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  1. James child coming out. No secrets in rugby. Hardaker teld us then hicks confirmed it in sainsburys. Boveeeerrrreeed?
  2. Ned catic and nick fozard for shams. At least bulls will see a few games from brough. Dale cardoza and simon brown used to look awesome against batley. Give em a shirt and pap.... Always a gamble. At least big Keegan wouldn't of received any brass before deciding on nish
  3. Thought you were referring to our saints cup tie. Thursday night i think. Sean richardson with his blackbrook mates were cheering for batley.
  4. We sure did. Ash lindsay had a blinder playing like john bateman against all the "bigger boys"
  5. Very true I remember someone saying we've signed 2 ex gb lions. Molloy and lawford
  6. Good shout Tom. What about Craig Wright queens prop. No mess material like joe berry
  7. Was he a winger. Vaguely remember folk shouting "joe". As a kid I was bamboozled
  8. C ant remember him. In the days of the taverners and blisteringly cold Sunday afternoons
  9. Lads whom could of and should of become stalwarts with legendary status. Kevin king stanley goal kicking centre. Stephen Jones left for union which he preferred. Great kicker and played halfback with jay Duffy. James archibald. Local ex rhinos academy back rower. Naturally aggressive competitor. Gt chose danny samuels instead. Error Luke menzies/ Jack walker.. I jest
  10. Total guess but I'm going for st. Helen's knowlsey rd and Danny maun
  11. What year was that and who won
  12. Very very different positions. Last resort switch just like interchangeable centres and back rowers.
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