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#2980736 Byron smith a ram?

Posted by TheTerminator on Yesterday, 09:50 PM

It comes as no surprise to me we can't hang on to anybody these days
players just can't wait to leave the club.No way will we bounce straight
back lean times ahead,can't see us attracting any sort of quality in
park league. I see there was 2 cracking attendences of 108&161 we'd
better cut down on pie order and a couple of barrels of ale should
last us the season.

Better cut back on the number of free tickets we hand out. There are some 'fans' who don't appear to pay into a single home game.

#2980674 Chairman statement

Posted by TheTerminator on Yesterday, 08:14 PM

It is clear you have issues with the board but can you honestly say that they picked the players? Yes they sorted the budget but that is determined by attendances.

Imagine I send you to the shop with 50p for a bottle of pop. but when you get there the bottle of Pepsi - the one that tastes really nice, is £1.00. However, the cheap, Panda Cola - which tastes absolutely rank, is only 50p. Which drink can you afford to buy?

#2979775 Chairman statement

Posted by TheTerminator on 18 August 2014 - 09:03 PM

Have you given Kev a ring yet The Terminator?

Would it be normal procedure for a fan to give a club chairman a telephone call to discuss his concerns?
What you're actually saying is; "You daren't give him a ring, dare you.". Why should I? I've outlined my concerns on here, and he's responded. He doesn't agree with anyone's criticism - constructive or otherwise, and it appears that little will change. Would the chairman change his views if I made the rather peculiar step of giving him a ring to repeat what I've written on this forum?
Either way, it's not like anyone answers the phone up there when you do ring. The same goes for replying to emails.

#2979718 Chairman statement

Posted by TheTerminator on 18 August 2014 - 07:42 PM

Aye, but it wasn't exactly this team that took us to the final. I guess you are not aware, but we lost 2 players to super league (plus one this season), 4 to Featherstone Rovers, 2 to Halifax plus 2 more to other clubs plus 2 daft enough to get themselves bans for betting on matches. I also suspect that if any one of the teams from 4 to 10 had their chief playmaker out for much of the season they would be in the position that we are currently in.

We knew that most of the players who departed were leaving three quarters of the way through last season. That they were not more adequately replaced was hugely disappointing - as was the decision to rely heavily on dual registration.
As for our chief playmaker being injured - we knew he was crocked well before the start of the season and would be out for a considerable period, yet still chose to re-sign him and then wilfully spent the first third of the campaign relying on a 19 year old with no experience.
When the 19 year old with no experience then suffered a season ending injury, we then chose to rely solely on a patched up veteran who was always one tackle away from the treatment table. Why was no replacement understudy sought, or a player who could cover halfback if necessary? Staggering when you consider that BISSA money has been left to gather interest all season.

#2979684 Chairman statement

Posted by TheTerminator on 18 August 2014 - 06:33 PM

Well, I guess that the underpinning message behind this statement is that we, as fans, should prepare for the worst. If we can't attract investment, can't attract sponsorship and can't attract crowds, then a long stint at the bottom of Championship 1 is the future.
If the current regime cannot increase the club's income - over nearly 17 years in fact, then no-one can. All hope is lost. This after a Grand Final appearance and a fantastic subsequent marketing campaign which massively increased our visibility yet amazingly failed to capture the imagination of the town during the close season. We couldn't even attract any decent players to the club after one of the most successful seasons in our history. I reckon we've truly found our level.
As fans, we need to be careful not to be too critical. If we are, the only people in the whole world who are capable of running the club might walk away and leave us with no club at all to cheer on against Hemel Hempstead.

#2979048 Accountability

Posted by TheTerminator on 17 August 2014 - 06:26 PM

Who else is going to step in and put the money and time in to the club? I might have missed something, but I haven't heard of anyone wanting to take over, have you?

What was stated in the programme, I didn't buy one, could you enlighten me?

Well, the club hasn't been for sale in 17 years. If it was for sale, I'm sure there would be a number of interested parties. Batley Bulldogs RLFC would be an excellent project for the right person with the right amount of money.
I didn't buy a programme. I attempted to at around 1430, but was told that the club had only ordered 150 copies which had all been sold.

#2979002 Accountability

Posted by TheTerminator on 17 August 2014 - 06:07 PM

Why, you say? My guess would be they did it on purpose, I'll bet the club had several meetings over many long hours to decide exactly what they could do to make sure everything that could go wrong did. :tease:

Why do you reckon they made mistakes?

Ineptitude and incompetence of a staggering level?

#2978653 Match officials

Posted by TheTerminator on 17 August 2014 - 10:24 AM

YEP.lets be another club to SACK DR. its destroyed our club.

Come on SB, it really hasn't though, has it? Last season we benefited very nicely from DR, using Mullally and Fairbank on a consistent basis and reaching the GF in the process.
In reality we've destroyed ourselves - firstly by being stupid enough to place a naive reliance in DR by making the decision to only sign 20 players on at the start of the season, and secondly by using an ineligible player when we should have read the rule book on DR.
Dual Registration hasn't negatively affected any clubs other than Batley, and quite frankly it's all our own fault.

#2978234 Biggest heavy woollen derby

Posted by TheTerminator on 16 August 2014 - 09:26 AM

Your all having a go at us for not allowing Grayston to play against you tomorrow,but why hasn't Kear played him last 2 games against Leigh & Whitehaven??

It makes you wonder if Grayston is actually eligible to play.

#2978160 Accountability

Posted by TheTerminator on 16 August 2014 - 12:56 AM

As upset as we all are as fans, I'll bet it is nothing compared to what Nicholas and Harrison are feeling about this mess. I don't know Kevin on a personal level, but I'm sure nobody can disagree he is a fan first and foremost, just like the rest of us. I can't even begin to imagine how he feels in all this? My guess would be he must feel even worse than I do about this whole sorry affair, and I'm absolutely gutted to put it mildly.

The club has made some catastrophic blunders this season, no-one can deny it, I'm sure the club knows they have made errors. So what good will pointing the finger of blame actually achieve?

Since the current board took over, let's look at what has been achieved:-

The ground has never looked better, 2 new stands and new terracing in the 9 'oil and at the bottom end of the ground behind the posts have been built, We have had so much success over the last 4 years, if somebody had predicted what has been achieved on the field over recent years I would have been calling for the men in white coats to come and cart them away. We hadn't won a major trophy since 1913 until the NR Cup win in 2010, we finished 3rd in the league the year after and reached the Grand Final last year. For a club the size of ours, with our gates, how was that even possible?

So come on, let's have a bit of reality check on all this. What is the point in looking for someone to blame? What has happened, has happened and we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and come back even better, stronger and wiser. FFS we are the Bulldogs, perpetual underdogs, we will be back slugging it out in this division again, mixing it with clubs with far more money and far more fans than we have. This it is what we do best in Batley, we beat the odds in the face of adversity!

If we do go down, so what, we miss out on 3 decent away followings that we have had this year, How many gates have we had this season over a 1000? I can only think of Halifax and Featherstone at home, we only had 976 against Leigh last week so in reality how much will we really lose financially? Gates will be lower but so will the wage bill, the majority of people going to home games are home fans anyway, so I don't think this will be anywhere near as disastrous as some are predicting.

With respect, I don't really feel that - results aside, the club has progressed at all off-field since the last new stand was completed around 2003. Fair enough, we won a trophy in 2010 and reached the Grand Final in 2013. I'd argue that Karl Harrison fell into our lap due to family connections. I'd then argue that, while bringing John Kear to the club was great business which should be commended, it was his acumen and ability alone that was responsible for our great season last year.
What hasn't changed since KN took over the club is our pitiful lack of sponsorship, a complete and utter lack of promotion and communication with the fans, and our eternally decreasing crowd figures which will now plummet even further. My belief is that our success on the pitch - down to shrewd and astute coaching by quality personnel, has masked a total lack of progress off it.
I don't doubt KN's love of the club for one minute. I just feel that we've stagnated horribly behind the scenes in all aspects - which has culminated in what has been a horror season. Despite our recent successes, we're now left in a position where several clubs who have had nothing like the same on-field consistency over the last decade are now in a much better all-round position than ourselves - including Dewsbury, who will probably be in a higher division next season and have (so I believe) five directors on their board who are reportedly able to invest money whenever necessary. They have also attracted sponsorship which dwarfs our one. I have to ask why they have been able to achieve this whereas we have failed to do so. Like you, I don't personally know KN - and as I've already said I don't for one minute doubt his love for our club, but I've got to question how we have ended up in this situation despite having so many apparent advantages over some of the clubs who will be taking their place in the lucrative second tier next season?

#2978138 Accountability

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 August 2014 - 11:13 PM

I can't believe their's been no statement from your club!!

Graham, my dear. We are used to being treated as mere mushrooms. Whilst you may be shocked, no-one who supports the club is remotely surprised.

#2977788 3 point deduction.

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 August 2014 - 03:03 PM

thanks for the well thought out reasoned response, look at those running your club.At least i knew the rules

The fact that you are an astonishingly boring dullard who has spent every day on this forum over the last few weeks endlessly quoting the rule book has nothing to do with the people who made the error in question. I'm not sure why you chose to link the two? The fact that you've now reappeared to bicker over the severity of the punishment handed down also makes you an absolute pedant - at best.

#2977773 Accountability

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 August 2014 - 02:48 PM

He was on holiday during transfer deadline week.

Does that make him accountable or not?

The lines of accountability would appear to be a little blurred. However, a club CEO booking a holiday for one of the busiest and most important weeks of the season is staggering. A bit similar to Santa Claus going clubbing in Ibiza over Christmas.

#2977743 3 point deduction.

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 August 2014 - 02:19 PM

Ive heard theres a sizeable sum in BISSA too - the mind boggles over our odd recruitment this year.

Even though we have relatively poor gates (800 average), that still makes for a reasonable revenue. Add in our seemingly lucrative bars and food concessions - plus the income highlighted by BatleyPaul and yourself, and I have to wonder why our recruitment was so underwhelming. Sam Scott was the only proven, 'at his peak' Championship player we signed!

#2977552 Unity needed

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 August 2014 - 09:18 AM

Heard some so called Batley fan saying if they went down he would stop watching them, well i consider myself a real fan and even if they do go down i will be there for my season ticket next season and supporting them,that's what real fans do and its times like this when the club needs loyal fans more than ever.If we stay up great,if we don't i'll still be there next season cheering them on.

I'm sorry, but events this season have pushed even the most loyal fans to the brink. As I've posted elsewhere, after 2013 there was a real belief amongst the fans that, after decades of struggle, we might finally be on the verge of establishing ourselves as a genuine power at this level. For those who have persevered with the club for a long time and loyally waited for a glimpse of success, this season has been a massive kick in the teeth. The prospect of going from a Grand Final to the games basement league - a level which is, in reality, not far removed from the National Conference and the amateur game, is heartbreaking for many. It looks like the chance to really develop the club and move us to the next level may have been absolutely squandered by those charged with the task of decision-making.
I wouldn't condemn anyone who felt so demoralised by the way the club has been managed this season that they are considering walking away. I've watched the club home and away, every season since 1988-89, and I don't know whether I'm prepared to carry on doing so in 2015 if we go down - mainly because I'm extremely disenchanted with the way the club is/has been run. In short, I feel hugely let down. I know a number of people who feel exactly the same right now. Many of those people have young families and other priorities, and are seriously questioning whether it's worth their while paying to watch us play a virtual amateur team in front of 200 fans at Mount Pleasant when they could instead spend Sunday afternoon doing something more valuable. If you believe that's being a 'bad fan', then fine.
What might convince those disillusioned fans to reconsider their choice to walk away would be a top to bottom strategic rethink of how the club is run - including an exciting, publicly declared plan to redevelop the club from within with a view to ensuring a quick return to The Championship. The way things are at the moment, there would be at least four or five clubs ahead of us in the promotion pecking order.