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In Topic: Byron smith a ram?

Yesterday, 09:50 PM

It comes as no surprise to me we can't hang on to anybody these days
players just can't wait to leave the club.No way will we bounce straight
back lean times ahead,can't see us attracting any sort of quality in
park league. I see there was 2 cracking attendences of 108&161 we'd
better cut down on pie order and a couple of barrels of ale should
last us the season.

Better cut back on the number of free tickets we hand out. There are some 'fans' who don't appear to pay into a single home game.

In Topic: Chairman statement

Yesterday, 08:14 PM

It is clear you have issues with the board but can you honestly say that they picked the players? Yes they sorted the budget but that is determined by attendances.

Imagine I send you to the shop with 50p for a bottle of pop. but when you get there the bottle of Pepsi - the one that tastes really nice, is £1.00. However, the cheap, Panda Cola - which tastes absolutely rank, is only 50p. Which drink can you afford to buy?

In Topic: Local Sponsor/PowerHouse

Yesterday, 06:11 PM

Appalling if true!

In Topic: Chairman statement

19 August 2014 - 10:30 PM

Well its kear that choose the players to sign or not ??

I would guess that Kear signs players who fit under the budget he is provided with - as do all coaches. He is only able to work with what he's given - again, as do all coaches. No doubt he would like to sign Greg Inglis and Billy Slater, but we couldn't afford them.
Judging by this season's squad, his budget must have been relatively small.

In Topic: Chairman statement

19 August 2014 - 04:20 PM

Thanks again Kevin for your clarification on certain issues.

I am and always have been the first to give you and the board all credit for the achievements in recent seasons, something of which you all can be extremely proud. What is very difficult to understand for many true supporters, is firstly the lack of communication of your plans and ambitions for the Club, following all the relative success. Most businesses and sporting organisations have targets and budgets in place, which helps in selling the Club to potential sponsors, investors, and new players. It also keeps the supporters and existing sponsors motivated and feeling included.

Secondly, do the above groups (supporters and sponsors) see how all your hard work, and the hard work of the many volunteers at the Club, is translated into income into the Club via financial statements. When they are buying their burgers (quality ones at that!) , and their pints, do they see the impact their support (enjoyable albeit) is having in a positive way on the Club's finances. Again, this is a communication issue that could be improved by a more 'open book' approach.

Thirdly, we can all learn from success. Have you considered speaking with Ken Davy at Huddersfield Giants, who I am sure would be very willing to assist our Club whom he highly respects, and look at their marketing strategies and structure, perhaps sending Iro across to the John Smiths Stadium, spending some time within their organisation.

I think most reasonable supporters understand that your profession takes up much if your time, and is your bread and butter. Try and make it easier on yourself Kevin, and become more 'inclusive' by more regular communication, and the acceptance of new ways to strengthen and improve the Club, especially if we are facing the climb from Championship 1 rugby to get back to where we belong, challenging for real honours.

Excellent post, agree 100% with Babcock. This is by far and away the best thing I've read on this subject. Objective and constructive in equal measure!