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  1. Craig seems like a methodical well grounded and professional man. He has learnt under kear. Bled for batley and been burnt by keighley. Only time will tell. Maybe an autumn resumption
  2. Gt did more for club than diskin though Tom. In fact id go as far to say linners has damage to repair
  3. Ash was a winger coming through at Shaw cross. How many backs can move into pack with toughness and bulk. Not like a bulky centre covering for second row.
  4. Richard price. As he did some of our metal works at mp
  5. 1. Simon wilson 3. Darren moxon. 5. Jeremy Dyson. 8. Jeff Grayson 9. Mark Scott. 10. Andy Parkinson 13. Graham middleton
  6. Absolutely ernie. Some absolute crackers to relive from past 30 years. Watching the half time highlights yesterday I forgot how good John Gallagher was. Remember he must of made at least 40 tackles away at Keighley and still kept his attacking edge!!!
  7. Are you the next club historian hooley you know your onions. Lindsay lythsey j. Gallagher and toohey all local and dedicated Bulldogs. Wish they attended more games as fans
  8. Out of all the fixtures us fans could of devoured?! Plus if you want to listen to ramblings of touch judges ref match commissioner and time keeper for 80 mins. Become one
  9. Snooze fest why choose this fixture
  10. So Elvis played at centre for us then went on to be a ref. He spoke well of batley when he officiated a pennine game I played in 2011. If Tony martin goes round again in super league he must be the oldest official
  11. Cogger certainly got morris attention. Perhaps he needed a quiet word with scotty or big geoff one aft behind taverners. Keith rayne good job. Which other player coaches have we had. Mike kuiti. Geoff grayshon.....
  12. Remember going to his house up mortimer avenue healey for his autograph whilst he was a leeds player
  13. My 2 boys also got them ordered
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