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  1. Miss the pre game feeling of an impending amateur game? Spray wintergreen fiery Jack into air. Headbutt the wall and sniff stale farts/ garlic through an old hanky
  2. Have you not heard the r.f.l have bought a bit for the bulls. Sorry couldn't resist. Also heard sawyer would prefer his bulls play rams every boxing day from 2021
  3. Ben proe is as amateur as they come... Took an eternity to get shut of stevo too
  4. 9' oller


    If the great challenge cup was staged to an empty Wembley what chance does the pub league have
  5. Said wacko jacko on his nevereverland ranch
  6. Simple keeps forum together and bit of light relief from wet covid days. Simply reply with next word that comes to mind Tommo....... Mullet
  7. Read the under dogs book he was very influential. However a local lad got a little sidetracked when became a percieved celebrity. I would imagine his next career move wont include sport
  8. 9' oller


    No spots in corrie for him? Emmerdale it is then
  9. Hope so Yates and another flop leatherbarrow werent qualified to tie Glen tomlinsons laces or carry his kit bag!
  10. If he is that way on tv what the heck does he swan about in at home
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