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  1. I took my step dad to his first game that day. Wilson Marsh kicked 11 from 12 from all over the place if I remember rightly.
  2. Theres been quite a few pictures on Souths' social media showing him being involved in the coaching. I think he is over to be at a sportsman's dinner, and may well be attending the RL Cares GB Lions event this weekend. I guess it also allows him to watch his brother play for Wigan next week too.
  3. Ask and ye shall receive : https://www.roosters.com.au/news/2020/01/17/swans-hero-nick-davis-switches-codes-to-represent-roosters-at-nrl-nines/
  4. Maybe because physically dominating your opponent isn't always about fighting?
  5. That couldn't happen - planning restrictions wouldn't allow it due to the local residents sightlines and light being negatively impacted, I believe
  6. Schedule announced https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56149/expanded-our-league-championship-coverage-in-
  7. That then leaves the opportunity for them to refuse to invite them - possibly providing a covering window for the effects of PEDs to wear off
  8. Of course they should - how else would they conduct 'out of competition' testing?
  9. So when would their off season/pre-season period be? Your initial suggestion was an international 9s in Nov/Dec. If they finished their season mid Sept, that gives 6weeks for rest & pre-season to start the 9s in November.
  10. But as a general rule, without more money, the quality to support that simply isn't there at the moment
  11. Player safety clearly not an issue for you at all then....
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