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In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

Dunno. They may well be, though, and at Wigan, or Man City, or United. Of course, some may no longer live there given the massive redevelopments in the area, Some may have just given up on the game after many years of decline/failed new dawns, watching on Sky, doing something else....

That's the problem the Manchester area as. Would you watch a mediocre salford side or a poor Oldham side or watch man city or man united? Its a no brainer unless your a rugby league mad fan which many dont exist now a days really. Its a football world and for Oldham and Salford to compete with the 2 very successful footy teams it is always going to be hard to attract fans.

In Topic: Super League Run In to the Play offs

Yesterday, 12:40 PM

Saints will win the league. The rhinos will win the CC and Wigan will win the GF. That's that sorted lol.

In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Yesterday, 07:24 AM

I have read this several times and forgive me but I cannot see any reference to Wakefield?

Cas with a "free reign" at 101,000 with "free reign" in Wakefield gives a catchment of around 200,000 all steeped in RL.

In the past you have spoken about one club per area in SL, and "merger by stealth".

We know we need clubs to nicely break 10,000 to compete. Cas could be that club?

Parky I don't think Cas will break the 10k crowds barrier. The simple fact being is their not going to have a season better than their experiencing at this present time and they aren't getting the 10k now. Whether their ground at this present time can hold 10k I don't know but surely it can?. As long as theirs 3 clubs in the area and 2 in the top flight I very much doubt any will break the 10k barrier even with success. Wakey is by far the better bet for this but I have my doubts whether they can or not. Maybe a successful wakey would? But we are a long way from that at this present time. But we can live in hope I guess of one of the areas clubs at least get 10k regularly.

In Topic: Catalans Rumour

31 July 2014 - 01:17 PM

Even when FN was with us

No joy in any of that, Has he definitely exited? Has he asked for his ball back? Has he taken anything with him and left the club short? The irony is all this is that Fev were in with a shout for SL under licencing and I trust that all the good work at the club by everyone has not been for nothing. Lets trust his legacy is one of hope, determination, innovation etc because they are going to need it under the new league structure.

How will they now progress on gates of 2,000?

As far as I'm aware he's definitely left the club John. As for the rest well time will tell I guess but Mark Campbell is no mug and I very much doubt he will of put the club at FNs mercy. But like I say time will tell. As for this new structure we leigh bradford fax and London have no chance of getting into the top league so yes probably we had a better chance under licensing. As for the 2k gates you mention that's the problem we might have along with the rest of the second tier clubs. As after 1 or 2 seasons of trying to get into the top tier with no success I'm sure crowds will dwindle even at the bulls and London too. Got a bad feeling about this new structure myself as I have a feeling only the die hards of each team in the second tier will turn up every week when they realise their isn't a chance of getting into the top tier but like I say time will tell John.

In Topic: Catalans Rumour

31 July 2014 - 08:33 AM

I see the initial euphoria has dissipated somewhat.
When this was first announced there was dancing in the streets in some places, talks of going full time, imminent signings, ahem wealthy backers.
This isn't directed at you personally by the way.

Even when FN was with us we wouldn't of got promoted under this new system angelo. (I wasn't a fan of him anyway) as his past record with other clubs didnt fill me with any confidence what so ever. I think this new system even with a ken Davy type of chairman is still behond the champ clubs to get promotion. I await how long it takes the second tier clubs who spend a million cap every season to realise its wasting money as their not going anywhere just turning out in the second tier every season. Bradford have by far the best chance of any second tier team getting into the elite 12 and I don't think they will ever get back amongst the big boys under this new system angelo.