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In Topic: Andy Kain

17 December 2014 - 06:43 PM

Been able to shine this year and struggled behind previous packs. Kainy excelled in 09 when we finished 6th and we're building. Kainy was useful in any given situation til 2013. He towed last year and I'm not surprised he's gone.
09-13 kainy was the better pivot of the two. Only that little bug ger Blacky got close

I agree with everything in your post robin. Kainy as been the best along with blacky. If blacky had stayed at fax I think he could of pipped kainy. Like you say i think it was time to part with kainy but he will definately do a job for hunslet i just think he towed a bit last season through age or injuries who knows but sykes was always going to get the 6 shirt when he arrived and rightly so IMO as hes a class act on his day. kainy as been a great servent for us over the years and i hope he as a great season at hunslet too and helps them stay up. same for flanaghan as he had to go too even though i rate him too but with teasdale playing well when he got his chance and irwin coming in his game time would be limited too. Ridyard flourished last season and IMO was Leigh's best player but anyone could of run the show behind Leigh's pack last season be interesting to see how well he goes against the bulls next season.

In Topic: Fui Fui Moi Moi confirmed at Leigh

05 December 2014 - 03:18 PM

Be careful there mate
Saying it as you see it can land you in a heap of trouble

Thanks to the vision hard work and dedication of some very special people your club has easily the best outdoor events facility in the Wakefield metropolitan area and is sitting therefore on a gold mine if the people running the gaff make the best of the opportunity. The possibilities are huge

No angelo people are not getting what I mean my gripe isn't with Fev its the system. Since MC came to our club we have improved dramatically behond any expectations and he's done a great job along with everyone else associated with the club including the volunteers. Before MC came along we were on our last legs no doubt about it and I couldn't be more grateful for what him and his team have achieved. Its the system where my gripe lies its too one sided and with not every club being full time theirs going to be some right one sided scorelines. The system IMO as stopped any growth and maybe slowed my clubs progression down dramatically and the game as a whole too. The point I'm trying to make is under licencing my club as grown and grown every season bit by bit and so as the game as a whole. But now the new system is upon us my club and many other clubs seem to have either stabilised or gone backwards and that's where my gripe lies with the system nothing to do with Fev or any other club or DR or anything its the new system.Every club can only spend what they have and I do firmly believe my club are spending what they have I just feel this system is trying to force clubs to spend what they havnt got whether that be a champ club or a SL club with promotion and relegation on the table I do believe clubs will spend money they haven't got and both comps will be lopsided that's not my clubs fault or any other clubs fault.Thats why I'm going off the sport nothing to do with what my club as or hasn't done I just feel the comps will be boring but I sincerely hope I'm wrong and I will gladly eat humble pie.

In Topic: Fui Fui Moi Moi confirmed at Leigh

05 December 2014 - 02:34 PM

Thundergaz you talk total tripe call yourself a fev fan all you seem to do is pull the club down shame on you !!! Its like saying to all our volenters carry on doing all your hard work but it will never be used because there wont be and fans to sit in the new stands i buy a season ticket every season and always will have you forgot the last four years winning the league and to me thats better than the grand final it means you were the best all season not just 3 or 4 games the team next season will push any team that we play home or away wots the point in sport if you cant try and get on the top table i'e sl

I'm just saying it how I see it. This new system is rubbish. Its ok winning things when it doesn't matter. Now it does matter we have stayed part time that tells me we have no ambition or can't afford it which it in turn means we are not going up. Thats not fevs fault thats the new systems fault as its asking fev to pay what they havent got or willing to pay to compete with no guarentees. Every one to their own but like Ive said previously this new system will do more damage than anything. If you want to pay x amount for a season ticket when the best to play for is 4th then you do that I'm not saying otherwise but I don't see the point myself but you do and that's fair enough each to their own an all that.Again thats not fevs fault its the new systems and we wont be alone in the same boat as im sure others in our league are the same just look at fax who seem to have no other option but to go DR to be able to compete. again not faxs fault their having to do this to keep up with the new system.As for the stands the volunteers deserve and OBE or sumat like that but yes you've hit the nail on the head unless we go full time they won't be filled.Again not Fevs fault just no away support maybe only the bulls will bring 5k plus away support in our league.

In Topic: Fui Fui Moi Moi confirmed at Leigh

04 December 2014 - 01:19 PM

gaz i think its time you stopped saying 'our game' as clearly you dont feel part of it anymore

yes i think your right. I will only watch the top 6 SL clubs next season and probably now spend my Sunday afternoons watching the over paid ballet dancers on super Sunday footy until our game decides to improve for the better instead of catering for small town clubs who don't bring anything to the table at all just complaints.

In Topic: Fui Fui Moi Moi confirmed at Leigh

04 December 2014 - 12:49 PM

Gas, I should be very worried if I was involved in the PR dept at Fev and read your comments regarding how you know what is going to happen to your club.

I have ambitions for my team, they may not be viable but they are still ambitions, negativity is like the bad apple, it spreads. When I go for a pint I am positive and try to persuade those I knew who used to attend to get back, and spread the gospel to those who are unbelievers. If when you meet people you comment as you do on these pages I would say you are probably right the attendance's down POR will drop, your despondency could well become infectious, after all they say bad news travels fast.

If your interest has wained to the extent you say, then save yourself you're well earned cash, don't go, but please let others make their own mind up.

Yes your spot on with everything you say I was just giving my opinion on the new system that's all nothing more nothing less.