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  1. Matt Blythe is now a close protection specialist/ bodyguard
  2. And some really clever(and topical) videos for the host city announcements
  3. Yep - so not only is MF a snake, he's not even that good at it ?
  4. Another throwback on Sky Sports Arena tonight at 2000 - London Broncos vs St Helens at The Valley from 1996
  5. Yeah, I certainly didn't get the impression he wasn't happy either
  6. Well, given that ours is known as the RLWC, its pretty much self-evident
  7. Little snippet on Fox League this morning the Bateman has asked Wigan about coming back next year https://twitter.com/johnnyddavidson/status/1267395985975783424
  8. Confirmed as cancelled unfortunately https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56816/rfl--arlc-confirm-cancellation-of-rugby-league-ashes-series https://www.rugby-league.com/covid_19_coronavirus_ticketing_faqs#ashes
  9. Well, his family are based in Manchester, so I would go with Manchester to Rochdale = 14 miles ?
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