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  1. Alot of drama over salmonella though I have to say
  2. Barfield lad the illustrious gallant youth hooker Scotty?
  3. When they are gash they are on. When they're top 4 every Fri is there special spot
  4. Really enjoyed seeing other sides on sky. Hetherington been on phone and demanded whinos get their Friday night spot back?
  5. If big fev players can't rip into lowly batley and rams defenders What s the world coming to. See flatcappers in champ again next year
  6. Back to being worldbeaters them there whinos..... right that's wakey hammered anybody think saints or Wigan look fragile yet
  7. Once wakey win can the sky erection for them shift to another club. At least leeds no longer own the Friday night slot
  8. Dislocated hip and shredded hamstring. Impromptu splits by trying to avoid being dominated in tackle by leaky and lucas after wardy pealed away
  9. Prob a weeds whinos shoe in..either past or present!
  10. Sir kev got 10 secs x2 mentions of 2mill but no mention of Rob burrow. Farcical beeb Should be lucky though during the saints bit lots of woman's and wheelchair publicity. Yep just what we need
  11. Did the physio have a limp or Chisholm just a potty mouth?
  12. Trans pennine cup in 1998 made up for absolute drubbing in 1996. Some might say summer rugby suited the club moreso. Think 92 was a good one too but Baywatch and gladiators got more of my attention
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