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Today, 07:15 PM

You obviously didn't see Paul wood against the bulldogs tom, you wouldn't have noticed him he was a nonentity, suppose there will be games when he'll step up to the plate but on the evidence of that game I'm sure he's on more money than he's worth and I'm sure carvel will be a similar case nobody really wants him Warrington, hull and cas are proof of that two men living on their reputation

We will see reg time will tell but to single out wood from that friendly performance is a bit OTT IMO as none of them turned up and probably didnt want to be their. Friendlies mean nothing to me you could of won 100-0 and I wouldn't of blinked twice reg. when it matters week in week out I'm sure wood carvell etc will show you otherwise but until the season gets properly underway we don't know anything. One thing I am very confident of though is we will finish at least 4th I'm in no doubt about that and I doubt batley will finish above us so like I say friendlies mean nothing. Look at last season we put wakey and hull right to the sword in friendlies and we didn't win the league by a cantor like most thought we would after those friendlies. I'm not saying wood and carvell are world beaters either but they are in a good team and I'm fairly confident their still too good for championship level but like I say time will tell.

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Today, 05:36 PM

Gaz it'll be a great achievement if you can finish above any of the full time teams . It is a massive inherent advantage .

Yes very true David and it will be very hard but other than leigh. The bulls and London are not used to going to places like Fev batley town haven etc especially in mud bath grounds and I think they can get turned over at least once by a PT team. Especially London if you factor in the traveling times too they won't like going to places like Fev batley town etc on a cold wintery day I'm sure.

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Today, 05:33 PM

would much prefer fev or Leigh to go up over the likes of bradford and london.

Same with me wonky mate if we don't go up I hope leigh and someone else can other than bulls or London.

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Today, 02:05 PM

seasoned pros but i wonder how much game time fev will get out of them?

A lot I reckon unless we rotate as we have at least a 30 man squad. Wood as played every friendly so I assume he will be in the starting line up barring injuries of course. Carvell only signed last night so who knows but I fully expect him to play if he's not injured. We must have the biggest pack in the championship now with the 2 Aussies still to come over too to bolster our pack and got to say verlinden looks a man mountain he will take some stopping. Obviously reni maitua speaks for itself and hitchcox still to arrive. Looking forward to this season and I think we will take some stopping this season as we have quality all over the park and I reckon our pack will boss many packs and hold their own against every pack in this league this season. Top 4 at the very least for us I reckon but time will tell. I also reckon you guys will make the 8 too but who knows until we get under way. Good luck for the season guys.

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Yesterday, 09:58 AM

I know this is kind of off topic but I always thought a cup competion between the NRL and SL would be a great idea. Obviously their probably isn't time in the year to do this but I think if they could make room for it maybe lose the CC and replace it with this kind of comp. just a thought but I think if it was televised too hopefully it would get loads watching it as it would be a great comp I reckon.i know traveling etc would be a factor too but alternate the comp every season ie this year say play the comp in aus next year here and so on.