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In Topic: Dual Reg updates

26 March 2015 - 01:11 PM

That's fair enough Gaz, so I ddon't really understand your comment on the Cup thread when you say you love watching rugby league but can't be bothered with the Leigh Salford game, surely even for curiosity value and only to be proven correct that there is a 60 point plus margin as you state between the SL and Championship teams, that doesn't really say you love the game.

Anyway back to your points differnce, I'll take 40 that should be a comfortable margin for you, name your stake.

The not watching leigh Salford was tongue in cheek Gaz like I explained to kryten lol. As for your 40 point start come on that's way OTT. Wigan didn't even beat us in the CC by 40 and no dis respect to Salford but they are no Wigan lol. I'm not saying on a one off game you can't win as its been proven by us and barrow it can happen. The middle 8s are totally different though as they are not one off games you will be playing 4 SL clubs nearly week after week that's when it gets tough. I hope you beat salford you know that but like any other champ club you realistically shouldn't stand a chance but like I say it as been done before.

In Topic: Are we destroying the Championship?

26 March 2015 - 01:05 PM

So basically all the Championship clubs should just buy a shed load of vaseline and stand in line

Well that should be great for RL , meanwhile the 4/5 genuine SL clubs share out the trophys while battering the rest into submission year on year until they decide to go to the chemists looking for the white sticky stuff in the jar as well

An ever decreasing sport , brilliant

I don't think parky is saying that kryten. I think he's getting at what is the point in replacing a team like say Widnes with a team like leigh Fev fax etc. As its just replacing like for like or replacing a better potential team for a poorer one which as much as I don't like to agree he is right at this present time. SL needs hopefully 12 super clubs not 4 super clubs 4 mediocre clubs and 4 making the numbers up clubs. I'm not saying Fev fax leigh etc can't become a super club I'm just saying I can't see it as none have the crowds but that certainly hasn't stopped huddersfield but it would be interesting to know what Mr Davy as thrown at huddersfield to get them where they are today and I bet it hasn't been cheap at all.

In Topic: What a statement

26 March 2015 - 09:33 AM

Disappointed in you Gaz , I enjoyed your battles against Cas and the Pies

Tongue in cheek kryten hence the lol in my previous post.

In Topic: Stadium Updates thread

26 March 2015 - 09:30 AM

The biggest problem with Headingley is that it's usually full of Leeds fans

What's wrong with Leeds fans? They are some of the best fans in the game I've had a pleasure to talk to. Albeit that was at wembley in the CC finals but they seemed a great bunch of fans to me.

In Topic: Dual Reg updates

26 March 2015 - 09:12 AM

Just a question Gaz, why are you bothered, you have told us your thoughts about

A. Your team and your interest has completely wained.

B. The Championship, totally lopsided

C. The Middle 8 structure is a completle waste of time and resources

D. From now on your rugby fix will be from the comfort of your armchair, and only SL then, the Challenge
Cup is also a waste of time.

Just curious?

TBH I'm not bothered Gaz. But I will always want my team to win. I've supported/watched them for 26 years plus now. Like I say me personally I couldn't care if we DR with St. Helens and got all their starting 13 at least we would make the top 4. I don't like this system as you know and I can't support something I don't like. I was just pointing out why we were maybe using DR that's all. All I'm saying is just because I think this system is a farce doesn't mean I don't want my team to do well even if I don't watch them in lopsided no contest games/league. Like I say I love RL and love watching it no matter what team that may be so I'm happy to get my fix from SKY until the system is equalled out or changed.