax and look forward to better fortunes next season.
Loved the atmosphere yesterday at the rear of the Glen Tomlinson stand very pleasant in the sun having a beer or three while listening to the singer who I thought sang very well. Nice to hear John Kear, and the see the players doing the end of season presentations to the dance troupe. All in all a top day.

#3186166 Batley v Whitehaven

Posted by greavesy on 02 September 2015 - 07:18 PM

The referee will not come into it on Sunday . Plenty of soul searching from the team before the match and a determination to right the defeat on Monday " We will win this match". There will be plenty of points from both sides but the dogs will come good and with true Bulldog spirit  win  the game   28 - 22.  

#3185319 Ainscough

Posted by greavesy on 01 September 2015 - 09:45 AM

No matter how big a gaffe Ainscough made, im sure hes well aware of it and slating him isnt going to do his confidenve any good, its not like we are blessed with backs right now so he'll be in the side next week and overall hes been one of our better performers this year.

I am fearing the worst but we just have to get behind the team and hope somehow we can get out of the mire AGAIN.

Then when the season is done, a full frank post mortem MUST be done, as we cant have a third successive season of dross or we'll have no fans left.

Well said Buford . We have three games now to rescue a depressing season that has to be the focus. What has happened in the past means nothing it cannot be changed . Facts are we beat Hunslet and Whitehaven we stay up, both at home  ,both games are winnable as is London away. They are in difficulties number wise with a few injuries. I feel for Ainscough he had what could be termed a brain fart in the heat of the moment but now is the time to move on get the points we need and for heavens sake do not make the same mistakes three seasons running.  Time for the fans to come back and get behind the team. Remember Doncaster last year I am certain the support that day had a bearing on the win that kept us up. Come on the BULLDOGS lets show we still have what it takes. 

#3174055 Biggest game of the season?

Posted by greavesy on 10 August 2015 - 07:16 PM

John talks about attacking rugby when commentating but maybe he feels he needs to play a different type of rugby at Batley to suit the type of squad he has?
The recent form has been good and it is never good to over react after one defeat.
Today was always going to be difficult, away against a side in form with a top quality super league stand off.

Sorry Neils, what a load of tosh !, recent form good . We beat two poor sides and a Dewsbury team missing several regulars and no goal kicker. As soon as we get to a important match Kear goes straight to his one and only game plan which is to put as big a side as he can on the field with his, if you get near the line take it in turns to try and barge over. Our creative play is a joke. A prop at thirteen and one who very rarely passes the ball, what is that about ? and it is not the first time. We have had back row forwards at stand off You are definitely entitled to your opinion Niels but sorry I like many others have had enough of Kears boring game plans and I for one want to watch some good attacking rugby and imaganitive plays. Whats his plan for Sunday, Rowe at fullback ?.