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Today, 12:46 PM

The fact is, whether or not we, the fans, like dual registration or not, the RFL seem to be very much in favour of it.
For what it's worth, when the concept was originally mooted, I thought it might be a great innovation - talented young Super League Academy players gaining experience in a competitive league. Then clubs started to abuse the system (which in reality they were entitled to do given the RFL's loose guidelines) and turned the whole thing into a farce.
I mean come on, should the likes of Doncaster, Featherstone and London Broncos really be able to reinforce their respective squads with established top flight players like Paaleasina, Steve Michaels, Matt Ryan, Jordan Rankin and Jarrod Sammut?

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Today, 09:34 AM

Pretty self explanatory. They walked in a line, shoulder to shoulder down the length of the field to check for unsafe obstruction/debris.

Thanks for clarifying. It would have been self explanatory to me if the original post had been properly written.
As regards checking the pitch, I'd have thought this was standard practice for any organisation who play on a public facility?

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Today, 09:21 AM

As a fev fan batley is my second choice club but you do have problems with asian folk in your area other year i was takeing my young lad to play batley boys before the match the other mams and dads were told to form a line and walk the pitch because the locals dont like kids playing rugby and just down from the mount and they used to put broken glass onto the pitch where the kid were playing

I don't know what you mean in regard to 'forming a line'?
As for the broken glass, was this something you actually saw?

In Topic: Salary cap

Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Interesting reading
Thanks for that terminator

So why the spike in 88-90 season??
Are these just league game averages or do they include challenge cup attendances and other comp attendances??

Would like to see just league one's

Was 86-87 a poor year on the field to cause the 744??

Figures are just figures
It's the stories behind the season's that holds the clue

A good season can bring in the glory hunters...but a bad season can show you your reliable core support.

In 89-90 we had 3x3000+ home crowds, two of which were against Oldham and Halifax - then big clubs who had just been relegated, and the other one against Dewsbury.
Also, after years in the doldrums, Steve Ball had begun to rejuvenate the club and Paul Daley had been brought in as coach. So I guess there might have been an upturn in interest.
Interestingly, when Dewsbury were last in the top flight back back in 85-86, they still only averaged 1800 home crowds. In the two seasons after the were relegated - 86-87 and 87-88, they averaged just over 600.
What the stats do reveal is that, from 1980 up until the present day, neither of our clubs have consistently attracted average seasonal home attendances of over, say, the 1300 mark - often considerably less.
As a ball-park figure, I'd say there are about 120'000 people in total living in the Heavy Woollen area - which makes both our averages look pretty awful.

In Topic: Salary cap

Yesterday, 05:19 PM

If anyone's interested, here are our season attendance averages from the late 70's up until the mid-90's - the latter era being probably our most successful in terms of win/lose ratio since Wattie Davies and co were winning the Challenge Cup.

79-80; 1330
80-81; 1329
81-82; 1052
82-83; 916
83-84; 864
84-85; 1015
85-86; 930
86-87; 744
87-88; 859
88-89; 924
89-90; 1506
91-92; 1145
92-93; 925
93-94; 1227
94-95; 1509