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  1. https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/345264-gale-to-leeds/&tab=comments#comment-4191734
  2. I know how big MR was in the 70s over there. But I would suggest his appointment at Newcastle had more to do with the work he did bringing GB back from the doldrums of the Invincibles (82) and the Unbeatables (86) to win at the SFS in 88, the smashing in Melbourne in 92, one of the closest World Cup finals in a while, a very close Ashes series in 90, as well as series wins vs. NZ in 89, 90 and 93.
  3. Really? You don't think his stint as GB coach had anything to do with it then?
  4. England beat NZ pretty comfortably on neutral territory in Denver
  5. In your dreams. You've got such a chip on your shoulder, and when people call you out in it, attempt to justify it with completely OTT claims. NSW pumped Queensland in game 2 of Origin this year - is that an unbalanced competition?
  6. Ive got a spare in block 102 if you're interested?
  7. Completely agree - the perception is that football is extremely expensive, and RL similarly cheap, but that is not borne out by the reality.
  8. Thats fine, but as a general rule, you aren't going to get a 'standard match day adult ticket' at United. You need to be a member for starters, as tickets only ever go on open sale to non-members once in a blue moon (ie League Cup early rounds etc), whereas I believe the prices quoted on there are non member prices.
  9. No, cheapest adult season ticket in the Stretford End & East Stand (the purple bits) are £522. Divide that by 19 = £27.50 per game Actually cheaper than I originally calculated).
  10. Just to correct that - cheapest adult tickets at MUFC are £29
  11. Due to the increased TV & commercial revenue etc brought in from having a NZ team in the comp. If you want more info, search for the posts
  12. I think that’s been comprehensively disproved a number of times on here previously.
  13. Naylor to leave at the end of the season https://roughyeds.co.uk/2019/08/scotts-seven-year-reign-as-oldham-boss-coming-to-an-end/
  14. I am assuming this statement is based on the comments in the other thread, however, it has already been confirmed that next year, England will play Australia in a three match series.
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