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Errol Stock

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In Topic: Where are you from, who do you support?

Today, 09:18 AM

Born Bradford - Live in Huddersfield


Support Bradford, Catalan, Batley, appreciate the ethos embraced by Leeds, The Game overall, Internationals, Magic Weekend, Summer Bash

In Topic: Wakefield v Leigh RL Cup Round 6 Sun 17th May K.O. 1415 BBC TV

19 May 2015 - 02:38 PM

Did anyone see him in the post-match interview? He didn't seem like a guy you'd run through walls for, he came across as a bit weird actually.


I know what you mean - but I put that down to stress - he looked ill and ill at ease with where he was.


If you remember - Brian Noble looked the same while at Salford under Mr CashKow.


Its not a pleasant place to be and sometimes you drop into the zone without realising - poor Shaun McRae almost had a nervous breakdown on live TV when it happened to him.

In Topic: 30 Apr: Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos KO 8pm (TV)

01 May 2015 - 02:18 PM

Well Brough was arguing he couldn't hear the ref shout held... The ref having said he shouted held.


So it would seem he shouted held and the players ignored.  Although whether that's because they did or didn't hear the ref is besides the point.


The obvious answer is a wi fi connection from referee to stadium PA system - now that would be interesting, colourful and we would certainly know why a decision had been made. ;)

In Topic: 30 Apr: Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos KO 8pm (TV)

01 May 2015 - 07:59 AM

The most dubious decisions were the penalty against Fartown for dragging into touch and the penalty for Leeds when Aiton dropped it in front of the sticks. For the first, personally I think he was fairly dragged out as it was continuous motion and he was on his feet as far as I could see. Fans love seeing these too so it dampens the game.


The tackle into touch decisions have been contentious for years - hard to keep a consistent approach to it - and did that linesman give the decision?


For me - regardless of technique - its only a penalty if the ref decides and shouts held. If we get into drag and push arguments - it adds complication.


I thought the decision was wrong myself - and I am well aware how annoying it is when the ref see's it differently!

In Topic: Magic Weekend 2015 Thread

15 April 2015 - 10:38 AM

We are going to both the Summer Bash & Magic Weekend - but only because Bulls are away to London that weekend. We have always embraced and enjoyed MW regardless of location and nothing will change that..


I emailed the RFL with the suggestion that each of the weekends should have a blank fixture list for the other to encourage increased attendances to both.


IE for MW there are no Championship games and discounts are offered to season ticket holders of those clubs - and to work in reverse for Summer Bash.


Got shot down in flames....


What do you think of my idea?