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In Topic: Hull FC and Hull KR to merge...

06 July 2015 - 08:18 AM

"It is a case of a decline in the talent pool in Hull with less school kids playing the game. We've not got the number of talented players. The cost of running a Super League team and an academy is high, sponsors are drifting away and we have a decline in talent.


"That decline in talent and the costs basis means this is a logical step and it's one we believe will help both clubs to produce Super League players.


I can understand the reaction within the city to this news. Its worrying. As a neutral I disagree with Pearson's logic completely. His quote above and his solution proves to me he hasn't tried to solve it - more stick plaster on it.


This may sound stupid - but wouldn't it be better for both clubs to combine efforts and funds to grow the sport back into schools and get kids back into playing from age 4/5/6 upwards?


I have always considered Hull to be a hot bed of RL and I was shocked to see Pearson's statement.


Is he right and me wrong?


Or is he wrong and I am right?



In Topic: Marquee Player rule approved

03 June 2015 - 12:45 PM

I can see both sides of the argument, and I'm not slavishly devoted to the idea of the marquee player rule. However, what edges it for me is to look at the England team that played in the World Cup semi-final and to note how many of those players don't play in SL, and, in one case of course, no longer play rugby. The sport isn't going to become more attractive if we let the top talent drift away.


However, I think the players to move to NRL then play for England are vastly improved by playing at that level and its the International team that benefits - so that WAS good and now it isn't.


And without doubt the high wage "marquee" tag will create division in the team. A friend of mine sold a new car to a top rated English prop (at the time) - he quite plainly stated he would be leaving his club as he was sick of the "Kiwi Boys" earning double his wage for the same amount of work (circa 2002). He did!


Wont be any different now..


Contra to that - IF its used to bring in or retain top talent - then will some of their skill pass on to our game? No idea!


Either way - the cart is placed firmly before the horse now - as the current structure has no way or path for giving game time to developing players - and indeed the Richard heads at the RFL fined Leeds for trying to further this cause :-(

In Topic: Why don't the fans like rugby league?

01 June 2015 - 09:49 AM

I watched just shy of 5 of the matches this weekend and loved it, but I can see why people don't want to sit for 6 games one after the other. As Padge says, it isn't that comfortable in a stadium for that length of time, and it can get quite cold (although we were lucky enough to be in the sun this weekend).


This year was imho the best yet in terms of people staying inside the stadium to watch other games, I was surprised how many people were in the ground for that first game, helped by a very healthy Widnes following.


Ditto all that.. I have been to every Magic Weekend since it started and I think at last - its concept is gaining in popularity.


I have always enjoyed and watched every game, and that at times tests the bum numb muscles considerably.. In the East stand this year - in the shade - flaming frozen daft..


I rated the Newcastle venue higher than Etihad for the same reasons as others - great transport system, plenty of facilities in and near the ground. Above all that - met some very friendly and welcoming locals with a genuine interest in our event..


Just really really wish the fights did not happen - the independent Newcastle United fans site has a small article on it - thankfully the twitterer who posted footage has deleted it..


No answer to it I am afraid.


Also went to Blackpool for the Summer bash, watched every game and enjoyed all that too - but hate Blackpool with a passion and I'm pretty sure it put some off from the other forum posts I read.


Anyway onwards and upwards for both events - long may they continue...

In Topic: Where are you from, who do you support?

22 May 2015 - 09:18 AM

Born Bradford - Live in Huddersfield


Support Bradford, Catalan, Batley, appreciate the ethos embraced by Leeds, The Game overall, Internationals, Magic Weekend, Summer Bash

In Topic: Wakefield v Leigh RL Cup Round 6 Sun 17th May K.O. 1415 BBC TV

19 May 2015 - 02:38 PM

Did anyone see him in the post-match interview? He didn't seem like a guy you'd run through walls for, he came across as a bit weird actually.


I know what you mean - but I put that down to stress - he looked ill and ill at ease with where he was.


If you remember - Brian Noble looked the same while at Salford under Mr CashKow.


Its not a pleasant place to be and sometimes you drop into the zone without realising - poor Shaun McRae almost had a nervous breakdown on live TV when it happened to him.