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Errol Stock

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In Topic: Bradford officially relegated

21 July 2014 - 08:27 AM

And as the argument cycles round for the umpteenth time....


This quote from someone I hardly ever agree with rings so true...


"There are not enough quality players to sustain the number of clubs demanding to be in top flight rugby league"


And until we have more people wanting to play the sport from grass roots upward - it will remain the case..


Add Nigel Wood to this situation - and it gets even more depressing.

In Topic: First game you attended?

21 July 2014 - 08:13 AM

October 1964 - Bradford Northern V York at Odsal. I can remember some of the players... Johnny Rae, Joe Levula, Brian Lord, Albert Wilkinson, Tommy Smales..


Smell of Wintergreen, orange slices in a bucket at half time for the players, coffee heavily laced with whiskey in the old wooden stand..


Even at my young age I found football a complete bore and still do - I got bitten by Rugby League that day in 1964 and never found the antedote..

In Topic: 17/07/14 - Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers KO 8pm (TV)

18 July 2014 - 07:47 AM

Fairly typical bile ridden thread...


A fantastic game of rugby league, packed to the rafters, a thrill a minute, skill, power, passion and controversy and after weeks of world cup ###### - a breath of fresh clean air....


All those who attended got the added bonus of not listening to the dull and negative commentary provided by Stevo - who hardly paid any credit.


But hey - lets ignore all that and have a ##### fest instead (again) :tomato:

In Topic: Dr K rips into Mcmanus

17 July 2014 - 09:45 AM

A chance to see a superstar very well might be the thing that compels them to attend. A chance to see two go head to head may compel even more.


Sport and its marketing is all about the story. Boxing promoters and Wrestling promoters learned long long ago that a fight with a story behind it, the young up and comer v the old stager, the rich glory boy v the poor scrapper, whatever the hook, they grab it and shout about it to get people interested. Football does this now, how much of the build up to a game is based on an interview with a player, how much are games hyped up on two players disliking each other, every real v barca game is all about the two best players in the world going head to head.


RL cannot do any of that because the narrative of the game in the public consiousness is that small regional sport, working class, best players leave for Oz or RU so not very good. Thats the starting point for most people in this countries knowledge of RL. Thats the shackle we need to break. We need to change the view to one where we are the biggest, best Rugby league on the planet, or at least up there with them. Where Hall V Charnely isnt a battle between two northern wingers, but between the two premier wingers in British rugby playing in the biggest rivalry in World Rugby.


Some within the game are happy with the game quietly working away, taking the safe options and grinding away, spending money sensibly and wisely, treating yourself to a glass of £5 wine with dinner and getting to bed early with a nice book. People get enough of that in their daily lives, Sport is an escape. People want the fantasy, they want superhumans playing for huge sums, they want to live vicariously through the gamble. They want a sport which is turning up to work late, drunk and still winning.


Right now we are selling the fantasy of the normal life of a dilligent accountant to people who want rockstars.


Perfect three paragraph summary..

In Topic: Dr K rips into Mcmanus

17 July 2014 - 09:44 AM

I remember the excitement when Ali Lauitiiti signed for Leeds, people who werent really RL fans had heard that Leeds were signing a superstar and excitement machine who played with a lot of flair and they were excited about it. They werent disappointed.


If 'star names' dont make a difference, we would be the only people in any entertainment industry where that is the case.