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In Topic: 2015 Championship Squads

Today, 12:23 PM

you were also just 80 minutes from relegation in the same token but for an unexpected win at Donny. If you (again) believe that you have strengthened your team in 2015 to challenge this seasons top 7 plus London & Bradford then fine. No experienced old head to lead you round and Two Young kids at half back, as well as losing Greenwood, Brown, Davies, Black & Smith etc, you have lost two of your most potent attackers and 2 absolute workhorses and in my opinion have not replaced any of them like for like. Ainscough of Wigan was a great exciting player but he seems to have gone downhill in last year or two. I would have brown over him anyway of the week.

You probably need to look at this season in context. An 8th place finish in any other campaign would have been a relative success on our limited budget.
As for competing with the likes of Bradford, London and Leigh, I think we're all realistic enough to realise that it's barely a possibility for us. Our aim next season will probably be to avoid relegation - as it will be for at least six or seven clubs. We should hopefully have more than enough in the locker to be competitive with those clubs. Also, don't forget that our recruitment for 2015 has barely just begun.You do seem to have bit of a downer on us for some reason, especially when asserting that you don't think Ainscough is an adequate replacement for Brown. The former averaged 2 tries every three games in Super League and bagged more tries than Brown last season.

In Topic: 2015 Championship Squads

Today, 08:43 AM

im not so sure. your retention of your better players has not happened again and their replacements are not as good.
i said this last season and was scoffed at even though it was obvious to all and as proved

Some may say that league position does not lie, but the reality is that we finished only three league places lower than in 2013 and still made the play offs.

In Topic: Shaun Squires signs

Yesterday, 06:16 AM

Yes he is, nephew i think

Shaun is Chris' son.

In Topic: thought u might like to see this....sheffield out !

29 September 2014 - 09:47 PM

haha yes. aston even had him out in full kit and warming up as if he was going to play him. his face was a picture at the end.

Full kit w*nker.

In Topic: Shaun Squires signs

29 September 2014 - 09:01 PM

Wasn't given a fair shot at our place, impressed in his only league match against Halifax. Seen him play in many reserve matches and was a class above. Some may underestimate this signing but he'll give you 100% and won't do you wrong.

Heard a few murmurs that he would have been a regular if not for the pressure Aston was under from above to play the bumbling Tagaloa.