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  1. 9' oller

    fixtures out

    Yed youll get nowt under diskin. I wouldn't wish him on my lads under 10s
  2. Roald dahl and John craven only ones worth their salt
  3. What really? He told the fans what they wanted to hear.
  4. Social housing? That an innuendo for a green domed Alan's * snackbar? *allahs
  5. Haves and have nots. Stopped being interested in the bulls drama a while back. They have the fan base and the history but surely their reputation is in tatters. Any small business or in fact a large one willing to give a service to this company for money needs their head testing. Invoice with payment in 30 or 60 days terms??????!!!!!! I'd insist on 30 or 60 minutes! The rams are either very shrewd with a projected profit or playing with fire
  6. Me too I bundled my baby into back of car and locked doors. Rangoon them cod heads. I rang the 5.o and they said they couldn't come up unless I had a postcode of said disturbance. I kid you not
  7. Told lad. If you add up the wins losses past 10 years I'm guessing a 70% victory to us. No rose tinted glasses necessary
  8. Another much needed win then!!!
  9. Approaching xmas school and church fetes. (St. Mary's down at paroke tomor midday) anyone intending to borrow costume for publicity purposes? I did heckmondwike and birstall town crimbo light switch on as well as st. Mary's some years back. Not sure if marketing committee has been reintroduced..... Worked pretty well handing out foxs biscuits and posing for photos. Need a chaperone as visibility reduced especially those knee high to a grasshoper. Roger had a go last year?
  10. Don't be daft bsj. That's something Graham Fisher would come out with!!!
  11. Guess contracts safeguard our club and the employyee. Some would stamp their feet and insist on service from their recruitment. Oh well if it's not to be. Looks like dual reg not happening. Forget bravo sick of hearing about him. Walshaw far too slow now for centre so lucas and manu in second row. Just need a kick ass hooker. Where's the next lythes/ mennell/ blake/ flannaghan
  12. Be right. Just accept never gonna bother top 5 again
  13. Still not pit buddies then?! All leeds are we
  14. Plenty more lead left in his pencil if you know you know
  15. True and traditionally a Xmas present constituted a season ticket, replica and scarf (winter rugby)....
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