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  1. Today his old mates from queens and milford on site knew him as a stand off in junior rugby...
  2. Alot of forwards are trained to pass now. A ball handling prop either running through as a dummy runner or tipping It on for line wedge. I agree though his game has changed but getting the ball stood still moving forward 5 metres with 3 players around him fended off not finding ground on his terms is a waste also
  3. Is this a single arrangement for Jack Broadbent I wonder at centre
  4. Moor conference open age played dogs Saturday morning in a grab training session. Even a mate said centres were lacking. Scotty lost his spot to hooley?
  5. Former player Adrian flynns lad.
  6. Lighten up man it's a joke. The wags need to support our lads and their families balance their good times with bad times/ recovery
  7. On paper I thought this would of been the tonic we needed. Game of 2 halves alright. Gallant try out v hull so why didn't we bring the team gelling and positional comfortability into the full 80.
  8. Wonder if diskin will rock up for this one too
  9. Bowman white and lunt have much to do. Glad to have them than play against
  10. Cowling and uglia both liked physio bench visits after 80 mins. Tampon syndrome 1 week in 3 out!!!!
  11. When a score goes through one of our edges it's the pattern for many more. Rettie is there for his returns now certainly not his pace. Perhaps moving inside and Dale Morton becoming his wing partner. K. Tomo not the answer in centres
  12. Do we need 3 full backs ? Rettie I thought may of dropped South to hunslet for 2020 as hes at best a centre now. This is based on pace and age For all the glory attributed to alex Brown and ainscough their defensive awareness and 1 on 1 was fragile.
  13. Everett looks better now than under diskin where I think he lost too much weight. Gledders and cropper return will keep props on their toes. All pivots good today apart from yates
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