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In Topic: 03/08/14 - The Kingstone Press Championship 1 Match Thread

31 July 2014 - 08:47 PM


Thunder and Hunsket to win.

If Skolars sort out the errors, they will win...if not Oldham will.

York should win but fancy a surprise home win.

Missing this game and the next Skolars "home" game against Oxford at Hemel. Understand why the club cannot play Oxford at Enfield but cannot help thinking a one off game at one of the local RU clubs would have been great"

There aren't a lot of RU clubs in North London to choose from.

Surely better any money for pitch hire/bar takings stays in RL.

Skolars will need to sort out a lot of errors from last week.

In Topic: South East & London Cup

23 July 2014 - 08:53 PM

I picked North Herts over St Ives as they're closer but both not bad sides. It is tricky though, expect we'll end up with say an 8 team premier and no division 1. Newham would be the victims as they're probably okay staying where they are but IMO even a 10 team premier would be too much. The east division is improving though, I wouldn't rule out St Albans and possibly even Eastern Rhinos eventually deciding it's a match for London premier. Hemel A too if they don't go down the Championship fringe players route Skolars have gone down

How can a reserve team of a Championship 1 club not have Championship 1 fringe players in it ?


Roy's idea makes a lot of sense. Just about every year for the last decade there have been teams in the south starting a season being thrown into a division above when they are clearly not ready, sometimes they've been thrown into that division during the season. The effect on those clubs has been disasterous. But with several clubs in the same position there are still winnable games. There would need to be some penalties to stop clubs just playing the weaker sides and defaulting against the rest.


Something drastic needs doing, otherwise more clubs will join Essex Eels, Kent Ravens, Farnborough, London Griffins, Luton Vipers & Barking & Dagenham (to name just 6 of a very long list)

In Topic: Why isn't there at least one Elite One Championship side in the middle 8?

23 July 2014 - 08:37 PM

There's a big gap between Elite 1 and the Championship.

Look how Toulouse did when they were in the championship and that was with a far more generous overseas quota than any of the other clubs in that league, as have all the French clubs that have played in the Challenge Cup over the last decade.

And if a French club were in the middle 8 as suggested, one of the 8s would have 9 teams unless 6 clubs get dumped out of the Championship this season.

I'd love to see a strong French RL, but moving another side out of the French comp won't help.