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  1. Too many is the definitive answer like a lot of clubs.
  2. Try Brett at ravensport told lad. They are also relinquishing the dog house of this year's merchandise for a "sale"
  3. We are the masters at buying big muscular props that look the business but in actual fact Darren moxon and ash Lindsay broke more tackles than the likes of cox, Henderson, jarett, jon Simpson, jon Grayson, that unit last year who was so anonymous i forgot his name, bienek, everett. The heart of mclaughlin, kellet, berry, stenchion and lillycrop are a rare find. I Remember in the 90s we ran with undersized packs but relied elsewhere to go forward. Now we have the grunt but little go forward. I'd keep ward Dickinson gledhill
  4. Greeny is cutting his cloth but couldn't be any worse than what we have. A new hooker and winger from there's would be a start!
  5. I'm not sure if a possible 50% change in personnel would be a good thing or bad thing
  6. Very gracious of you. Thankfully no game this weekend because playing a game would be the last thing on our lads minds
  7. Tragedy, another one for club. Thoughts and prayers go out to Bev and Bronx his parents and younger sister. Unfortunately those at moor who nurtured his development will of celebrated his debut then mourned his loss in the blink of an eye. Hope our lads who shared the room are in one piece too. Very sad
  8. It's ok Mandy linners is prepared to come in as voluntary backs coach in 2020! Wonder if these tooth ache pain killers cause hallucinations too
  9. Does that include seeing our club getting royally pumped again today? More of the same v fev expected and then a stuttering performance away at barra
  10. And distant dog still enjoyed the mini trip no doubt.
  11. Surprised no one has mentioned the benefits of inviting Bradford to share our place. Kev being a shrewd business man, was it a case of batley not even being considered or not needing the inconvience as much as Dewsbury who knows. Parking isn't brilliant at batley hence the foxs biscuits arrangement but I'm sure the winner dynasty would welcome inground sales. Can't remember much of bradford park avenue or Dewsbury sharing our place in times gone by
  12. It won't be slammed doors then when we thank him for his efforts and ask for his keys!
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