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  1. I dont know for sure as I dont use them, but had heard that it didn't. Go on the website or get in comms with them and see what they say....
  2. Yes, you can pause your Sports package subscriptions, whilst keeping access to the channels (even in the absence of live sport)
  3. I know, you'd edited before i finished posting
  4. Why is it a joke? If the pitch is in an unfit state due to recent inclement weather, what do you suggest should be done instead? x
  5. A short walk? Its a good mile and a half or so! I used to live on Herbert Street, and my bedroom window overlooked about 2/3's of the pitch - I miss that old place
  6. Dave Woods did the BBC RL podcast this week with Radford and Andy Last. He came across much better than I had previously felt he did, and he is clearly driven to win things with FC.
  7. I took my step dad to his first game that day. Wilson Marsh kicked 11 from 12 from all over the place if I remember rightly.
  8. Theres been quite a few pictures on Souths' social media showing him being involved in the coaching. I think he is over to be at a sportsman's dinner, and may well be attending the RL Cares GB Lions event this weekend. I guess it also allows him to watch his brother play for Wigan next week too.
  9. Ask and ye shall receive : https://www.roosters.com.au/news/2020/01/17/swans-hero-nick-davis-switches-codes-to-represent-roosters-at-nrl-nines/
  10. Maybe because physically dominating your opponent isn't always about fighting?
  11. That couldn't happen - planning restrictions wouldn't allow it due to the local residents sightlines and light being negatively impacted, I believe
  12. Schedule announced https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56149/expanded-our-league-championship-coverage-in-
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