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  1. Chair dance. Is that a take on musical chairs or do you pick a chair up and take it for a foxtrot/ tango.
  2. Plenty of rumours but very few secrets in rugby league. The 3 rams are useful. Could be retaining jc now. White from fax barra looks decent. Rhinos an agent so I presume he can't be permitted full coach status but surely he will signpost the occasional gem to us....
  3. With York getting thumped away at Toulouse and fev really stepping up a gear last night can only see one winner in north Yorkshire!
  4. One things for sure Craig and Karl may be a bigger pull for new talent. Always more attractive talking of "new visions and selling club plans" rather than we've had adversity and need to dig deeper!
  5. Tis if you sport a Honda 90 cub or push iron. Pleased for fev they were immense last night. Defence wins games? There will be some sore bodies today. Hope no trouble reported
  6. We do but when lads see pound signs motorway travel doesn't faze them. Very entertaining though and the sooner jon Heaton rips into our lads the better
  7. I admire your dedication told lad but it's going to be a tough winter if your bored already. Plenty of rugby to be played and enjoy as a neutral. If you've not sky you can blag the missus and claim you must visit a local tap room!
  8. Good advice it's gone and doesn't need millions to rejuvenate it needs an atomic bomb
  9. Tony weve prised our team back from an arrogant wannabe who could probably bore a glass eye to sleep. Craig's professionalism, sincerity, heritage and passion already puts him way ahead of the former Leeds hooker. I expect the "culture" to change and good players not become average. Hell I'd of had Gary Thornton back after the barrow loss
  10. Surely you dont need the bentley, daimler and capri. Imagine the warm glow you would feel to know you'd financed a classy scrum half with strict condition that fev fax or seagulls can't pinch from us!!
  11. If money was no object linners head coach. Brev assistant. John Heaton reinstated as long as the diskin brush off didn't dampen his opinion of us. Rhino and kear consultants but also oversee scouting/ trialists and the academy. Now which local sugar daddies want to disappear a few pound notes for the good of his hometown!!! Binks, mikes carpets, mick ingram, al murrads.... not blessed with millionaires are we. I'll knock a few doors upper batley with cap in hand!
  12. I don't think we can gauge linners on his cougar exploit. It seemed they didn't treat him well and solvency woes hit all paid employees. He knows what he is up against with a mount job. Is it a one year try out or another 3 yr gamble. Welcome craig. Those who dont remember him off the field he is the polar opposite to diskin.
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