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#3148995 Bradford Away

Posted by TheTerminator on 28 June 2015 - 04:54 PM

Today was a slight improvement. However, you're spot on with your assertion that Bradford were 'there for the taking'.
If we had more creativity at half-back we'd have beaten them. Now doesn't that sound familiar?

#3147447 Just out of interest ...

Posted by TheTerminator on 25 June 2015 - 10:48 PM

Some good points made, but John Kear is coaching in the midst of a period of malaise and complacency at the Club that has stripped out any momentum we gained by winning the NRC in 2010, and reaching the Grand Final in 2013, and we have probably gone back nearly 10 years in the on field development of Batley Bulldogs.

IMO it has suited both parties to have each other, albeit at the expense of the development of the Club. Kevin Nicholas because he is not paying what probably is the going rate for a Coach who has a name in the game, who is happy to rely on his other numerous income sources - Sky Sports, BBC, Wales RL, and his business interests . From JK's perspective, he is receiving an additional income, and keeping his hand in at the coaching game, albeit on a part time basis, and his future options open in the game if a SL Club come knocking. I would now say that neither of these reasons in the cosy relationship are condusive to the development and the Club both on and off the field, as neither Kear nor Nicholas have 'sparked' each other to take the Club to a higher level, with a lack of on field squad and player development, and off field financial development.

Exactly. I'd add that maybe a non-progressive approach adopted by the club has been disguised under a ridiculous 'punching above our weight' banner. This mantra seems to have been peddled to fans for years and years.

#3146058 Lee Smith

Posted by TheTerminator on 23 June 2015 - 05:30 PM

Always liked Smith as an attacking force except he was a coward, used to throw blindside punches and run away leaving someone else to take the blame or gouge in a 3/4 man tackle or stick a thumb in someones eye

Destined for Leigh, then.

#3144108 Sammut is on his way

Posted by TheTerminator on 20 June 2015 - 03:55 PM

There is nothing I can say that will pacify Terminator and I do know who he is by the way. So this post is not intending to do so.
I can look anyone in the eyes and say there was nothing more myself, Iro or John Kear could have done to get Sammut to Batley. We were told by his agent our offer was better in many ways than Workington and that it was simply his choice.We had many unanswered phone calls and were never told he would sign for more money for us to then make a decision whether or not to increase the offer. So good luck to him. He is a good player from what I have seen but if he does not want to play for us then clearly no good. Critics can use this to say that as a Club we are lacking & cannot attract players. If that is your view fine but it's not mine.
First things first lets give Scott& Cain a chance over next few games. Also no Club could plan for our injuries without far bigger resources and even then difficult with limited players. Again I know some will not agree but other than a chat face to face in some detail cannot say much more and so will not. But I am available to chat.

All I can hope is that, if we do happen to stay up - which is going to be a major ask, there is a change in philosophy and approach to recruiting during the next close season. I also hope that the concerns of the fans who post on this forum re the way the club is run are taken into consideration, and are not dismissed as the vitriolic rantings of rabble rousing malcontents.
I guess it's too late to change anything this season, but as always I will be backing the players who take the field for Batley. It is disappointing that Sammut did not sign for us. I understand that he may have opted to sign for Workington for reasons of sentiment. However, it's more disappointing that we haven't managed to attract anyone else to the club.
As I have previously mentioned, I pay for my season ticket, turn up to games, use the facilities and then leave. Although I am fairly disillusioned with things at the moment, I will continue to do so. The biggest issue for our club is that not every fan is as loyal as the 300-400 diehards we are seemingly able to rely on through thick and thin. Disappointment breeds apathy, and I fear that any more let-downs may well begin to eat into our hardcore support. That's a Doomsday scenario.
It is absolutely soul-destroying that, after years of fighting against relegation, the two superb successes that we have enjoyed in recent times (NR Cup win and a Grand Final appearance) do not seem to have been capitalised on. Quite the opposite, as we now appear to have reverted to our former position of struggling also-rans. In short, something has to change before the rot really does set in and start to swallow us up.
By the way, these are not just my opinions. They are also representative of how the 20-30 fellow fans who I regularly socialise with (both at Mount Pleasant and beyond) also feel at the moment. I do hope a belief is not held that any negativity is unique to me.

#3143976 Sammut is on his way

Posted by TheTerminator on 20 June 2015 - 10:22 AM

I guess at the time that two half backs plus two hookers who can cover for half back plus one hooker/loose forward seemed sufficient; especially given the relative paucity of half backs in the game. Even the fiercest critics must admit that a season that has seen four (or is it all five?) of the aforementioned out injured is extremely unusual and unfortunate. If you can and do attract say 3 good halves plus 3 good hookers there is still the problem of keeping them all happy if all remain fit.

It would have helped, of course, if we had an A team but given our income relative to rivals in this division we needed to put all our resources into the first team squad I guess.

Last season should have made it abundantly clear that having a quality, experienced halfback in the team is absolutely essential. Even on one leg, the return of Ben Black at the end of the campaign turned a terrible situation around. A suitable replacement for him should have been an absolute priority during the close season. We chose to bring in a 22 year old with limited first team experience.
Again, this season mirrors last season in terms of injuries to halfbacks - except the problems this season have been more extreme. In the cases of both Southernwood and Leatherbarrow, once again we've failed to find replacements for them during the course of the season. Last season showed us that mixing and matching using players already in the squad doesn't work, yet we've persisted with the same philosophy this season - all whilst other clubs around us are bringing in players who we'd have benefited from. We're then told that 'money is not a concern', but 'availability' is the issue.
My question is really simple; Why haven't we learned our lessons after the failings of 2014?
I did venture late last season that we should perhaps be looking overseas to source a quality replacement for Black. However, the answer was that our philosophy is to sign British players. Does it make sense to close our doors on a market that virtually every other club in our league takes advantage of?

#3142699 Sunday Whitehaven away

Posted by TheTerminator on 18 June 2015 - 09:53 AM

Not long enough

I beg to differ.

#3142598 Sunday Whitehaven away

Posted by TheTerminator on 18 June 2015 - 12:06 AM

Somebody said they'll wanna impress against us well good luck to them they could have stayed with us but appears we couldn't afford the coin you lot are paying them

Have you worked at Sellafield for long?

#3142595 Sunday Whitehaven away

Posted by TheTerminator on 17 June 2015 - 11:50 PM

they can try as hard as they want cain isn't in the same league as grant gore and dion aiye as you'll find out Sunday and it's up to you lot if you think Mitchell is as good as dave allen I think not

Well done for answering ANOTHER question that no-one asked. You're on a roll now. Bravo to you, sir! I bet you're much in demand on the Whitehaven pub quiz circuit.

#3142365 Sunday Whitehaven away

Posted by TheTerminator on 17 June 2015 - 03:49 PM

ainy is the only one of our ex platers who would get in our team now not worried about the other 2

Ahhh. An answer to a question that no-one asked. Well done!

#3142355 The real problem at the Mount

Posted by TheTerminator on 17 June 2015 - 03:42 PM

You could be right, Sammut might make all of the difference in the world, however in the games we have thrown away or lost by tight margins this season, we have needed a general to calm things down and wind the clock down. From what I've seen of Sammut, which I must admit isn't lots, he has struck me as a flair player doing something off the cuff but not a cool headed organiser that we need imo. Especially coupled with the fact he doesn't seem to want to come.

In our situation, if he showed any willingness to sign I'd snap his hand off (literally), stick a pen between his lifeless fingers and sign the contract for him. He'd improve us even with only one mitt.
Don't forget, we're fighting a desperate relegation battle, and to see a rival benefit from his talents would be painful.
I agree that we need an organiser, but we also desperately need some attacking flair and creativity. Although we're scoring points, the vast majority of our tries are coming from barge-overs close to the line. What I'd give to see a half-back dummy through the line and set the three quarters in motion.
Here's hoping that we've been back in touch with the bloke.

#3141024 No Confidence in Board

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 June 2015 - 10:28 AM

Thanks for the reply "The Terminator" You've misunderstood my post, at no time have I said that debate shouldn't happen or mentioned any individuals, my comments related to anyone who feels they can have a go at whoever, be that a fellow fan, referee, coach, groundsman etc, etc. I'm not saying anyone shouldn't vent their spleen, what should happen is they should have the balls to front up by putting their name to it. If everyone at the club & other posters know who you are what's the problem in putting your real name to it. I don't know who you are & have no axe to grind with anyone, however if I did randomly start having a go at people, I'm sure you would be at least curious as to who that person is. To re-iterate it's nothing to do with what's posted or who to, it's all about not hiding behind something. If people try & justify that, so be it. To the people that do put their own names on here fair play to you.


Paul Halloran.

You must have missed the piece I wrote about those at the club being aware of people's true identities - which, in the majority of cases, they most certainly do.
In any case, why shouldn't debate happen amongst people using assumed names? If Mr Nicholas doesn't like what he reads, it's up to him. He doesn't have to take any criticism on board. If he does feel that people have a point, perhaps he could act upon that criticism. Knowing someone's 'true identity' is irrelevant unless a comment is slanderous or insulting.
If Mr Nicholas approached me at a match, I would engage him in conversation and reiterate the points I've made on this forum. Labelling me as a 'coward' because I choose to post under a pseudonym on an unofficial fans forum is a huge misnomer on your part. Do you think I am scared of Mr Nicholas? That seems to be what you're suggesting?

Just to clarify, my name is Tom Nicholson. Are you happy with this 'admission'? What do you intend to do with this information now that you have it? Has it benefited you to know this?

#3140988 No Confidence in Board

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 June 2015 - 09:43 AM

"Also, while I'm at it, there's nothing wrong with using pseudonyms on this forum. There are more than a few pro and semi-pro players and other club officials who are members here anonymously posting and chewing the fat with fellow rugby fans without having to reveal themselves, tying their views to their professional profiles and being unfairly criticised just because of who they are. On the other side, there's been more than a few people who have been grossly unfairly persecuted by being a whistleblower or just using robust criticism and using their real name while they do, so you may understand why people choose not to reveal their names. In my time as an administrator of this forum I've seen club officials grossly unfairly treat fans simply because they used their real name to dare to criticise their club"

The reason "keyboard warriors" exist is because they hide behind user names. Words such as persecuted are pretty strong stuff. When talking about whistleblowers surely there needs to be some perspective into what the subject matter is, we're not dealing with a goverment cover up or anything of significant magnitude, we're talking about a Rugby League club, I understand people are passionate but there needs to be a semblance of balance.

If someone has a go at an individual why would you be suprised when that person responds likewise. I honestly believe that usernames are a total red herring for people that don't have an ounce of moral fibre or a back bone, these people I'm sure will have a go on here & then shake hands in "real life" with the person who they've had a go at. I understand that people have different agendas & in some respects that's healthy, however I fail to understand how issues can be addressed properly when you don't even realise who you're dealing with. The top & bottom of it is that they're cowards. I'm all for open & robust debate, just have the courage to put your name to it. I wont hold my breath......

Paul Halloran.

Come on, you really don't think those in charge of the club don't know EXACTLY what the real identities of people who post under pseudonyms on here are?
The criticism I see on this forum of late is not slanderous and it's not insulting. The overwhelming majority of it is constructive and measured.
Take the post expressing concern over the club's failure to change advertising banners over the last week. Isn't this valid? The identity of the gentleman who posted his concerns about the banners/posters is well known to those in charge of the club.
I also believe that my own real identity is known by those in charge of the club. After all, enough people have referred to me by my real name on this forum when replying to my posts. I have no issue with this. If someone from the club would like to come and have a conversation with me at a match, I'd have no issue with this either and would reiterate the points I make on the forum.
As for 'shaking hands', it's worth pointing out that I don't know Mr Nicholas. I've never associated with him, and have never mingled in the board room/lounge/bar either before or after games. I've never even had a conversation with him. I'm simply a fan who attends home and away games, spending money religiously. I've no need to be on personal terms with Mr Nicholas, Mr Winner, Mr Harrison or any of the players. Neither do I have any desire to be on personal terms with them.
However, I do like to comment on what I see, especially as generations of my family and I have invested so much money in the club over the last 100+ years and continue to do so.
When the club has done things well, I've praised them. When things are badly done - or are not being done at all, I'll be constructively negative. It's up to Mr Nicholas to take criticism on board and act accordingly if he feels it carries weight. We're his customers, after all, and professional sport is a customer service industry. Mr Nicholas may have invested time and money in the club, but so have the fans.

#3140923 No Confidence in Board

Posted by TheTerminator on 15 June 2015 - 08:10 AM

The sooner all critics realise that our chairman is probably the clubs biggest fan the better this site will be. Does anybody know a club chairman who on match days puts the winning ticket numbers on the board for all to see? I've been to most grounds in the RL and never heard winning numbers. How many chairman will take a bin linner round the club to help clear up? How many chairman's wife help run a bar? The answer to all 3 questions is non .sorry I forgot to mention the investment of 3 to 4 hundred k . We all make mistakes, KN will admit he has but remember without him the fans forum would not exist because the club wouldn't

Heartwarming stuff. I realise that our chairman is a fan of the club, and am aware does chores around the ground. Very commendable. However, does this mean that we should not look to change, adapt and evolve - as have other clubs?
If Mr Nicholas wants the club to develop and be the best it can be - which as a fan I would expect will be the case, he needs to surround himself by people who are capable of helping him to achieve that aim.
'Stagnant' is the word I'd use to describe Batley Bulldogs at the moment, and sadly it appears that too many fans are happy with that situation.

#3140842 The real problem at the Mount

Posted by TheTerminator on 14 June 2015 - 10:26 PM

I thought we'd spent a good amount of dosh assembling this years squad and we shouldn't put the club at risk of a financial spiral by spending next seasons brass on this and if we've got spare spend it next season, Sammut could quite easily be crocked on his first appearance! Watching the game today against a full time outfit a few days after playing another full time outfit I don't think we'll be relegated (my opinion). I do agree that a talent like Sammut could sneak us a game or two but I think we'll win those anyway with or without him.

People may think I've got my head up my ######, but we will stay up with the players we have

Using the logic of 'he could get injured in his first game', no club would sign any player.
Snapping up Sammut wouldn't just give us what we need, it'd be a huge boost for the fans, would perhaps attract some disillusioned fans back to games and would be a signal of our ambition.
The last genuinely top class player we signed (whilst still at the top of his game) was Steve Molloy in 2002. Those signings are the ones which create a new buzz around a club - something we desperately need.

#3140812 The real problem at the Mount

Posted by TheTerminator on 14 June 2015 - 09:40 PM

I note that the Sammut to Workington deal is dead in the water, apparently as they can't find the money to sign him.
We've had so many losses this season which would have been victories if we had a little extra attacking threat in the side. Given this information, I hope that we're going to be on the phone to him tomorrow morning. The addition of a flair player would push us over the line in games like todays.