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In Topic: 10m for Dissent?

09 March 2015 - 08:36 AM

Totally agree here - I hold the view this trend started with the appointment of a former coach to the post of Referees Controller - instead of a former referee..


But I could be wrong.


Backward step I think.

In Topic: 5 Mar: Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos KO 8pm (TV)

06 March 2015 - 11:33 AM

i thought the rhinos were awesome in the second half 

Me too! I saw them pre-season and that second half performance came as no surprise to me as thye were chucking the ball about high speed that day. You could see the potential (when the ball goes to hand)


Calum Watkins is sheer class and what he did last night would have been difficult to handle by any team (bar Wigan maybe?)


Seems a lot of stick is dished out to Lee Radford - but how about just saying the Leeds (2nd half) performance was a bit special?


Time will tell I guess.

In Topic: Bulls' administration rumbles on.

04 March 2015 - 03:15 PM

The patience of some people amazes me..


108 chars is the max I can be arsed to type over such a minor issue.

In Topic: Bulls' administration rumbles on.

03 March 2015 - 04:48 PM

OK Bulls Ltd has a substantial deficit of shareholders' funds, built up under OK, and arising principally because the money he put into the club was in the form of loans NOT as share capital


Looking at a business with a net worth after just 12 months under OK's control of minus £1.2m (based on what has been reported)


Minus 1.2 million in 12 months.


I was fooled at the start too..

In Topic: Whitehaven run out of steam as Gaskell inspires Bradford

27 February 2015 - 01:12 PM

Sad to see so few postings here or on RLFANS Whitehaven forums..


Belatedly, I would like to say your team and the travelling fans are a credit to our game.


The team never gave up for one minute of that game and those hardy fans deserve a medal.


Thats a long trip to visit a bitterly cold miserable stadium and see your side beaten.


Hope things improve for the club soon....