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  1. England Knights vs Jamaica. Great decision i my opinion. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/55309/england-knights-to-play-jamaica-in-october
  2. Wow these post-match interviews are terrible. I hate to suggest it but is there a health reason for her standing down (I think this may have been mentioned before)?
  3. that's like saying she's taller than Danny DeVito.....
  4. I'm annoyed at Sky today, as I had recorded it on SS Main event; however, when I went to watch it this afternoon, they had replaced it on SSME with the cricket that overran from yesterday.....
  5. This was mentioned in the pre-match stuff on Thursday I think, but no real details as far as I remember
  6. Not as far as I am aware. The rules were changed a few years ago, hence why Lam played SoO in the 90s, and others up until the last 5 or so years
  7. No, he is ineligible for senior SoO, as he was not a resident in Qld by his 13th birthday
  8. Cost, and the poor relationship between the CEO and the football club due to previous incidents
  9. What ever your thoughts about the 9s competition, it is clearly not a tin pot stadium in any way
  10. No, as RS explained, it was more to do with the opportunism and outright two faced approach of Oldham Council
  11. I'm glad that you explained it, as I couldn't bring myself to put into words how the council screwed us over....
  12. If you go on and register, every single Origin game is there, in full
  13. Yep, Watersheddings was pretty rammed that day, we won and then played Wigan in the semi, ironically at the McAlpine.
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