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In Topic: Gary Hetherington charged with improper conduct by RFL

24 September 2014 - 08:20 AM

IF its the authorities acting incorrectly?


I think the term witch-hunt was ill-advised if only because it detracted from the pretty important things he said after. However a witch-hunt could be factual and it is the most important aspect of his statement. If Hardaker was being treated unfairly then that should be addressed. It would be entirely wrong for the RFL to focus on Hardaker and try to make an example of him, to use means they wouldnt otherwise use and for their motive to have been anything other than the fair, consistent application of the rules and IF the RFL have done so it is of the highest imperative that that is brought to light. 


It also strikes me as ludicrous that the RFL made an accusation publicly of a player, provided no evidence for said accusation, then simply dropped it weeks later as if that was the normal way of dealing with things, then charge Hetherington for defending his player. If the onus is on Hetherington find a solution 'in house' (which i dont believe it was, sunlight is the best bleach) then that same onus was on the RFL.


Besides any of this it is just terrible PR from the RFL who have managed to not only publicly hang a player out to dry and walk back from it stating there was no evidence in the first place, cause a public row with one of the games leading figures, draw attention to their original error after everyone had moved on by charging said leading figure two weeks after the fact, then apply a huge double standard. 


There is not a single part of this where the RFL have chosen the right path, made the right decision or done something that can reasonably be described as 'correct' nevermind the heady heights of 'competent', we are light years away from 'good'.


(btw, if any of the other rumours about it are true, i.e Silverwood being told to include it in his report, then that should bring the RFL down. Regardless on where you stand on any other aspect of their work, there is one golden rule, the product on the field cannot be manipulated, referees have to be above that. If they arent, we are no longer a sport)


Brilliant summary. Despite some criticism of Richard Lewis - I trusted his integrity, motives and passion and I trusted him to run our game professionally.


That has completely disappeared and I see little difference between the shallow, lying toe rag that David Cameron is and Nigel Wood.


I sincerely hope you manage to attend the event below and repeat word for word what you posted here to the panel of people who are currently inflicting damage to our sport.



I am no fan of Gary Hetherington but for me - he is not the main issue - its the (lack of) integrity, consistency and proficiency of those charged with "managing" the sport.

In Topic: Koukash: Bulls would still be in Super League if my wife owned them

19 September 2014 - 08:49 AM

I don't mind the Doc generally, but he's latched himself to every single hot topic in the sport since he came in. No bad thing, but we were the big topic that week and he obliged. I don't even bother myself thinking "what if" because it clearly was never realistic. Case in point Mrs K said she would be open to getting involved with whoever did win the club after her bid was rejected - I'd be surprised if Marc Green has ever had a phonecall. Not that she's obliged to of course, but it was all in a good day's publicity.

I certainly don't think we'd have stayed up and I worry to think what the business plan might have been had we still gone down under the Koukash regime.


Agree with all that...


There are times when Mr CashKow comes out with utter rubbish, times when he hits the nail squarely on the head and times when he has his heart in the exactly right place.


Since Marc Green took control I have often debated with myself, whose style I pefer in terms of running the club and portraying it, Green or KashKou.


Have to say its the Marc Green style by a long way.


In fact none of the previous leaders ever took to the terraces or took as much time with the fans has he has done to date.


Probably been said already, but would rather be where we are now under Marc Green than where we might have been under Mrs KashKou.

In Topic: 13/09/14 - London Broncos v Bradford Bulls KO 3pm

18 September 2014 - 12:37 PM

Well, I certainly had a ton of fun. Real party atmosphere, cracking ground, warm welcome. I thought it would be a thumping after 15 minutes, but the Bulls clearly did well and switched off. All credit to London though, they clearly have a lot of spirit and the fightback was quite inspired. If I’m totally honest, a draw would have been a fair result (and quite fitting as two teams that didn’t draw this season), but I was quite proud of our fightback too!


I really hope the Broncos use next season as a springboard to a rebirth, if nothing else the fans really deserve it – every London fan I encountered on Saturday had a smile on their face and a great gallows humour attitude. A few I met in a pub in Waterloo after the game said they were actually looking forward to next season! Well I am too, and I hope to be up at The Hive again for the rematch. Long live the London Broncos!



In Topic: Holiday help needed - please !

21 August 2014 - 01:02 PM

If you have a car - do not miss a visit to Collioure - no rugby but a stunning place to spend a day. Make sure you are hungry - there are load of fantastic eating places and fresh seafood restaurants..


The link below shows you some pics of our visit - the lowest point was watching the game!! All the pics after the one of Oliver Elima are taken in Collioure.





In Topic: 17/08/14 - Bradford Bulls v Hull FC KO 3pm

18 August 2014 - 08:43 AM

Actually I thought this game was pretty enjoyable, but then I would say that. Thought we played some pretty good stuff – always easier when the pressure is off – and scored some exciting tries. I agree, we did control the game well when we went ahead and made the most of the opportunities we created, I don’t think you could say the same for Hull. In the opening half hour they could have killed the game off and never got close to doing so. A few people around me were questioning just why Hull persist with Radford, and I have to say I agree. At the moment, it’s not hard to see these two teams meeting again in the middle 8 next year unless something changes at the KC.




As for us, well it’s just good to enjoy watching RL again – players seem to be enjoying it too.




Hull were bigger than us and faster at the PTB - but the Bulls were like snapping terriers round their heels and never gave up.. a joy to see.


The players enjoying it is a big step forward and hasn't been the case for too long..


I feel sorry for Radford - not heard of the rumoured "rebellion" before this thread - but he has nowhere near enough experience to coach at this level yet.


I was amazed when he was appointed in the first place!


Taking the career paths of Lowes, McDermott, Anderson and Powell as a comparison - Radders is missing out a good few years of his apprenticeship.