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#3073699 Keith Mason Update

Posted by Errol Stock on 17 February 2015 - 02:42 PM

Once again the victim comes of worse.


He escaped a jail sentence here down to a load of bull spouted by his expensive solicitor - in the meantime the poor woman remains in pain.


Judge must be soft in the head to fall for that..


"Concussion"  - yeah sure.


Clever move though I must admit - if he had stayed at the scene of his accident and been given the appropriate tests - would all have been different.

#3067289 An Evening with Bradford Bulls - lots of positive news

Posted by Errol Stock on 06 February 2015 - 09:10 AM

Like John (and probably others) - I have been around this club for a very long time..


I cannot remember a single prevous owner/chairman who has worked as hard as Marc Green to build a relationship with the fan base, who treats us as "customers" and who listens to what is said to him.


Add to that, the speed at which he works to put things right and improve the business - simply the best (and smartest) leader we have had (Since Joe Phillips)


He brings a professionalism to the club not seen before, these "Evening with the Bulls" are very well presented, slick, humourous and very enjoyable. The rappor between Marc, Robbie and Jimmy is a joy to see and the fact its on display to the fans is also a new experience.


For the first time since the Steve McNamara era, I am buzzing with enthusiasm for my own team, something which I thought I would never experience again.

#2980974 Holiday help needed - please !

Posted by Errol Stock on 21 August 2014 - 01:02 PM

If you have a car - do not miss a visit to Collioure - no rugby but a stunning place to spend a day. Make sure you are hungry - there are load of fantastic eating places and fresh seafood restaurants..


The link below shows you some pics of our visit - the lowest point was watching the game!! All the pics after the one of Oliver Elima are taken in Collioure.





#2968418 Terry Price

Posted by Errol Stock on 31 July 2014 - 08:31 AM

I saw him play for Bradford Northern through his career there.


Kicked goals from just about anywhere!


I got a job as a paper lad and ended up delivering his Sunday papers every week - I was so excited I used to shake when he took them off me and I couldn't speak :fie:


He lost his life in a tragic and bizarre way - I was very sad when I read the report....


I will try find the progam - thanks for the heads up.

#2962682 First game you attended?

Posted by Errol Stock on 21 July 2014 - 08:13 AM

October 1964 - Bradford Northern V York at Odsal. I can remember some of the players... Johnny Rae, Joe Levula, Brian Lord, Albert Wilkinson, Tommy Smales..


Smell of Wintergreen, orange slices in a bucket at half time for the players, coffee heavily laced with whiskey in the old wooden stand..


Even at my young age I found football a complete bore and still do - I got bitten by Rugby League that day in 1964 and never found the antedote..

#2953467 New contract for Chris Hill at Wire.

Posted by Errol Stock on 02 July 2014 - 01:10 PM

Really pleased for him - he has worked hard, come through the ranks and is an outstanding lad.


Warmed the cockles of my heart to watch him play for England it did.


A view obviously shared at Wire - thats a nice, well deserved deal.

#2948983 James Lowes to be announced as new Bradford Bulls coach....

Posted by Errol Stock on 24 June 2014 - 10:03 AM

1. It's hard, you talk about lack of engagement – and yet Hood and Khan held endless fans forums and a lot of it was bluster, or as we later discovered just outright lies. It was an illusion of engagement.

What do you want him to say that could realistically go in the public domain? People want “the truth” of the situation, I suspect – to mangle a famous quote – we can’t handle the truth, or it would do more harm than good.


2. With a head coach now in place, and 2nd tier RL to be confirmed in the next month or so, I’d be surprised if wheels weren’t in motion soon and announcements came soon after.


3. To be honest this appointment to me smacks of Noble-lite. Not in terms of ability, but I believe had Noble been appointed, it would have been the single person they could have brought to the club that may well have stopped the crowds drifting away in such large numbers, with a stong proven link to the past. Now Nobby either wasn’t interested or we couldn’t afford him – no point pondering which – but the next best option with a strong link to the glory days who is in coaching is Jimmy. The selling point for the club seems to have been “he is passionate and he likes Bradford and used to play for us” presumably as they think this might get people back through the gates, whilst seemingly ignoring the post 2005 portion of his CV.


4. Now don’t get me wrong, now he’s in charge, I’ll support him – as I would any coach who came in – but that doesn’t mean I think he’s been appointed for the right reasons. If he’d never played for the Bulls I don’t think he would be anywhere near this job and that’s what worries me. Think it’s a total knee jerk.


1. You are correct - BUT as you say - these were damaging. That damage needs to be repaired IMO.. The fans are hugely important to the income of the club.


My gut feeling for Marc Green is totally opposite to what my guts told me about the previous set.


I believe we should be given an opportunity at a truly honest open forum (difficult I know) and exchange views via two way communication and not a single one way press channel.


If he comes across as a true and honest man to a group of fans - that's precisely what is needed.


Personally, I have no interest in the murky waters of the past, I don't see any point in even discussing what has happened as we are not going to alter that.


Its more the detailed plan for the future I really want to discuss.


I guess its obvious here I am pinning my hopes on Marc Greens honesty - so if I am wrong, you would be spot on about the validity of a forum.


If I am wrong and a forum is not what is wanted - I still want to see what is meant by Steve Ferres's quote of engaging with fans and getting us on board.


The management board must know that at some point, they are going to ask us to dig into our wallets - and they need to be successful in doing so.



2. Hope you are correct!


Would have preferred more signings for FC to have worked with but that didn't happen, maybe for the reasons you quote.


I would prefer them to drop the points appeal now and channel the money towards building for next season - this one is already over.


3. I am not sure on that one myself.


Never go back I think. Brian was (part of) the glorious years but trying to repeat something second time around is pretty hard.


You may be right about stemming the leak of fans, but we won't know now.


4. On this one - we can only guess how the appointment process went. If only we were a pair of fly's on that office wall eh ;-)


In fact, thinking about it - I don't even know anything about Steve Ferres's CV (how would I!) - so as far as being confident in his ability to run our club - not a clue!


Would be interested to hear from Cas fans about his successes there?


And if Jimmy has managed to repeat whatever it was that turned Daryl Powell into an astute coach - then whoopee and I shut my cakehole :-)

#2945522 Bradford Bulls part company with coaching duo (merged threads)

Posted by Errol Stock on 16 June 2014 - 02:44 PM

Would prefer John Kear on a short term deal..

#2945521 Bradford Bulls part company with coaching duo (merged threads)

Posted by Errol Stock on 16 June 2014 - 02:43 PM

Some of the twitter press (Walker, Irvine, Hannan) think its a bad decision and not well supported by the fans. 


They cannot have attended Wigan, Catalan and Salford away then.. Fingers not on the pulse methinks!

#2940240 And just as Zak was getting his act together

Posted by Errol Stock on 06 June 2014 - 12:54 PM

I said the HR people were idiots, the religious person was acting substantially outside of the norm associated with people of even quite strict Christian faith and very few courts would side with them.  Anyway, I should have stopped this rather than responding to the original comment as it's way off topic.  Please keep on the original subject.


Well I may have put it in a roundabout way - but essentially its on topic - because where we are going with this issue - is a (flexible) list of words which cannot be used.


Over the years - dependant upon who gains what rights, the insult dictionary will shrink. Still think its going to be difficult to manage on a rugby field.


And as the discussion has developed - I suddenly and belatedly wonder why neither of the players were not sent off for abusing the referee (now switched to Michael Monoghan!)


In fact - I may tweet that question to #ask the refs!

#2935533 Photographer

Posted by Errol Stock on 27 May 2014 - 08:31 AM

I thought this thread would have been short and quiet - how wrong could I be!


Here is what happened to me - A simple quest to buy a present;


My sons girlfriend is mad keen on Tom Brisco, so I thought I would buy a high quality image of him, get him to sign it and frame it for a Christmas present.


I already knew about Gary's web site and profession so I contacted him first - just wanted to buy a photo from him - not allowed!!


Looked at Rhinos shop - no good.

Looked on Hull website - no good.


Google images - quite a few and some good - but always traced back to Getty Images - and here you hit the wall.


Getty assume anyone wanting an image is a business, and you cannot buy it - you "rent" it for a daily fortune!!


After a few days searching I stumbled on the Hull Daily Mail website - they sell hi-res pics and at last I found what I wanted - a mere £16 for a corker of a shot.

Getting Tom to sign was the easy bit.


But what a load of pratting around for something so simple - and did he get any royalty from that sale to me?

No idea - and neither did he!


I can see both sides of this, totally understand why the RFL brought rules in - and for Gary not to be able to sell his own images seems wrong to me.


I have equipment capable of producing shots to a professional standard - but the best ones will always be the unobstructed view - as those of Tommy Makinson's tries prove.


I have "got away with" taking my gear into championship clubs and grabbing some shots - but don't do it often. It's not worth the hassle.


What is beyond doubt - the whole issue needs looking at, camera manufacturers are rapidly packing more and more quality into smaller discreet bodies, the rules need to change and enforcement needs to be possible (phones) and consistent...


But I won't be holding my breath!

#2932841 The Magic Weekend Match Thread

Posted by Errol Stock on 21 May 2014 - 09:50 AM

Here's what my eyes saw;


7 games of rugby league in which every player in every team gave all they had on the day.

2 days of superb skill and athletlicism delivered by players who don't cry if someone forgets their birthday and are not paid more than the Prime Minister

Fair bit of drama

A fantastic stadium bathed in colour

Lots of smiles and happy people

Brilliant "fancy dress"

Some good live music and a fair bit of partying

True friends wearing and supporting a variety of team colours all sat together.

Banter and laughs with stewards

Banter and laughs with Metro Tram staff.

A unique sporting event.. Quote from DJ Spoony - "All sport should be watched this way - a truly fantastic experience" - Yes it is!

Extreme consumption of alcohol even at £4.20 a pint - how do they fit all that liquid in?

Some ejections from the ground

A few unsavoury drink related incidents.


You might be able to tell - this event for me is the bees knees - just love it.


Sustaining and continuing the event will ensure the crowds will increase - word of mouth - its great, just get there and all that.

#2932509 Small minded idiots boo Marwan Koukash

Posted by Errol Stock on 20 May 2014 - 12:31 PM

and koukash wasn't being peurile and insulting when he said losing in the challenge cup to a team like widnes was the lowest point of his sporting life ??

Or you could call it a motivational speech better than Dennis Betts could deliver, judging from the way the Widnes lads ripped into Salford - it worked a treat.


No point in arguing over Mr KashKow - just let what goes around come around.

#2923714 Sally Bolton leaves Rugby League

Posted by Errol Stock on 02 May 2014 - 02:57 PM

Utterly Utterly hacked off... I am only posting this to vent my anger and frustration even though I know it goes nowhere and does no good :angry:


I attended 90% of the RLWC games and loved every minute of it, more than one occassion the hairs on the back of my neck were on end. The whole series went far better than I had imagined in my wildest dreams.


All along I kept thinking what an opportunity to grow the game at grass roots and outside the M62 corridor. My hopes were raised further by the release of the stats about the attendees - most of which had gone for the first time and lived well outside the "heartlands".


So I sit and wait and sit and wait - nothing.


The season starts - still nothing - and now it feels that all the impetus gained has now evaporated.


I have absolutely no faith in Nigel Wood whatsoever - I actually believe he has damaged and continues to damage the game.


I will also point out that he only achieved his position by waiting for a better man to move on, he is effectively self appointed.


If you look on the RFL website the board of directord evaluate themselves "The Board undertakes a formal and rigorous annual evaluation of its own performance and that of its committees and individual directors"


So nothing is going to change then!


Once again my dreams are shattered and my anger and frustration grows.


Nigel Wood ends up as chief of another organisation and Sally Bolton leaves :angry: More or less on the same day. What a double whammy - could it get any worse?


I believe there is far more to  the disquiet on the thread running about the disciplinary process and the two chairmen who have actually said something -

for me its not about the clubs beng dealt with inconsistently, its about how the game is being mis-managed right across the board.


I had a dream that in my lifetime I would see International Rugby League grow and blossom and begin to compete and beat the Aussies - and gain the recognition and respect the players deserve - regardless of club.


Well thats well and truly ********* now :angry:

#2832358 Cooper Cronk conveys meaning of Rugby League World Cup via jersey swap with L...

Posted by Errol Stock on 11 November 2013 - 11:31 AM

When I bought my tickets in June - I did not expect anything like what has unfolded in front of me...


There are moments I will never forget and never foresaw.


I feel privelidged to have witnessed our sport in the light that has shone on it, the players and the people who have made the effort to fill the stadiums.


And this story is yet another testatment to all of the above.