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In Topic: Opinion: Is relegation really a disaster?

Yesterday, 05:59 PM

That's the danger Gaz, if nothing changes.

Hence I'd favour beyond a whole revamp of the clubs themselves (they're not brave enough), one up and down auto P & R but you warn against that and I see your point. Even that could get to the point clubs decline to go up because they can't afford it.

Allegedly Haven were going to spend nothing on promotion and just keep the extra SKY money, but the players scuppered that collapsing to Cas.

The one up and one down doesn't work parky. C@s are a prime example of that as they were up and down like a brides nighty lol. Maybe that played a part in their financial troubles who knows? But one up one down all it does it virtually keeps the same players but under a different club name as their isn't much time to recruit a strong club and who would want to sign for a club in jeopardy? That's why I can understand the RFLs decision to try this new system whether it works or not who knows but at least their trying something I suppose. I would of gone with this system personally but made caps between both leagues the same. I know you might say well clubs will overspend etc and go bust but surely they will do that anyway under the system. But I personally feel if anything good as come from franchising its clubs should now know how to manage their finances alot better( well you would think that anyway). Having the same cap between the leagues makes it alot more interesting IMO. This system won't work I don't think as the funding and caps see to that. If one club gets promoted under this system I will gladly eat humble pie but I just can't see it what so ever.

In Topic: Cougars begin legal action; propose expanded Championship (merged threads)

Yesterday, 04:55 PM

The RFL Board needs to decide and announce that the Operational Appeals Tribunal's decision is being reversed and the Batley and Doncaster points deduction re-instated. The final Championship league table will have to be re-stated to reflect this. It's up to the RFL board whether to give Batley and Doncaster any compensation for this fiasco.

The RFL Board has no option but to reverse the appeal panel decision. Failure to do so means the status quo whereby no club can have sanctions imposed for fielding ineligible players remains in place! That is an untenable situation.

This is about integrity in the governance of the game. That will be shown when many clubs sign a requisition for an emergency meeting of all the clubs in the near future to sort all this out.

Unless the RFL acts decisively very soon.

That's fair enough but what happens to the clubs who broke the rules the previous season? It can't be one rule for one and not for all. I don't think keighley will stay up from all this if I'm being honest but that's just my opinion of course. They might get some compo but I think that's the very best they will get out of this scenario. I agree they have been hard done by here but it will be very hard to overturn the verdict unless clubs from the previous seasons get punished too as I'm sure they will get brought up after this is over. This saga will never end for some fans though no matter what the final outcome is their will always be someone/s that won't agree with it. For me I would give the eagles the money they missed out on for the higher league position they missed out on and give keighley the money they would of got for the league position they would of finished in and relegate batley. Then the clubs who broke the rules the previous season would start on minus points next season. Just depends how many minus points they start with bearing the depth they broke the rules. Ie if they gained say 12 points from breaking the rules then they start on minus 12 and etc. the bulls have had years of a ###### hand so why can't the rest IMO if they break the rules? I know the bulls didnt break the rules but you know what I'm getting at as I think breaking the rules is worse as its cheating which ever way you look at it.

In Topic: Opinion: Is relegation really a disaster?

Yesterday, 02:46 PM

There's bound to be some interest initially in the prospects of promotion but already Bulls are getting ready for a 2,000 plus crowd drop apparently budgeting for crowds of 4,000 we were told. They therefore don't expect them to add to crowds. Will London's crowds go up against unknown second tier opposition?? If you remove two bottom clubs you only create two more so where for Wakefields crowds or Hulls crowds if they take over the mantle of bottom of the table clubs? Or are Hull and Wakey people excited by relegation rather than success?.

Parky its a hard subject really trying to guess attendances. I agree with you though that bottom SL clubs crowds will decline throughout the season. Its going to be a long old slog getting fans up for relegation fights especially new fans. The problem we have here though and its my major concern is if like you say the bottom four are the same 4 year in year out and the top 4 in the champ are the same year in year out and no movement between the leagues or if their is it will still be the same 8 every season in the middle 8. Now that would make crowds decline massively the same old scenario year in year out. By the way that's what I think will happen and no movement from clubs from either league. Hope I'm wrong but I do see no promotion ever from this system and the elite 5-6 clubs will get stronger while the other 6 elite weaker IMO.

In Topic: 28/09/14 - Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles KO 6.30pm

Yesterday, 11:43 AM

I don't wish to check through RFL regulations *snigger* because,obviously,they are ignored and not enforced.But,what are the lux of those lights? It was like playing in the dark.( Step 6 or 7/8 several leagues below the Conference have brighter lights )
Are they not the security lights for the Centre of Excellence and the building area outside of the stadium? - it seemed that was the area where the beam was projected.Things did improve at half time when the strip lighting came on in the relatively new stand behind the posts.

Did Fev really play a loan player in Jason Crookes when forcing a change to the Sheffield Eagles winning side by having to omit Etu? That's not very fair.

It must be a more pronounced slope than my naked eye detects because even at Mount Pleasant I have not seen all the points scored at the bottom end.

It was intimidating watching the game in the dark while a drummer played a segue from American jazz into African dance which had,of course,no relevance to the game or crowd participation.

The more I think about it,and I do,while this is of no criticism of Mark Aston who I think should be canonized and given the freedom of the city of Sheffield,if he hasn't already,then perhaps the playing of a forward at loose in preference to a ball player may have been an advantage to Fev - just as their holding down not being penalized and the resulting 'retaliation' being seen by the officials to the detriment of The Eagles was significant.

I thought the Eagles were made to look ordinary in the first half - while Fev less than ordinary in the second.Though top marks for being the slowest GLDO kickers I have seen.

It appears there were no unruly incidents so well done on your victory and I would like Featherstone Rovers to defeat Leigh Centurions.

I get the impression it will not be a very edifying spectacle.

Visiting Post Office Road is a far more pleasant experience since D Powell arrived there and it would be interesting if Rovers can defeat Leigh which seemed to be a priority of Mr Probiz,before he left.

It would be ironic if Rovers can achieve the win.

The difference being etu is our player until the end of the season. I would of done the same and not let him play against us. Etu and Briggs have saved your season so why not take one of those out of the equation?. As for Aston he moans more than the mrs lol. Having said that he is a very good coach but he would be liked alot more if he shut his trap more often than not lol.

In Topic: Karl Harrison joins Bradford backroom staff

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

I just hope he brings the same tactics to bulls that he had at fax. If so bulls won't win anything lol.