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Time for a new TV deal?

10 October 2015 - 11:47 PM

At the end of tonight's Grand Final I was reflecting on the respective retirements of Sinfield and Peacock - commenting on their status as great role models and figureheads of the sport.
The sad thing for RL is that both are largely unknown outside the North of England, which is a reflection of the sport itself.

Sky has undoubtedly done great things for RL. However, our deal with them seriously restricts our ability to advertise the sport on a truly inclusive level across the country. Imagine the benefits for RL of an ad campaign and live games/tournaments played out on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or even Channel 5.

Is it time to negotiate with a different supplier? Many don't even know that RL exists. Surely if we want to grow the sport we need to be looking for a reasonable deal with a broadcaster that can offer us maximum, nationwide exposure. If we don't look at alternatives, we'll remain a hidden gem.

I'm fully aware that Sky pump a lot of money into Rugby League and that a different deal might reduce our income. I also have no idea of how closely we're tied into our arrangement with them. However, if possible, do we need to bite the bullet and consider short term loss against long-term growth if we're ever to become a popular, nationwide sport?

There is a clear media bias from some agencies against Rugby League. In my opinion, our current status as a sport which is showcased almost exclusively by Sky does nothing to improve our situation.

New player interviews, press releases and possible solutions

01 October 2015 - 01:05 PM

I note that the Dewsbury website features several short interviews with new players in which they outline their attributes, aspirations and the reasons why they've signed for the club.

Is their any chance of seeing interviews with Dave Scott and the other players who will hopefully follow him? A simple phonecall and someone taking notes would probably do the trick.

I realise that Tom Coates, a media professional (whose services are free of charge to Dewsbury), has facilitated the interviews and probably written them up. However, surely someone at our club is capable of completing a similar task and passing the finished article to the webmaster.

I also note that Doncaster have released a glossy image of Makali Aizue in a replica shirt shaking on a deal with Carl Hall. Again, surely we have someone at the club who could complete a similar task. The shortlived 'Marketing Team' certainly produced some very professional posters - presumably using software.

Do we have any tech savvy young fans who have ambitions to work in the media and could possibly fill a role? If someone from the club was able to effectively supervise their work we could look to use them in some capacity. We could even look to support him/her in developing their skills and abilities by enabling attendance at relevant courses/workshops etc. Perhaps they could be linked with a relevant, experienced 'buddy' from another, higher profile club. Some might not see this as a solution, but if we're not in a position to appoint an experienced, fully qualified publicist, we need to grow the resources which may already available to us.

One for Wire fans - Paul Younane

24 September 2015 - 10:47 PM

One for Warrington fans here;

Scanning my freeview guide tonight, I spotted a shopping channel show entitled 'Paul Younane Neckline Trainer Sale' and was sure I recognised the name.

Indeed, it turned out to be the obscure former Warrington import - advertising and explaining his 'revolutionary' fitness equipment to a captivated audience.

Season Ticket voucher draw winner and mailing list

16 September 2015 - 07:35 PM

Has the winner of the Hunslet corporate package come forward yet? I note that, on the club website, the winning voucher for the Hunslet game corporate package is season ticket number 103 - with the owner encouraged to come forward. Assuming the club keep a list of names and addresses alongside ticket number sold, shouldn't the winner be easily identifiable if they haven't yet been in touch with the club?
Another idea would be to use the names and addresses (perhaps also email contacts) as a mailing list to keep fans updated on events and developments at the club on a regular basis. I know plenty of people who would be more likely to attend events/participate in activities if something dropped on their doormat to remind them every now and again. Perhaps something monthly?