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#3243693 Dr Marwen CEO

Posted by Middleman on 06 December 2015 - 11:01 AM

It's all going to plan , so far :-


All the information on the club ( Tickets - playing - merchandising ) is coming from the club in an even & timely manner. and not via an ill written gossip column in the local rag .


the club is even responding to fans feedback ( additional 10% discount for existing season pass holders, move to the east stand for the opening games )

signings sound like honest players prepared to put a shift in if required . .


the Head Coach is a local lad

the Associate sponsors are local

the shirt is not awful & the headline sponsor is recognisable  


the owner has ceded any input into rugby matters to the second most successful coach in Aus RL

and is moving to physical business of operating the club.


mine you it's still close season & no ones passes a ball yet so still time smash the china shop  

#3243254 2016 Shirts

Posted by Middleman on 04 December 2015 - 07:55 PM

Fair Play , Wigan Home top is a near Direct copy of their old 1990's Ellgren Top.( courtesy of Old Rugby Shirts com ) 

Get me a Stones Bitter...



#3232919 'Coal Train' Arrives

Posted by Middleman on 12 November 2015 - 10:30 PM

They didn't ask to be put in a competition where you now have to finish in the top 8 at all costs. They are adapting and planning to survive - end of.



End of what ?

Rational argument?

fair play .even playing field ?

any justification of the waiver of the quota rules ? 


I thought it was to allow the blossoming of  more  french elite players fit for SL &  a competitive International side , instead we now have the Sydney expat chuffing globetrotters and a national team that get pasted 80 points by england & can't beat Wales .

#3232871 'Coal Train' Arrives

Posted by Middleman on 12 November 2015 - 09:28 PM

15 years into the merged clubs history , now there's more overseas signing than ever ..
They'll be a force next season but at the expense of a total abandonment of French player development.

If you a ambitious french elite league player there more chance of breaking into SL via Craven Park, the AJ Bell, or down Wheldon Rd, than the Stade Gilbert Brutus..

#3216519 Salford will play most SL games on Friday nights, and close at least one stan...

Posted by Middleman on 18 October 2015 - 01:23 PM

Of the 11 Home fixtures last season.
We only played on Sunday 5 times.
1 x Easter Monday
2 x Thursday
2 x Friday
1 x Saturday
5 x Sunday

Had we finished in the top 8 the remaining 3 fixtures would have been played on a Thursday or Friday night.

The low crowd figure mentioned was a Sunday fixture hastily moved to Friday for TV

The next home game was also a friday, but got 6,159 one of our highest attendances.
The second lowest attendance was a Sunday, not on TV and only2, 712 went.

The club has opted for Fridays.
Fridays evening is traditionally Salford's game day,
The club felt it had to reestablish a recognisable day & kick off time
It lessens the impact on recovery days when the club is playing tv games or the majority of other teams who now choose friday as their game day
It does lessen impact from football and other weekend leisure activities.
From a season ticket aspect last seasons half Friday, half Sunday pleased nobody, everyone got confused when we were playing, and just as many people on weekend shift work , shop work did not buy season passes as they couldn't make a sizeable number of fixtures.
The hospitality were harder to sell for the sunday game than for the Friday evening games.

Our first two 2016 games have been announced, Friday away at Hull, the following Thursday night home to Saints.

On the closed stand, the East seated stand, it was only sparsely populated, so a barely filled or empty stand is neither here not there.
As we are tenants , it will mean not having to hire 6 or so stewards, kiosk staff and the clean up for 11 fixtures so I guess it will add up.
The club are best sticking with a recognisable game day and promoting well.
Its sad that some will feel disenfranchised but its up to them to make it work.

#3216397 Leigh to ignore Salary Cap

Posted by Middleman on 18 October 2015 - 11:11 AM

Being able to run a team in SL to the full salary cap doesn't mean your team will automatically be able to compete, or be better than teams running on a smaller budget.
Just ask Salford , or London circa 2013. Or Hull.
I stand to be corrected but doubt Castleford spend the full cap under their present coach.
Throwing money at teams doesn't automatically make them better.
I don't begrudge Beaumont doing what he thinks neccessary to get Leigh to SL I just doubt it's guarantee of success, especially at the expense of their own Academy.
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#3161546 17 Jul: Leeds Rhinos v Salford Red Devils KO 8pm

Posted by Middleman on 20 July 2015 - 06:41 PM

  • A couple of things - 1. I was at the game and I saw a top of the table side fully refreshed after playing 8 days previously , and looking to respond to a loss ,  overwhelm a 11th placed  team that only had a four day turnaround .
  • Leeds are a team on it's day who can put high scores on most opponents including 46 against St Helens 2 weeks previously .
  • I rate McDermott highly, but was surprised he levelled the blame to the owners antics rather than the more obvious fitness issue , Leeds were pumped , Salford were drained.    

Salford & its outspoken owner are somewhat an easy target for criticism , however what I find odd is the it's predominantly Yorkshire based chairman,coaches & ex Players that seem to be forming a queue to have their say over the past season  - Paul Anderson - Kath Hetherington - Richard Agar - now the Leeds Coach . swiftly followed by that bastion of unprejudiced journalism :- Garry Schofield


I'm not daft enough to come on here to defend Marwan , but I'm undecided whether McDermott's comment were aimed at the welfare of Salford's players or just plain ol' sticking the boot in ... 

I bet his comments really gave them a lift ........

#2953441 USA and Super League

Posted by Middleman on 02 July 2014 - 12:23 PM

Before any such talk they need a unified competition

there are now supposed to be 10 AMNRL teams but unsure how healthy they are.

the USARL now number 11 teams 7 of who defected from the ' official body ' and look much more active but were excluded from selection to the Tomahawks.

Heads need knocking together so they can unite & growth organically without outside influence other than dialouge with SL - NRL sides in developing their own talent.

Pre season exhibition matches to raise awareness

SL is a pipe dream at this stage.  

#2952437 Todd Carney has been sacked.

Posted by Middleman on 30 June 2014 - 03:18 PM

As mentioned before ,

Greg Bird

Joel Monaghan

have ended up playing SL after misdemeanours , one IMHO far more serious , yet we seem to dwell more on the one that was a stupid prank gone wrong , yet the other is back in the NRL now a lauded Origin Player ... 

We could name a dozen RL  players still plying their trade in NRL-SL or Championship found guilty of violent crime or criminal damage  . two in the Team I support + we'd signed a guy with a record of driving offences.

yet we seem obessed with a guy playing with his wee wee.

The player who has had a past record of driving & alcohol related incidents. but had held onto his NRL career.


I'm not defending his prank or the decision made by his club. it just seems the sport seems to ride the nastier incidents with players yet over-react to the embarrasing lewd behaviour .  

#2930514 Salford sign Jones-Bishop

Posted by Middleman on 16 May 2014 - 05:24 PM

Oddly enough in the absence of an answer my own research reveals the current Salford side to be antipodeans with a sprinkling of players born and developed in Leeds, Wigan, St.Helens and Hull.


Quite a co-incidence. I can trace top class local products from Betts to Morley, to McAvoy, Alker and maybe Ratchford but I dunno where exactly he was born and started the game?.


I have the star studded 1973 Salford team half a dozen from RU, half a dozen from Wigan/Saints and four from Cumbria!! I also note there was an attempt to improve the community junior game seven years ago with the "Reds Foundation", not sure where that went?

 It went here Mr Parklife http://www.salfordre...undation.co.uk/ have a root .


Not wishing to contradict yout view as quite rightly our present squad is more - Kolpac than Lower Kersal. but we are trying to spark life with RL development in Trafford & East Manchester .aswell as the more local areas  


Academy Trained Players ( Salford ) who have played SL in the last 12 months for Salford or other SL teams :-

Jordan Turner

Kallum Watkins 

Stephan Ratchford

Marc Sneyd 

Michael Platt

Jason Walton

Adam Walne  

Jordan Walne

Gareth Owen

Will Hope

John Ford

Alex Davidson

Niall Evalds


Growth & influx of new academy players will take some time as we rebuild following our practical demise late 2012 - with a new crop of U16's U19's that will take some time to develop , including players already from these development areas

#2854710 2014 Kits

Posted by Middleman on 19 December 2013 - 11:02 PM

Appalling, both of them


Agreed those salford ones are defo the worst.........I know the Dr is big on Horse racing but that jockey esq away jersey is awful


Salford home isn't the worst jersey this season.. the away top is pretty horrid though.

As a Salford supporter , 6 years of kooga designs have thrown up some strange designs , on a lighter note next season they're trialling the novel approach of actually putting rugby league players in them..


Posted by Middleman on 11 June 2013 - 04:48 PM

Presumably they'll run on the pitch with 'This Charming Man' playing