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  1. Put out to pasture. Still decent dogs or rams. Past it hawks or cougars! Int rugby league positivity great
  2. No. Delusions of grandeur= bankruptcy
  3. Yeah but your building for super league ahem!
  4. Really really really hope not. Safe as houses at back door. Diffusing high ball makes preece Simon Wilson linners greenwood etc look amateur with 2 left hands. Like many Bulldogs if he was 6"2 and 16 stone he would of been snapped up.........Not by fev but super league
  5. More chance of us taking wolfcubs place in super league. We secured davey, patch and dom when turning down full gime aston for the same money of getting cas's michael channing. Sammut would buy 2 forwards and a utility
  6. How many lads need to do naked run? I.e go through the season with no trys recorded...
  7. Good sensible option. Not even thinking about health but the financials would cripple already pushed clubs
  8. Or browny out jumping viking ainscough
  9. Rocked up with it being potentially last game of year midweek evening. Our desire and no nonsense approach meant we were in with a shout. R.paul c.hill ian millward Who?! Great times proud evening.
  10. Stevie walker at centre. Andy wray was listed as 16. Prop?
  11. Really enjoyed that. How dangerous was Roger Simpson in broken field. Roy powell looked unfit but iro oozed class and cassy was great to watch
  12. You can gladly have white one. Who let the dogs out. Old logo. Batley Bulldogs. 2 inch by 8in
  13. Batley. Foxs biscuits plentiful supply. Factory wafts aroma into atmosphere on purpose
  14. Mike and Jean booker via supporters club are your people. I'm sure I've a few unused stickers I'll have a look in dining room for you
  15. Dreadful Dewsbury. Batley is delightful
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