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  1. Theres nothing wrong in spending money to promote the club. Just don't spend that money on promoting the Bradford Bulls club in areas outside of Bradford that already have long-established Rugby League clubs that exist on a shoestring budget in terms of everything from player wages to self promotion. As I stressed, our clubs don't have the spending power to fund a glitzy promotional campaign, but that doesn't make it morally and ethically right for Bradford Bulls to pitch up less than a mile from both our respective grounds and start a recrtuitment drive.
  2. Without wishing to turn this into a personal slanging match, does this motto explain the roaring success of your own playing career?
  3. So you'd be happy to see the Bradford Bulls peddling their cheap season tickets in the middle of Castleford? I bet a large number of your fans, and especially your clubs board of directors, would be deeply unhappy.
  4. Personally, I was absolutely horrified at the sight of the Bradford Bulls Pledge 10'000 promotion bus parked in the car park of the Yorkshire Mill Village (less than one mile from Mount Pleasant) in Batley this morning. I understand the bus also visited not only the Birstall area, from where my club draws a good number of fans, but the cente of Dewsbury. Batley has a professional Rugby League club, as does Dewsbury, and we struggle year after year to attract fans on a miniscule promotional budget. In reality, we have to rely on our on-field success to attract floating, and fickle local supporters. As well as this cynical and selfish campaign in our towns being both morally and ethically wrong, Batley and Dewsbury are not even located in the same local authority as Bradford. In 1996, the Batley and Dewsbury clubs lost hundreds of existing and potential fans to Bradford Bulls, following a similarly cynical promotion drive, which included a school visitation programme in the Heavy Woollen district, despite the existence of similar schemes run by our professional sporting organisations. If any Bradford Bulls supporters wish to bicker with me over their right to advertise in other towns that already have long-standing Rugby League clubs, I would like to ask them how they would feel about, lets say, a Leeds Rhinos drive to attract fans from the Bradford area, which included a blue and amber promotional bus parked in the middle of Forster Square.
  5. I think Stanley Gene's maxed out credit cards would disagree with you on that one!
  6. Bailey isn't actually that bad a player, and certainly better than a lot of props in Super League. It would appear tha most people who constantly cricitise him for being 'dirty' didn't watch Rugby League prior to the Super League era, because there were a huge number of players who had a much nastier edge to their games knocking about then than Bailey.
  7. No way should Yeaman get anywhere near the squad. Five or six years ago it looked like he was something special in the making, but he's not progressed one iota since then. To be honest, he's done absolutely nothing for a few seasons now. Strange how quite a lot of promising Hull younsgters have failed to live up to their hype over the last few years. Washbrook, Lee, Yeaman, Hall are four guys who were all touted as future stars when the burst onto the scene, but they've never really had broken any pots. I'd even say that the likes of Cooke, Horne and King have never come close to fulfilling their potential.
  8. Not that many actually, I make it : Castleford Kent Invicta Mansfield Marksmen Sheffield Eagles Batley. I'd also imagine that if Reid was signed and registered by Salford then he can be counted as an ex-Salford player.
  9. I make it : Keighley Hunslet Hull Huddersfield Leigh York Halifax Barrow Oldham Dewsbury Impressive but he's still got some way to matching Damien Reid, who's played for : Leeds St.Helens Hunslet York Rochdale Keighley Batley Barrow Halifax Widnes Salford Gateshead Castleford Sheffield
  10. I'd expect Sheffield to go to Halifax and win on Thursday. Despite their injuries, Halifax still have a galaxy of Championship talent at their disposal, but they are diabolically coached and their tactics are non-existant. Despite the fact I can't stand him, Mark Aston is a very shrewd and clever coach and will exploit Fax's many deficiencies.
  11. I agree. We'd have been much better with Bobby Goulding, who had a half decent spell as coach of the world-class Rochdale Hornets, and went on to guide France to such success in the 2008 World Cup. If this suggestion was tongue in cheek, then I apologise. However, I doubt it was.
  12. As this is probably a replacement for the outgoing Worrincy, I'd say it improves the Bulls squad.
  13. There's at least one player from your regular XVII who'll be lining up for another Championship team next season. No doubt you'll find a good replacement for him though, Powell's recruitment always looks to be top notch.
  14. I'd say that on the basis of this season, Gareth Moore deserves the Scotland No.7 shirt more than Brough anyway.
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